Can you Play Fortnite on an iPhone? Different Methods Explained

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Do you have an iPhone and are wondering if you can play Fortnite on it? This article will answer that question.

Who hasn’t heard of Fortnite? This insanely popular battle royale game has been around since 2017. With different game modes now available, the player base keeps increasing. More and more franchises are collaborating with Epic Games for that mutual popularity boost (like the Ninja Turtles collab we had recently). Moreover, Fortnite is available to play on almost every platform there is. Besides being playable on PC and consoles, you can play it on your phone, Nintendo Switch, or Steam Deck. Speaking of phones, we know for certain that Andriod users can play Fortnite on their devices. But what about iPhone users? Can you play Fortnite on an iPhone? Let’s do some research.

Is Fortnite Playable on iPhone?

Ever since Fortnite was officially removed from iOS, fans have been looking for ways to play their favorite game on their mobile devices. Luckily there is a way to do so. Three ways, in fact. It’s a method called Cloud Gaming, where you can play certain games without installing them. Let’s look into each one.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Go to on your Safari browser, look for Fortnite, and click on Play to start playing. Remember that you need to have a Microsoft account to be able to do so, which is free.

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With NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service, you can play Fortnite in your Safari browser. Bear in mind that you need a GeForce NOW membership for that. This can be free, but the specs you will get will not be that great, so if you are looking for a more enjoyable Fortnite experience, consider upgrading your GeForce NOW subscription.

Amazon Luna

The last one is only available if you have an Amazon Prime membership or Amazon Luna+ subscription. If you have it, simply visit the Amazon Luna website and you can play Fortnite and lots of other games for no additional cost. 

Bear in mind that all these Cloud Gaming services require a good and stable connection to fully enjoy them.

We hope these methods work for you, and for more Fortnite articles, take a look at How to Get Silas Hesk Skin, How to Get Blast Powder in LEGO Fortnite, and How to Fix Custom Keybinds Not Working.


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