New Zelda A Link Between Worlds Art Reveals Enemy Bearing Some Resemblance To Ganondorf

Some impressive new artwork has emerged today for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and one of the images reveals a magician-like character, assumed to be the bad guy in the game, who bears some resemblance to Ganondorf.

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listenkids1896d ago

Are we to expect anyone else?

joe901896d ago

Isn't it kind of like saying: New FIFA Art Reveals Team Bearing Some Resemblance To Manchester UTD.

grahf1896d ago

I don't see why not, there have been Zelda games where Ganon or Ganondorf have not been the lead antagonist. He has been alluded to, hinted at, foreshadowed, or ignored in at least 1/4 of the series, most recently Skyward Sword.

That being said, there is clearly a resemblance.

Kalebninja1896d ago

its not ganondorf if you didnt know...he's dead in both timelines so the next two games will have to have new main villains

Concertoine1896d ago

i dont think that's him :/ looks too emasculate and nothing like his other models.
though it would make sense if he were in it considering its a direct sequel to link to the past

Erimgard1896d ago

This came out right after the last Nintendo Direct a week ago.

Evildoomnerd1896d ago

...So thats what really happened to Kefka Palazzo.

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