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There are alot....I agree with pretty much all of that except for .50 cent... I'd add, Heavenly Sword, Kameo, A Ninja Gaiden trilogy, The Witcher 2, any Burnout, Warhammer Space Marine, Rage.... last gen had some classics

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Tobal #2, Legacy of Kain, Soul Reaver, Project Overkill, Einhander, Rage Racer, Tenchu, Fear Effect, syphon filter, ..... I can keep going....

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I dont think the writer is saying there are NO new and innovative games, they are just far and few between , compared to PS1/2 days when you could find yourself backlogged with 10+ great games....I agree that this has become a remix, remaster and reboot generation....along with yearly sequelitis of the same game with a new coat of paint....Gaming grew and flourished because of new IP risks, but now, if you dont sell 5+ Million your first week youre a failure and dead in the water....DLC and ...

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WHO CARES. People need to get a grip and grow a pair, stop getting ruffled over the most insignificant garbage..... its a game played on a plastic box with wires and'd think someone just threatened to burn their house down....everything is so personal now.....snowflakes.....

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Housemarque=buy Love all of their stuff

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same as x360, the disc is the key to play the downloaded file.

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Its all ball bearings these get me some 3 in 1 oil and some gauze pads....

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Then I'm in the small percentage, I like having BC on X1, the fact it even has small performance boosts in some games is nicer....the fact that Sony stripped it out of the PS3 and its not even a thought on PS4 along with the fact that Sony has all these pay services, PS+ , PSnow, PSvue, shows they are looking at cash could use the PSNow system to have BC on PS4, just like how MS does it, the disc reads that you have game X in the drive and streams it in via the service.......

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There are alot of great games being thrown around here.....I could think of at LEAST question is..... WHY hasnt Microsoft realized the huge potential of this back catalog of games and IP's and been making new titles, reboots, sequels to them ????? They would be crushing it.....which leads me to believe the Xbox division sr. mgmt is inept or has their hands tied by Microsoft top either case sweeping changes should be made. Clean house in Xbox HQ and get leaders wh...

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AW 1 & 2 were great times for me

77d ago 7 agree0 disagreeView comment 9;ve lied and duped many gamers from the Alien game to Duke I care about your photo.....

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once again a system not getting full support from its company, some nice big exclusive titles would have helped move this system , Having 3rd party pubs maybe make an exclusive spin off type game to one of thier big titles, like Ubi did with Assassins creed and Aveline on the Vita, The system got bogged down in ports early on and people got turned off by it almost immediately. More games like Uncharted Golden Abyss, Killzone mercenary, Assassins creed 3 liberation, soul sacrifice, would ...

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NO. When I have the disc , I have control. If my HDD craps out down the road and the publisher decides to not list it online , Im crap out of luck. I want to have that in my hand to use when I want.

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I get alot of disagrees for math? Im not knocking the game fanboys, Its a great game , I have it, so I am one of the 6.4%....I simply stated that a good game with this many PS4 owners I would feel it would have sold higher than it has so far.... sorry if it was said a million times previously, I was only commenting on all the "WOW THAT IS SO GREAT" comments, like all you fan boys get residuals or commissions for blowing sunshine up SONY's ass, that goes for all the MS fa...

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Thats a good sell number , but when you consider there are 40+ mil PS4's in the wild that isnt even a 10% attach rate yet, roughly 6.4% PS4 owners bought it..... you would think more people would buy into it

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Who pays this guy $50 a year to listen to him ???? What a racket...... I need to get in on this

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Was going to get this when it was $19, forgot about it, now its back up in price and I HAVE to get it now for VR....DAMN

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Software sells the system, MS of all companies should know that. There are a ton of IP's they can bring back.... Brute Force, Crimson Skies, Mechassault, Conker, Battletoads, Perfect Dark, Jade Empire, Project Gotham, Blinx, etc...I understand they dont want to have this exorbanent cost of owning multiple studios, so hire outside independent developers to work on the games, they get milestones, deadlines and a budget to meet expectations, if they dont meet certain expectations they ...

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@jmac53 why is game4funz an idiot? There were slaves in every race..... whites included, Romans enslaved other tribes from Europe. The Arabs, Ottoman etc enslaved over a million white europeans in North Africa during the 1500's, the Egyptians enslaved Jews, The Japanese enslaved Korean and Chinese peoples.... it goes on and on..... so inform yourself before calling someone else an idiot, because you sound like one with your comment.

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As with any game system/accessory its success depends on the quality and quantity of software.....PSVR will succeed with quality gaming experiences that make you want to have one, that your friends see and try and want it. Great word of mouth is the best advertising. Tech demos, short add on bits, little bite size games are not going to cut it. Sure, X-wing VR mission was sweet, but its 20 min long. I understand it was free ( or part of a DLC ) but when that is one of the most talked about ...

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