Red Dead Redemption Has Managed to Sell More Than 14 Million Copies Since its Release

SegmentNext - Rockstar’s award-winning open-world game Red Dead Redemption has succeeded in selling more than 14 million copies.

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scark92914d ago

Well deserved.

Also impressive considering Playstation 3 and Xbox360 were the only platforms it was available for.

Sonyslave3914d ago

0___0 Both Ps3 & Xbox 360 were at 43mil install base at that time.

IamTylerDurden1914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

I know i'm in the minority but i thought it was a bit overrated, i liked it but it wasn't the all-timer it was said to be.

The side missions were so redundant, every time i saw a broke down caravan i knew it was a robbery. The default gunplay was elementary, the animal skinning cutscene got tiresome.

The world was impressive and it had a great rough n tumble feel. The epilogue was great. Mexico was cool. Marston was excellent but a bit too dry, stoic.

Magicite914d ago

I agree, it was pretty bland and felt empty at times.

_-EDMIX-_914d ago

I don't disagree with the game feeling a bit baron and empty at times, but consider all that they had to work with.

They had to make the game using 1 DVD using just as much space as they used with GTA SA last gen, in a bigger world, with detail etc. Its not an easy task so by default they will have trouble adding features in it like lets say a GTASA, same with the issues they had with GTAIV.

Had RDR had in install on top of a second disk, you might have seen them have more features and the world much more deep ala GTAV, but they just didn't have the space for such a thing.

They did great with the tools they where handed.

Don't give um too much grief on something they sorta couldn't do with a limited format.

With both consoles this gen having bluray and lots of ram, expect a much more deeper and complex world.

The game was amazing for what it released on and what it actually was. I mean...can you even name another western that gen that even held a candle to Red Dead?

IamTylerDurden1914d ago (Edited 914d ago )


Call of Juarez Bound in Blood circa 2009, it held a candle, while not as revered it was an excellent game regardless.

Shineon914d ago

I played it for bally 30mins and then out it down,I might give it another shot tho since it's reported as a game that's worth a play through

JackStraw914d ago

It's supposed to feel barren. How is that hard to understand? The game was one of R*'s best ever. Easily.

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miyamoto914d ago

and I remember Michael Pachter said it's gonna sell around 1.4 million copies and as good as DOA.... what a sad joke.

RDR PS3 version means a lot to me as it's my very first video game gift I gave to my then 10 year old niece and she still plays poker up to this day.

scark92914d ago

That's real nice man, love to see people introducing video games to the younger generations!

_-EDMIX-_914d ago

Well if you consider they have a 160 million plus install base it makes sense. Though was smaller in 2010, 14 million was since release, not at launch so.

Its a great game that had long legs through the gen.

Picnic914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Long legs as in a horse. I guess that the implied metaphor may have been in your mind. Personally it wasn't particularlymy idea of a good time in a videogame compared to what I could be doing elsewhere to be like a method acting cowboy with long silences as opposed to once playing its spiritual prequel , the more arcadey, more immediate ,Red Dead Revolver. Each to their own. Perhaps it helps to be American and to be used to seeing and tasting the real nitty gritty and relationships of the people of that beautifu lly tender yet tough kind of history and, indeed, present.

3-4-5914d ago

Best Rockstar game ever.

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RJ92009914d ago

I loved that game one of the best games from last gen and funny thing is I almost never played it because I'm not a fan of the wild west so glad I did tho!

XXXL914d ago

Alright Rockstar enough already announce the next one please

leahcim914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

Absolutelly well deserved.

One of the most if no the most compelling, likable, humble and unique main character of all times.

I take my hat off to John Marston

Germany7914d ago

A classic, one of my favorite games ever. Great narrative, gameplay, graphics, characters, side-quests, a huge world to explore and Undead Nightmare.

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