How to Fast Travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2

A horse pulls a cart full of passengers in Dragon's Dogma 2

As the release of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is finally upon us, you might be wondering if the game features fast travel. We’ve got you covered. Stick around for everything you need to know.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Capcom’s latest RPG, taking players to a fantastical setting that mirrors that of the first installment. Rife with creatures of all sorts, the game’s world is rich with life and danger at every turn. This does wonders to keep exploration exhilarating, though there’s also a time and place for traditional fast travel. At times, you may want to forgo a hike through familiar territories and simply poof your way to your destination. Fortunately, Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers varied methods of travel to get around fast. Here are the details.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 – PS5
  • A Grand Adventure – Dragon’s Dogma 2 begins in a subterranean jail, where the Dragon’s voice echoes in the fog of lost memories.
  • Single-Player Cooperation – Up to three mysterious otherworldly beings, known as Pawns, accompany the Arisen throughout their journey.
  • Made with RE ENGINE – Capcom’s advanced RE ENGINE produces vividly detailed, high fidelity graphics combined with immersive physics and complex and reactive character AI to create a setting where decisions, and their consequences, come to life.
  • Pre-order Bonus: Superior Weapons Quartet
  • English (Playback Language)

Can You Fast Travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

While Dragon’s Dogma 2 doesn’t offer a totally traditional fast travel system, there are a couple of ways to get around quickly. The use of Ferrystones most closely resembles a straightforward fast travel feature, allowing you to teleport between Portcrystals. However, you can also travel by Oxcart, taking in the sights and battling enemies in stride along the way.

In an interview with IGN, director Hideaki Itsuno went into detail about the importance of making exploration fun and expressing his distaste for mindless fast travel systems. Capcom has taken the middle road in Dragon’s Dogma 2, implementing elements of a more traditional feature while enriching the player’s journey with scenic methods of exploration which often lead to an even greater adventure.

“We’ve put a lot of work into designing a game where you can stumble across someone and something will happen, so while it’s fine if it does have fast travel, we decided to design the map in a way that the journey could be enjoyed.”

Hideaki Itsuno, Capcom director for IGN

How Does Fast Travel Work in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

There are two main methods of travel in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can either teleport between Portcrystals or simply take an Oxcart. The former route, while faster, is rather costly as you’ll need to cough up rare Ferrystones to do it.

On the other hand, traveling by Oxcart allows you to take the scenic route. Although, there’s always a chance that danger lies ahead. Itsuno has teased that you may run into goblins standing in your way, forcing you into battle, or find your cart blown away by an irate Griffin. Sometimes, you may have to go the remainder of your journey on foot. While this can, at times, leave you frustrated, it keeps travel interesting and adds a richness to the game’s world not often seen in other RPGs.

Players can take in the sights and experience the vast world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 for themselves when it launches this Friday. For more on the upcoming release, check out these guides from our team:


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