Can You Play Valorant on Steam?

Valorant Agents Raze and Killjoy

Steam is the biggest platform you can use to play games on PC, but can you play Valorant on it? Valorant quickly became the biggest FPS game on the market, rivalling other shooter juggernauts. It proved that Riot Games hit a home run with their blend of strategic Counter-Strike approach with agent abilities akin to Overwatch. But let’s see if you can play Valorant on Steam. 

Can you play Valorant on Steam?

Riot Games has a special client for all of their games, which sadly means that no, you cannot download and play Valorant using Steam. To play Valorant, players first have to register in the Riot Client and then download the game. On the other side, all Riot games use the same client so if you already play League of Legends, you are ready to download Valorant.   

How to add Valorant to Steam Library

Although you cannot download and play Valorant through Steam, the game can be added to your Steam Library. Adding games to Steam that are not available on that platform can help you organize your games and allow for easier access to all of them. However, the game will still need the Riot Client to run. Follow these steps to add Valorant to your Steam Library:

  • Launch Steam.
  • In the lower-left corner of the application click on the Add a Game button.
  • Select the Add a Non-Steam Game option.
  • Locate the Riot Client in the system files and select Add.

Does Valorant Work on Steam Deck?

Despite the option to add the game to Steam, Valorant currently doesn’t run on Steam Deck. Although you can use Proton to play Windows-based games on Steam Deck, Riot’s shooter is not included among them. The main problem with running the game on Steam Deck appears to be that it cannot run Riot’s anti-cheat software, Vanguard.   

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