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"full 1080P
locked 60 frames per second
improve Ram to minimum 4GB and as much as 6 to 8GB "

Going to cost AT LEAST $600 with specs like that, lol.

$399 would get us a box that can do 30fps/1080p on some titles, the more demanding efforts would run 720p.

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Different IDs so yes the platinums will stack :)

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@LegitDavid Not every game has hidden trophies. There's plenty that don't. The trophies already add up to 1185 points by the way which is standard for retail games. The only way there will be more if DLC is added in the future.

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Retail and digital day 1.

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How is this a review? Reads more like a preview.

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Who cares, it's not like the exploit affects other players.

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If it's happening, nothing is official yet. This report is bogus.

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Did you even read the list... there's multiple universe achievements.

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It's not. Other one floating around since yesterday is. You really think someone would go through the trouble of creating fake icons...

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It's coming later this fall

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No it's gold.

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I needed a laugh today. Thanks.

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Has this guy been living under a rock? Maybe not as much as 05 or 06 but there were way more booth babes at E3 this year compared to the last few. I wasn't even on the show floor much due to meetings and I saw SO many booth babes.

Also, the booth babes are annoying if you're trying to cover the show. People flock around them to take pictures and it clogs up the walkways.

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The chart is a bit weird... it looks like it's measuring how fast units sold out but that's obviously skewed towards the 680 as there hasn't been as many cards produced relative to when the 580 launched, hence being sold out everywhere.

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Black Ops alone made over $1b so I'd say they still made a good profit.

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Thanks for the link. I haven't seen those screens anywhere else, so yeah...

Underwhelming graphics aside, I don't agree that it doesn't look at all like an Elder Scrolls game though.

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Uh... we haven't even seen any screens yet.

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This had nothing do with PSN. Sony PICTURES site was hacked by this dude. They still haven't caught whoever was responsible for the PSN breach.

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URLs cannot be faked. That would involve using an XSS vulnerability to inject an iframe in a site. Btw... the site uses a valid SSL cert also, issued to If it's a hack Sony has BIG problems.

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The site resides on * Unless Sony's own servers are compromised, there's no reason to believe it's not legit.

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