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All Fast and Furious DLC Cars for Forza Motorsport 6 Revealed

90 days 12 hours ago - SegmentNext - While all the cars for the main game have already been revealed, today we get to see which cars will feature in the Forza Motorsports... | News | Xbox One


Red Dead Redemption Has Managed to Sell More Than 14 Million Copies Since its Release

102 days 14 hours ago - SegmentNext - Rockstar’s award-winning open-world game Red Dead Redemption has succeeded in selling more than 14 million copies. | News | Xbox 360


Can PlayStation Now Compete With Xbox One Backward Compatibility? Pros and Cons

109 days 1 hour ago - SegmentNext - Xbox One backward compatibility is a big plus, Sony doesn't have any plans for it and PS Now is the next best thing they have, will i... | Opinion piece | PS4


Black Ops 3: Battery and Spectre are the Two New Specialists, Details Inside

111 days 9 hours ago - SegmentNext - The source code of official call of duty website gives us information of newly revealed specialists, Spectre and Battery. | News | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Forza Motorsport 6 Full Achievements List Leaked, It’s a Long Road

111 days 16 hours ago - SegmentNext - Forza Motorsport 6 achievements list has been leaked. Check it out. | News | Xbox One


Is Local Multiplayer Coming to Scalebound?

111 days 17 hours ago - SegmentNext - According to an image found on Xbox Store, Scalebound could very well have 4 player local multiplayer. | Rumor | Xbox One


Could Take-Two and Rockstar be Planning Red Dead Redemption 2?

112 days 17 hours ago - SegmentNext - Karl Slatoff, President of Take-Two announced that they will be launching unnamed new games during its future fiscal years. | News | Industry


Batman: Arkham Knight Photo Mode Shows Gotham City at its Best

117 days 21 hours ago - SegmentNext - Photo Mode is a worthy update for Batman Arkham Knight to have. You should also capture moments like these. | News | PS4


Call of Duty Heroes has $100 In-App Purchase

374 days 4 hours ago - SegmentNext - "And much to your surprise, it's one of the top in-app purchases." | News | iPhone


Dragon Age Inquisition Companions Approval Rating, Locations, Specialization

376 days 16 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Find out where you can find party members in Dragon Age: Inquisition, how you can recruit them, which specialization they have and w... | Article | PC


Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Guide

377 days 11 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Find out how you can romance with all companions and advisors in the game." | Article | PC


Paying $60 for a Broken Game: Why Pre-order Incentive is a Ridiculous Trap

378 days 22 hours ago - SegmentNext: "The ongoing trend of releasing broken games is absurd. It is highly unreasonable to charge $60 for a broken game but what can we do a... | Opinion piece | Industry


Sony On Lack of Uncharted 4 & Shadow of the Beast Info At Gamescom,Unannounced Games Being Worked On

466 days 7 hours ago - Sony had a rather disappointing show at last week's Gamescom specially if you are desperate to play AAA and high production titles on the PlayStati... | News | PS4


This New Logo of Sony Santa Monica Studio is better than Last One

495 days 11 hours ago - SegmentNext - "People at Sony Santa Monica Studio are super siked about the new face of their company, their new logo." | Opinion piece | Culture


Will the recent Delay benefit Battlefield: Hardline? The Odds are Slim

495 days 19 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Owning to some unexpected turn of events, Electronic Arts’ cops-vs.-robbers shooter Battlefield: Hardline has been pushed back until... | Opinion piece | PC


343i Explains Why Halo 2 In Master Chief Collection Is Not In 4K Resolution, Has Better AA & IQ

504 days ago - 343 Industries franchise director Frank O’Connor on why the game won't be rendered in 4K but will eventually have better visuals | News | Xbox One


Gamekult interviews Jim Ryan on a variety of topics

515 days 1 hour ago - Gamekult: "Sony's Jim Ryan discusses variety of topics with GameKult revealing juicy details" | Interview | PS4


Mojang Restricting Minecraft Servers to Make Money, Change in EULA Expected

542 days 16 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Mojang makes it clear - You cannot make money from Minecraft. Either go 100% donation or prepare yourself for lawsuit". | News | PC


75 Steam Greenlight Approvals? Ok, Here's Another Top 5

550 days 23 hours ago - SegmentNext - "Steam Greenlight has yet again approved 75 games. To spare you some time, we've listed the five best titles we could sift through in... | Opinion piece | PC


Watch Dogs Weapon Caches Locations Guide

552 days 2 hours ago - SegmentNext - "How to complete Watch Dogs Weapons Trade Investigation by finding all Weapon Caches to unlock Saturday Night Special achievement or... | Article | PC


Track Pokemon GO at

Now - Track Pokemon GO to find out when the game will be released. | Promoted post
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