Can PlayStation Now Compete With Xbox One Backward Compatibility? Pros and Cons

SegmentNext - Xbox One backward compatibility is a big plus, Sony doesn't have any plans for it and PS Now is the next best thing they have, will it be good enough?

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Foehammer1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Just going by all the comments about being always connected to the internet on other articles about the cloud, I'd say the biggest con to PSnow is the always online requirement. To say nothing about the cost of the subscription.

I think free is always better, and the BC catalog will just get bigger.

I moved my 360 to my Moms house 2000 miles away, now I just move disc when I go visit and don't have to drag a console with me. I can play my favourite 360 games in either location now.

suckingeggs1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

All Sony has to do is stop being greedy and make PS now free then they basically have a better service than BC because with PS now you wouldn't need a disc for BC

Just seems to me Sony are more greedy this gen.. From not only charging to play online but now increasing that price to the ridiculous prices for PS now.

They haven't had a price drop whilst Microsoft have had two Just to try to compete so Sony are making tons off of ps4 sales as it is then the money from added subscriptions.. Sony need to do some fan service and make PS now free for all PS+ members.

Foehammer1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Thanks for the reply, but the big problem, according to hundreds of recent posts, is the "always online" requirement. If you have any doubt just visit a cloud compute article and check the comments from PS owners.

Personally this wouldn't bother me as I'm always connected.

BTW, the new SKU without Kinect is not a price drop, it's a new SKU, the original SKU with Kinect is still a loaded version of a car, if a bare bones addition comes out it's not a price drop, it's been de-contented, the loaded version is still there.

suckingeggs1098d ago


If Xbox one with Kinect was selling ms wouldn't have released a version without it... (remember the Xbox cannot work without Kinect) was the line We was told... Anyhow you want to look at it the kinectless sku was a lower price to try to entice more consumers... Price dropped bro but I see the political route you took :)

As for internet connection and all the comments.. Bro you get extreme PS fanboys as much as you get extreme Xbox fanboys... You Just need to clear the shit to see the peanuts

As of right now I applaud ms for the fan service.. Gears is testament to that.. Ive never played a gears game and Im getting all three for 30pounds..

DragoonsScaleLegends1098d ago

Free lol? Sony doesn't own even a quarter of the games on PS Now so they don't even have the choice to allow that.

mhunterjr1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

Even if ps now was free, you still have to deal with the fact that you are streaming video over the Internet... It's bandwidth intensive, lag inducing, and requires you to be online to play your games...

The idea that psnow would ever be free is ridiculous. It costs money to provide the service... And they aren't going to give access to all those games for nothing...

Also, you don't HAVE to have the disc for BC to work on xb1. If you own 360 titles digitally, they automatically show up in your library and you can play them anywhere.

NukaCola1098d ago

If PS4 could read the disc code and then stream the games that would be awesome.

DragonKnight1098d ago

The fact that Sony is essentially putting restrictive BC behind a pay wall means that PSNow will never be able to compete with Xbox One's BC. PSNow is a good idea, but should be reserved for much older games such as PS2 and PS1 era, or new games. Honestly most companies seem to underrate the value in BC and MS was initially one of those companies, but they decided to turn that opinion around and listen to what their userbase was asking for and they should be commended for it.

I have always been of the opinion that PSNow is just insulting as a BC option, a rip off as any other option. The only value PSNow has is to casual gamers who don't mind using their tv as a streaming device. But honestly, how likely are those people to even use PSNow.

If Sony has one major failing it's that they run with their ideas even when they haven't done enough research to test their viability, leading to situations like PSPGo, Vita, and PSNow. They are too interested in being first to do something and it causes them problems.

dantesparda1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

"Can PlayStation Now Compete With Xbox One Backward Compatibility?"

Of course it can, but fanboys will say otherwise, well, cuz, they're fanboys.

With PS Now you have access to more games/a larger library of games and can use it on alot more devices but you gotta put up with lag, video artifacting and what some consider a "high" price.

With X1's BC, you dont have to worry about the internet lag or video artifacting but you get less games (thus far) and could end up with emulator issues, like bugs and worst performance on some games.

Could care less about either, sorry, but if i had to pick, i rather have local bc.

freshslicepizza1098d ago

can anyone explain why playstation now isn't available on your web browser? it's built in tv's but why isn't it accessible on a laptop or home computer?

that is what sony needs to do, get playstation now on everything much like netflix and stop pandering around with the lack of ps1, ps2 and ps4 game support.

fishy11098d ago

Wow, I am not a sony fan. But come on really? Sony is not being greedy, they are part of a company that is loosing money in other divisions. So they NEED profits in the gaming division to even things out a bit. They are a company about profits, making profits so the investors dont bail out and the company fails. Profits are the only reason almost any company is around. Its always been about profits, not the gamers. Yes they do there best to please the gamers. But only because that is how you sell a product.

donthate1098d ago


"All Sony has to do is stop being greedy and make PS now free then they basically have a better service than BC because with PS now you wouldn't need a disc for BC"

So MS would just allow all games for free with BC, and they would be instantly better and no disc needed too.

