What Does Siphon Mean in Fortnite? – Explained

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Wondering what the Siphon mechanic does in Fortnite? We’ve got you. Read on for an in-depth explanation of the previously introduced feature and its current function in the game.

Fortnite is known for introducing loads of new content with the drop of each season, which includes skins, weapons, and quests as well as some additional features. Since the game’s debut back in 2017, we’ve seen a huge amount of content come and go. Often, a portion of what’s removed winds up in the vault with the possibility that it might return to the game somewhere down the line. Such is the case for the Siphon mechanic, which first appeared in Fortnite back in 2018 — but what does this feature entail now? Here’s what you need to know about the returning mechanic.

What is the Siphon Mechanic in Fortnite?

Having returned to Fortnite in Chapter 4, the Siphon mechanic essentially allows you to “siphon” the health and shields of opposing players to restore your own. When it was first introduced to the game in 2018, the Siphon mechanic was a limited-time feature offered up in lieu of health and shield consumables, instead restoring them with each kill. However, the feature now functions a bit differently upon its return to the game this year.

How to Use Siphon in Fortnite

In Chapter 4, the Siphon mechanic is available through randomization in two Reality Augments: Shotgun Striker and Rarity Check. When equipped, you’ll then have the ability to sap the health and shields of your opponents by dealing damage against them with weapons or eliminating them entirely. Of course, you must unlock these augments by rerolling or borrowing them from team members before you can make use of the Siphon mechanic. Fortunately, this is easy enough to accomplish with some Gold Bars or by playing Fortnite with friends.

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