Nintendo planning new offices in austria ends partnership with distributor Stadlbauer

Nintendo has announced plans to build new offices in Austria, formally ending its partnership with the country’s distributor Stadlbauer. Opening in Vienna, the new office will market and distribute Nintendo products across the country, possibly as a subsidiary to Nintendo Germany.

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mikel10151475d ago

If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself, but at least they're expanding to new locations

M3TR01DFANBOY1475d ago

Nintendo is so doomed theyre expanding. . . .

italiangamer1475d ago

Hahahaha well said :D people is just so stupid that doesn't even think about how much money Nintendo makes on games, takes for example Pokemon X & Y. Nintendo declared 11.61 million copies sold at the end of 2013, now multiply that number for 39,99 $ and you get 464283900 $


Neoninja1475d ago

While I'm not disagreeing with you, it's still a few things you have to factor in with the money made from selling a game. You have packaging and marketing to name a few. So while they did make a butt ton of money off of X and Y it's still a few variables to consider.

Also I think it's dumb to have Nintendo is doomed stuff. The Wii U isn't doing good, but Nintendo has been so successful in the past they can afford it. They'll be fine and it's good to see them expand.

BlackWolf1475d ago

Nice move!! Time to spread your resources.

DryBoneKoopa851475d ago

Nintendo strengthening there brand even further in other country's is always a good thing.

Dubaman1475d ago

So does this mean that shipments of Hardware and Software will be better controlled and dispersed? Its no real secret that a good chunk of mainland Europe has trouble getting there hands on Nintendo products. Nintendo should really use this as an opportunity to really force themselves into the heart of Europe's gaming culture. Where Europe goes, the rest of the world tends to follow.

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