But offering games for free isn't business, is it?

One of the laughable issues with PS now is the fact that they don't have enough slots sometimes, so you have to "wait". lol!

"Just seems to me Sony are more greedy this gen.. From not only charging to play online but now increasing that price to the ridiculous prices for PS now."

Sony charged for online play and hid it behind free version of DriveClub that turned into a stale game, and then they chopped it up....

"Sony need to do some fan service and make PS now free for all PS+ members."

I don't think Sony will start now, considering they still haven't allowed EA Access.

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Genuine-User1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

PlaystationNow was created with a broader goal in mind; Access to Playstation games across various connected devices.

PlaystationNow and BC are not a good comparison in my opinion.

However, if I was given a choice to pick between the two, I would choose BC.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )

First of all Playstation Now is not the PS4 version of backwards compatibility. PS Now is a service that's available for several devices INCLUDING THE PS3!

And here's more:

"Can PS Now be seen as a backwards compatibility feature on PS4?"
'No. PS Now is a stand-alone service offering the ability to seamlessly stream PS3 games on a variety of enabled devices'

Justjoined1231098d ago

ONE of the features IS backwards compatibility though, not sure what you are trying to point out here?

DLConspiracy1098d ago

I get it, but are you saying that PS4 doesn't offer BC at all then? That seems off to me.

Professor_K1098d ago (Edited 1098d ago )


XBBC>>>>>>& amp; gt;>PSNOW
even despite being a single feature
and the other an entire freaken service

_-EDMIX-_1098d ago

No, just no. " I'd say the biggest con to PSnow is the always online requirement"

That is like saying the biggest con about multiplayer is you need to have internet. Its a streaming service, its nothing else, its not as if streaming is an option lol, its the whole service, I would say a con would be the price, but I'm not really sure how comparable it is to other services like Gamefly in terms of pricing or anything.

Also...this article is a troll article, PS Now and BC are NOTHING a like, they are literally not the same thing, in any way shape or form.

PS Now is nothing like BC, PS Now is a service on PS devices, not just PS4 that lets you stream older games for a price.

Doesn't matter if you own the game, doesn't matter you own it on disk, download etc, thats not the point of the service even slightly.

BC by default is better, its letting you play your older games regardless of how you got them FOR FREE.

No connection required.

How they can be compared is beyond me, its stretching it and I've noticed many keep trying compare them when they are meant to be 2 very different things.

A better article would actually be BC on XONE vs BC on Wii U or PS Now vs Gamefly.

..I mean at least the person writing this article needs to get that they are not the same services and are for 2 different reasons. The reason for PS Now has nothing to do with providing BC...its a service, at a charge, on pretty much all PS platforms, doesn't matter if you own the game, its not the point of the service.

Some of this junk needs to get flagged as trolling as its over reaching and seems to only want to get flamebait clicks.

Can free BC, compare to a charged, streaming retail service? Where is your article on BC vs Onlive? Where is your article on BC vs Gamefly? lol

Foehammer1098d ago

"That is like saying the biggest con about multiplayer is you need to have internet."

Exactly, and ED, that is exactly my point.

Check the hundreds of comments in the cloud articles, ppl saying..."i'm punished for not being online"

Guess what, it's multiplayer; YOU ARE ONLINE. it's a bonus to get the destruction.

Don't believe me, check out any of the articles.

As long as ppl are flocking to those articles and saying that...then the always online requirement is a BIG problem.

_-EDMIX-_1098d ago

@Foehammer- I agree with that too. Cloud being online can't be some huge downplay as...I mean the feature is for its online portion.

I agree.

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Neonridr1098d ago

They can't be directly compared as BC on Xbox One is simply that, a way to play your older 360 games on your XB1.

PS Now does give current Playstation owners a chance to play some PS3 games (good for new PS4 gamers), but it also gives people with no consoles a chance to play these PS3 games directly through their TV's.

One is more or less a feature (BC) and the other is a service (PS Now), hence the costs associated with it.

That being said I applaud MS's efforts to get BC up and running on the Xbox One.

OB1Biker1098d ago

I agree and PSNow is more to play games you actually dont already have

Bigpappy1098d ago

there is no competition here. No pros for PSnow except being able to play more remotely.

Spotie1098d ago

And on more than just a console.

Oh, and way more games.

But you're right. Outside of that, nothing.

Chaosdreams1098d ago


Wo...calm down there Chaos...can't go letting N4G about what you think of the trend in articles.

*clears throat*


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