Dragon’s Dogma 2: Sphinx Riddle Locations and Solutions

Medusa glares with red eyes in Dragon's Dogma 2

If you’ve taken on the Sphinx’s side quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll need to reach several locations and offer solutions to its riddles. We’ve outlined everything you need to know to complete the quest and walk away with valuable rewards.

On your journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can pick up a side quest called A Game of Wits, during which you’ll meet the Sphinx. Known to pose mindboggling riddles, this mythical creature will put your knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test by having you follow through on a series of mini-quests. After a few victories, the Sphinx will head elsewhere, requiring you to put in some legwork to continue the quest. To save you the headache, we’ve put together a list of each of the Sphinx’s riddles and their solutions, as well as where you can find it throughout the quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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How to Find the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll first meet the Sphinx at a fixed location. After answering her first set of riddles, however, she’ll move to another area altogether. For a faster trip, you can place Portcrystals and move them between the two destinations as needed for easy teleportation. Just remember that fast travel will cost you Ferrystones, which are exceedingly rare. Here’s where you’ll need to go to find the Sphinx and complete A Game of Wits.

First Location

The Sphinx can first be found at the Mountain Shrine in Vermund. Fortunately, this is a fixed location, so you won’t need to worry about tracking down this tricky creature. That being said, it’s not exactly easy to get to the Shrine. Depending on your personal preferences, you can get there through the Misty Marshes or the Ancient Battleground.

If you choose the former route, you’ll notice the area is totally fogged out on your map. While this path may seem impossible from an outside perspective, you can make your way through the Misty Marshes by simply heading west. You should see a path lined with torches to lead you in the right direction. From there, you’ll soon reach a small village that gives way to a cliffside. Climb up and press on to reach the Mountain Shrine where the Sphinx lies. Just beware of nocturnal enemies along the way.

When it comes to the latter route, you’ll need to be prepared for a rough path ahead. From the Border Rest Checkpoint, head north. You’ll eventually meet a man named Oskar, who will ask you to lead him through the Ancient Battleground. This is technically part of a side quest called Tolled to Rest, but his assistance is helpful moving forward. Once you’ve made it through Worldsend Cavern, follow the path directly to the Mountain Shrine.

Second Location

Once you’ve answered the Sphinx’s first set of five riddles, she’ll take off and head south to the Frontier Shrine. You can reach this location by hiking through the mountains. From the Border Rest Checkpoint, go under the bridge and follow the direction of the river south. There will be enemies along the way, but you’ll eventually reach a new path that veers west. This leads directly to the Sphinx’s new location.

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All Sphinx Riddles and Solutions in Dragon’s Dogma 2

When you first meet the Sphinx in Dragon’s Dogma 2, she’ll offer up five riddles for you to hear. You can choose which one(s) you’d like to solve from there. After you’ve completed the entire set, she’ll move to another location, where you can pick up six more riddles to solve. At this point, however, the Sphinx will offer four problems for you to work out at random. Here’s a rundown of all riddles and their solutions.

Riddle of EyesThe Sphinx is asking for the most valuable item nearby. At the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Shrine, there’s a small cave. Just inside, you’ll find a treasure chest up high above the entrance. It contains a Sealing Phial. Bring the item back to the Sphinx to complete the riddle.x1 Wakestone
Riddle of MadnessThe Sphinx wants you to bring your “most beloved” to the Shrine. This doesn’t have to be a character you’re romantically involved, with, just someone you share an affinity with. You can tell whether you have a strong bond if their cheeks blush when you talk. Either teleport alongside this character or use the Sealing Phial from the previous riddle to bring them to the Shrine.x1 Portcrystal
Riddle of WisdomFor this riddle, the Sphinx asks you to retrieve her parent. Literal or not, the answer lies in the monikers of two Pawns in the game: SphinxMother and SphinxFather. You can find loads of Pawns with Sphinx-related names at the Riftstone of Fellowship. Hire one to take one to the Shrine and solve the riddle.x1,200 Rift Crystals
Riddle of ConvictionThe Sphinx wants your “most prized possession,” which doesn’t have to be any specific item. As long as you swear it’s of value to you, the riddle will be satisfied. x1 Treasure Chest containing the item given
Riddle of RuminationFor this riddle, you need to return to the location where you obtained your first Seeker’s Token. You’ll have just seven in-game days to get there. Unfortunately, there’s no fixed solution here, as every player’s journey is different. We’d advise you to check early locations.x3 Ferrystones
Riddle of ReunionThe riddle following completion of the first set is straightforward. Find the Sphinx’s new location at the Frontier Shrine to score a reward.x100,000 Gold
Riddle of Contest (Random)This riddle is a doozy. You’ll need to defeat a guardsman summoned by the Sphinx while equipped with the Ring of Derision, which drastically lowers your damage, though not entirely. For an easy win, you can dodge attacks and throw him from the cliff.x1 Ring of Ambition
Riddle of Differentiation (Random)The Sphinx asks you to bring a specific person to the Shrine and shows you an illusion to get an idea. However, the trick lies in the fact that this character has a twin. Both Dante and Vergil are found near Border Rest Checkpoint. To find the right twin to solve the riddle, pay attention to their hair and reference the illusion image. Take your guy back to the Shrine.x1 Whimsical Daydream
Riddle of Recollection (Random)The Sphinx wants to know how many riddles you’ve solved up until this point. Again, there’s no fixed answer since this question will be randomized. On top of that, you can’t check your quest journal. To find your answer, add up the first five riddles plus however many more chests you’ve unlocked at the Shrine.x1 Unmaking Arrow
Riddle of Futility (Random)For this riddle, you’ll have to give an amphora to a character named Maurits. That said, this valuable vase is very fragile, meaning it will break if you go to Bakbattahl by foot or fast travel. The solution: Bring Maurits to the Shrine.x1 Eternal Bond
The Final RiddleTo solve this riddle, you must be either an Archer or Warfarer and have the Unmaking Arrow in your inventory. After solving all other riddles, the Sphinx will congratulate you and fly off. To stop her and find out what’s inside the large treasure chest, you’ll need to attack. Once the key around her neck begins to glow purple, fire the Unmaking Arrow. Deal a few more attacks if necessary. Finally, she’ll drop the key that opens the chest.x1 Eternal Wakestone

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