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No, the press conferences are separate. Having an E3 badge does not get you in those. You need to be invited by Sony/Nintendo/MS.

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Lame? MP2 is one of the greatest games ever. MP3 has a LOT to live up to.

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Going after hackers like this is a lost cause. Honestly, it's a waste of money. The resources could be better spent on improving security.

Sony isn't guaranteed a win in the courts either. Apple could not take down GeoHot for pioneering the iOS jailbreak, what makes you think they will succeed?

Even if they do win, Sony still loses in the grand scheme of things. The keys are already out in the open - there's no going back now.

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Doubt it, he's been involved in lawsuits before. Apple was pressuring him at one point..

I'm against piracy as much as the next guy, but you are naive if you think these scare tactics will halt hacking efforts.

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I'm not comparing it to the 360's GPU. Rather, current PC hardware.

Stick any modern GPU in the PS3, even a ~160 HD6870 and it could compete well with the top gaming PCs.

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I'll say it again. Bottleneck is the GPU.

A current mid-range graphics card, say the ~$160 HD6870, is at least 4 times as fast as the RSX.

The Cell processor on the other hand holds up quite well to modern day CPUs like the i7.

More RAM is a plus. But it wouldn't make a huge difference. It's easy to work around RAM limitations by streaming.

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Bottleneck in the PS3 is the GPU, not CPU..

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BOGUS story


The IGN report lists nothing about DD ONLY or emulation.

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I visited the site and there is seemingly no score listed, so where does the 5/6 come from?

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Room for expansion yes, but size is not relative to how much hardware resources it is using..

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This article is such a fluff piece. No facts just speculation. The PS4 may not be "Ultra HD" but it definitely may be capable of going above 1080p.

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The PSPgo was hacked a loooong time ago, back in October of last year. The only real difference is that this specific hack pertains to 6.20.


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This is actually the best review of LoS yet. It's spot on. Score is a little harsh, though, I would've given it a high 6.

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I don't see how length should have any jurisdiction over a game's price. The original MGS can be completed in less than 3 hours, for example. Yet it was obviously a massive success.

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F1 doesn't require 3.42 actually, that was a fake report.

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Total flamebait, this article.

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Ahh okay, it's a possibility I suppose. Personally I can't see it happening though - when a new platform is launched it is never discounted within the first year of launch. That'd only happen if sales tanked.

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I don't follow, there's not even a month difference between the Japan and US launch dates. Japan on February 26, US/Europe in March.

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It's funny.. everyone talks shit about Activision on forums and N4G yet they keep generating more revenue each year. I have a feeling that even if they did charge for online people would succumb to the fee anyway. Nothing leads me to believe otherwise.

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Sorry but that was submitted after this one.. look at the timestamp, 5h ago vs 4. I won't dispute the source thing though. My fault. They credit psgroove anyways.

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