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"Gaming on all consoles My X360 broke down last weekend with GTA 5 :("


You fanboys are the worst wannbe tech people on planet earth. You have taken this 60fps bull crap and mutated it into your little calling card to validate the power of a system and for that you are stupid, ignorant, and totally lame. When you go to a movie and watch legendary films like Star Wars, Full Metal Jacket, or The Avengers what the hell frame rate are you looking at you clowns???!!!! When you watch Monday Night Football or an NBA baseketball game or the morning news what frame rate are you looking at you fools???!!! Do you notice the difference between the look of a movie such a Star Wars to that of an NFL football game you idiots???!!! Of course you do and it's all because of the mutherFn' frame rate. For movies the frame rate is 24 frames per second you stupid goons! And for an NFL football game or the morning news the frames per second is 30 frames per second you freaks!!!!

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