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Kotaku doesn't give scores to games. You must mean Famitsu.

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Just adds improved compatibility for PSN titles, apparently. Read:


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Stuff like this needs to stop making N4G front page. It makes the site look bad. Reminds me of the GameTrailers post a couple days ago.

If you read the e-mail, PSXExtreme's editor said completely nothing about EDGE or Eurogamer. The person who submitted this is making that assumption.

Additionally, there is no reason why Eurogamer wouldn't have final code. The game went gold weeks ago.

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I'd be very, very, surprised if this is not true. A couple folks who work in the industry are already confirming it on NeoGAF.

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Odd... the game went gold on May 23. There is no reason why Team Ninja and Microsoft can't send them a final copy - it's already in production.

Also, review copies are usually final code. Print magazines review code before it goes gold, but online publications? Almost never.

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Yeah, no online play.

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The screens are indeed real. They were uploaded to 2K's press site about an hour ago.

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No... EA's offer still stands. They extended it to June 16. I honestly don't think they'll ever give up.

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Not sure what the big deal is. Every website is like this. If you clear your cache it deletes the cookie they stored on your PC thus allowing you to vote again.

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Don't get your panties in a bunch. He isn't even hacking the PS3.

And this isn't D_A's blog (he doesn't have one), it's written by Alek, a friend of his.

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Not anymore, really. Sales dropped after DW4 was released on PS2.

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The September 2 date is actually for all regions, not just NA.

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Who cares about GameSpot? They have lost all credibility -- in regards to reviews anyway. If you want the old GS I'd recommending visiting GiantBomb.

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How did this get approved? Should be noted that NG II hits US on June 3, EUROPE gets it June 6.

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This does not debunk anything. He said it "runs" at 720p - that's correct.

The question is what is the game rendered at? According to Quaz, 576p. To be honest I don't care what res the game is rendered at as long as it looks good, the main thing is don't spread misinformation.

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How would releasing a new console help now? Especially when competition is so fierce. Plus SEGA is not as popular as they once were, it's not like they could sell a new console on their brand name alone.

Sure there's always the die hard fans, but they are few and far between.

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In the case of the video game industry, you would expect attach rates to go up or stay the same if more hardware sells. Doesn't everyone buy a game or two when they purchase a console/handheld?

However the PSP is a multimedia device too so it's possible that people are using it for other reasons than playing games.

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The fact is that they will likely perform similar sales wise.

MGS 3 sold around 3.9 million copies worldwide, and that was with the huge install base of the PS2. Games like Gran Turismo 4 and FFX sold double that...

Look I'm not trying to downplay MGS 4, but if the sales of previous entries in the series are any indication, it's not going to be "almost over" for the 360.

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I am not a fanboy for either console but honestly if you think MGS 4 is going to totally murder the 360 you are wrong. It'll be a great game no doubt, but its not on the same sales level as GTA IV. Personally, I would say that NG 2 is Microsoft's answer to MGS 4.

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"It has a link to Dark_AleX site yes, but I can find 1000's of sites that do that.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I've never heard of this site before. "

No. I mean on dark-alex.org All of the downloads are linked to exophase.com

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