Full Trophy and Achievement List for Dragon’s Dogma 2

A female Archer prepares for battle in Dragons Dogma 2

Looking for a rundown of all trophies and achievements for Dragon’s Dogma 2? Look no further. We’ve compiled every achievement in the game right here for you to reference as you make progress in the game.

The world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is vast, rife with excitement and danger at every corner. With limited means to get around, even an oxcart ride through familiar areas can take a turn for the worse when a wily Griffin swoops in and attacks passengers. No doubt, you’ll meet all manner of friends and foes on your journey, from the Pawn companion of your own making to the Sphinx, Medusa, and, of course, dragons. With all this and more to look forward to on the path ahead, you can score over 50 trophies and achievements with each feat you accomplish in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Here are the details.

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All Dragon’s Dogma 2 Trophies & Achievements

On your Dragon’s Dogma 2 playthrough, you can collect a grand total of 55 trophies and achievements. This includes one Platinum, two Gold, six Silver, and 44 Bronze. Here’s a look at the complete list and how to get every trophy and achievement in the game.

The True ArisenPlatinumCollect all other Dragon’s Dogma 2 trophies/achievements
Master of the MastersGoldAcquire every maister’s teaching
Full MarksGoldFind a solution to every conundrum posed by the goddess of riddles
ClosureSilverExperience the end of the cycle
The GuardianSilverLead the people to safety in the unmoored world
The HeroSilverOvercome the trials of the unmoored world
An Eye for An EyeSilverPetrify a Medusa
Getting a HeadSilverAcquire a preserved Medusa head
Reaper’s ScornSilverAccomplish a miracle for several people all at once
First Taste of FreedomBronzeEscape the bonds of slavery
ArisenBronzeRegain your memories of receiving the Arisen’s charge
Seat of the ProxyBronzeArrive in Vernworth
Across the BorderBronzePass through the gate at the border
Dragon’s Dogma 2BronzeWitness the unmoored world
PeaceBronzeBecome Sovran of Vernworth
I, TalosBronzeHelp the Gigantus walk again
VersatileBronzeChange your vocation
Duo DestiniesBronzeChange your vocation to Mystic Spearhand
Trickster of the TradeBronzeChange your vocation to Trickster
Arrows and IncantationsBronzeChange your vocation to Magick Archer
Jack of All Trades, Master of… All TradesBronzeChange your vocation to Warfarer
An In-Tents AdventureBronzeGo camping
A House? In This Economy?BronzePurchase a dwelling of your own
One Speed OnlyBronzeBoard an oxcart
The SaviorBronzeUse a Wakestone to restore the dead to life
Just a Stone’s Throw AwayBronzeUse a Ferrystone
A Badge of HonorBronzeAcquire a pawn badge
Gigantus, I Hardly Knew YeBronzeDefeat the Gigantus in a short span of time
Off with Its Head!BronzeDecapitate a Medusa
The SpecialistBronzeReach the maximum rank in a vocation
A Pawn of Many TalentsBronzeTeach your pawn a specialization
Wish Upon the RiftBronzeSet a pawn quest
Myrmecoleon DelightsBronzeEnter the Rose Chateau
The CollectorBronzeCollect 80 Seeker’s Tokens
The PhilanthropistBronzeEarn the affections of 50 people
Affinity and BeyondBronzeRaise a person’s affinity to the maximum
Dragon ForgedBronzeStrengthen a weapon in Wrymfire
This’ll Cure What Ails YeBronzeSoak in the hot spring
Cyclops Abridged BronzeCross a cyclopean bridge
Harpy JoyrideBronzeSummon a harpy, grab hold, and take flight
Quit Playing DeadBronzeRevive two pawns simultaneously
Dragon’s DogmaBronzeObtain Dragon’s Dogma
The Barbecue-MaisterBronzeGrill every type of meat during the night and day
Nobles’ Night OutBronzeAttend a palace masquerade in formal raiment
Thought I’d Lost YouBronzeRestore the dead to life as a morgue or charnel house
Before Dawn BreaksBronzeDefeat the headless horseman
The TouristBronzeDiscover 50 locations
Are We There Yet?BronzeBoard the phantom oxcart
The RegriffiningBronzeTake flight on Griffin wing a second time
Back Where It All BeganBronzeReturn to Agamen Volcanic Island
Plenty Arisen to Go RoundBronzeWitness a brawl break out in your dwelling among your admirers
Roost of the DragonBronzeReach Dragonsbreath Tower
Hope You Brought a LanternBronzeReach Drabnir’s Grotto
To the Victor Go the SpoilsBronzeReclaim your items from the scavenger who stole them from you
I’m InBronzeUse illicit means to pass through the gate at the border

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