New game dev AE Games pledges Wii U support, lashes out at other 3rd parties for ignoring the system

New video game development studio AE Games is fed up with the lack of support, and treatment 3rd parties have shown toward the Wii U and it’s customers. In a PR statement, the new studio pledged support for the Wii U, then went on to outline all the bad business practices Ubisoft, EA, Konami, 2K, and others have demonstrated toward the Wii U.

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mii-gamer894d ago

Oh Big words. Interesting.

I'll reserve my judgement on them until they reveal their games.

mii-gamer894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

Something smells fishy about this. It could be an elaborate hoax. The site is made on the blogger platform plus the press release is rather unprofessional, by that I mean sounds like it was written by a fanboy. I'm leaning towards a hoax here.

AE games - EA games
Complaining about mass effect 3 on the wii u.

We are getting trolled here

MsmackyM894d ago

Definitely smells like trolling

Dunban67894d ago

sounds like an April Fools article released early

it is def a hoax - some fan boys dream I guess

SilentNegotiator894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

gonintendo isn't exactly a site to do their homework when they have the opportunity to post some positive news. I'm sure sites like WiiUDaily have already mirrored this report, even.

quantae06893d ago (Edited 893d ago )

I wouldn't be shocked if it was true or false. Developers troll just like fanboys. Hopefully it is true for more 3rd party Nintendo support.

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Ol_G894d ago

Wondering why no one is approving this

Neonridr894d ago

because it puts Nintendo in a positive light.

Hicken894d ago

So what's the excuse now that it HAS been approved?

Neonridr894d ago

@Hicken - it was a joke, :P

In all honestly if it was another Nintendo doom and gloom article it would have been approved before the first person even finished reading it. Just the way this site works.

swice893d ago

Hicken, he's hoping to spark the move of approval by complaining that it hasn't been approved.

"What now?" - now, he basks in his victory

sknygy894d ago

its still showing as reported my end.

Lucas22894d ago

watch it bomb on the wii u

Ol_G893d ago

Done with the childish behaviour ?

extermin8or894d ago

If this company even exists and this isn't some troll pisstake (as guy above says AE-EA etc...) watch the ccompany go bankrupt and s fast if it thinks it can start up and afford to go on the console and spend time on the console least likely to make them a profit....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory894d ago

they do. NEW company revealing Wii U game Friday. Has a Website, Twitter and Facebook.

Dunban67893d ago

Oh that makes them a real game developer?

So all I need is a twitter account now and ill be one too

lilbroRx893d ago

Its working for indie devs. Shin'en has made a huge living on Nintendo consoles.

christocolus894d ago (Edited 894d ago )

New dev pledges wiiu support? lashing out at the big guys? I guess he will find out soon

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The story is too old to be commented.