This Fortnite Feature Used To Be Amazing, but Players Find It Almost Useless Now

Fortnite players discuss augment picks

There are some gaming features that start out great, but fall off over time. This can be due to devs meddling or something new and powerful taking its place. The Fortnite community had its fair share of these problems, from nerfs to vaulting of their favourite toys. Augments seem to be the next feature in line when it comes to this issue, with many players finding them lacklustre or mediocre at best. While before, there were some truly powerful options that made players’ choice on which to pick much more difficult.

Fortnite Fans Miss the Old Augments

Some augment choices will always be better than others, that’s just the nature of the game. In a Reddit thread by Oxik_4, the fans discuss this very issue, stating that it feels like too many of the best ones have been removed. Ultimately, too often the choice comes down to picking between two bad picks.

The bad augment roulette makes many players spend Gold to reroll trying to get a better pick. User CitroenLesney says: “I can barely get my gold anything above 2100 because of how much I reroll for a decent augment”.

To make matters worse, choosing the right augment from a meagre selection can get players killed. This in turn lowers their engagement. The way Vagetaisking puts it “I have gone past wasting my time selecting useless augments. Selecting and rerolling them got me killed more times than they’ve ever helped me”.

Players would list some of their favourite old augments, many of which have been vaulted in Season 3. Of course, there are still some overpowered and fun combos, but getting them involves a lot of luck and pigeonholing players who can’t get the combo to work. 

In the end, there’s always hope that Epic will see that players aren’t having fun with what’s on offer and fix the augment pool. Perhaps they’ll unvault some of the old favourites, or come up with more engaging picks. We’ll have to wait and see when the next big patch rolls around.

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