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Although is was dry and repetitive in parts, I still thought it was a good experience, but I am a fan of ancient history and the like , maybe why I liked it more than others. By no means a terrible game though.... #8.2.3
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Baseball ? you're going to add a baseball game? The Order was delayed nearly 17 months as it was supposed to be a launch title, and considering the Driveclub debacle , color me skeptical. While I LOVE Ratchet and Clank, this a remake of the first one so its not a blow up exclusive.... Bloodborne is the big one for sure....Deep Down has been delayed multiple times....the thing is.... I have all 3 systems so I will get Bloodborne, I will get the new RARE title (Hopefully Battletoads), I wil... #11.4.2
is this for real?? or did I just warp back in time a year?? #2
Microsoft doesnt owe anybody anything, If they want to give away a game or two or 20 like Nintendo, thats their PR move to the hardcore fans, showing they care and thanks for being there first. What they should be doing is trying to make Kinect viable and needed to enhance the gaming experience and make those people with the cheaper version say " aww I wish I paid the extra $$ for the whole thing because game x would be so much more cooler.... " but thats the trick now isnt it... #54
Whats with the name calling? btw back in the 90's when teams worked on Genesis or SNES games there wasnt more than 10 people working on stuff, so chances are he was influential in development. Ken Lobb was an advisor on the new Killer Instinct, which was done by a whole different developer, twice, and that turned out pretty damn good remaining true to the original by it happens #9.1.2
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I want Battletoads....but I'll take a new Conker, I wouldn't mind seeing a new Kameo....I liked the first long as Microsoft keeps making GAMES, and games I want from the franchises that made them early on.... #5.2.2
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I would love to see Battletoads but I think a new Conker is the incoming game. #3.1
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Jenga! I think Japanese women are gorgeous. period. #2
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This is awesome to hear if there will be a new battletoads or an HD arcade update or both....I think a new Conker is inbound already and will be announced soon. I think MS finally realized they have franchises gamers want back and decided to give them to them. Now if they bring back Crimson Skies, Mech Assault, Brute Force....etc.....the sales would skyrocket.... #15
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I think the hype train is what killed this one, First off SONY delaying it for a year "to fine tune it and make it even better" starts the ball a launch game gets pushed a year, then it was " the graphics the gfx..." yeah looks good sure.....but, no one says anything about gameplay. Then the release hits, servers dont work, reviews hit..."its boring, you cant customize, online is broke...." Evolution made the know the Motorstorm people..... #6
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@Darth72.....and I loved all those games you threw out there...already had this preordered #1.1.24
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If you're a fan of the Alien films , especially the first one, this game does not disappoint, The DLC , especially last survivor, which puts you in the final scenes of the first movie is tense even though you know what happens and what you have to do.....If Colonial Marines had 1/4 of whats here we would have had some great Alien games. Finally. #1
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Can you play as Michael Meyers and stab her over and over after she is done making yet another sloppy disgusting sex tape with a random black guy? #4
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I never even heard about this until now, and coming in a month? awesome! I loved Geometry Wars since day one on the 360. I feel this game was partly responsible for the arcade shooter revival..... #1
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Graphics dont make the game....gameplay makes the enhance the experience sure, but if the game sucks, gets boring, plays like crap, no amount of graphics is going to save it...... look at games like Mario Galaxy, Donkey Kong country, God of War, Halo, Half Life, sure they looked nice , but were great playing games and are recognized as great playing games and classics #25.2
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A reboot of Battletoads would be freakin of my total faves on the NES and Genesis....Microsoft and Rare MAKE THIS HAPPEN! Would love a new MechAssault as well but I just don't see that ever happening. #16.1
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I think they were going for an Aliens only motiff....I agree with you but AvP is a different license...out of the all the "next gen" aliens games.... I really like the AvP on Ps3/360....if they fixed the crappy online matchmaking system and a bit of character balance there would have been more fun to be had there....disappointing really.. #3
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I agree, I think God of War needs to move out of Greek mythos. I think the perfect setting would be with Viking lore.....settings in Valhalla, Asgaard, fighting Tyr, Odin....awesome. Maybe one in Mayan/Aztec lore.... #1.3.2
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Wow Thanks Kmart...I didnt know Drive club is coming out on PS4 PS3 X360 and wonder you're going out of business..... #1
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I find it odd the The Witcher 3 is not even tracking on X1....considering the last one was only on X360, there would be a natural progression there and it would be getting the hits #24
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