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one word- Rareware. #3
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now that is pranking....good stuff #10
I think there has been all this overhype because we do not really have a definitive next gen game....Titanfall while a pretty good game is just as good and really not that ugly on the 360. Watchdogs and Destiny promised this huge diverse next gen experience and alot of people find it repetitve and tedious at times. Some of my favorite so far this year have been games that flew in under the radar, I know a shooter is a shooter is a shooter, but I really like the new Wolfenstein, and even thoug... #44
Always been a big MK fan, hope this one carries the torch as well if not better than MK9.....I really liked the retelling of the original MK story in 9. #1
You're right ...they didnt HAVE to but they did and its genius, all the fanboys come out of the woodwork making flamebait articles this one....and get everybody talking about it, thats all they get you to talk about Destiny on the Xbox One....and that is how you take the illusion of exclusivity out of the mix.... #3.1.3
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The title just sounds like its begging for hits, arent pretty much ALL games on BOTH systems this big install wise? they should have thought about 1 or 2TB drives when they were packing these. I own both and am deleting all the time #43
16d ago by TheRacingX | View comment a MOGA controller for the phone, I have one paired with my Galaxy S3 and its awesome. Games like Dead Trigger and SHadowgun feel like full on portable games. It works with alot but not all games,its been getting popular so more and more games are getting patched for MOGA. Mine even charges the phone when I'm playing so I dont drain the phone down...I paid $50 for it, not bad, and it really makes the games more fun and less frustrating. Just a thought..... #1.2.2
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Its a fun and addicting game....I have it on X1, look for the cheetos content too.... #5.2
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This is a great move by SE, they know in '15 UC4 will be releasing so they know they probably won't hit big sales numbers on PS4, they go to MS get exclusivity on a console giving their game no competition for sales, MS crows about having the game first, SE gets cash up front which probably more than makes up for the meager lost sales on PS4 because of UC4, after the UC4 hype wanes, SE releases the game on PS4 for gamers looking for new adventure and probably gets more sales because U... #50
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whether you like the game or not....this is an alarming trend, and gamers should take notice....we as gamers are being force fed games that are packaged as 'new' or 'definitive' being nothing more than the old PC versions glossed over in an 'HD' remake.....I bought a PS4/XB1 for NEW game experiences, IP's, etc, but all I have been getting are Indie games that I can play on my PS3 (because they dont push the envelope graphically) and now HD remakes....this is ridicu... #82
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Give us games....period. #24
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I agree, Free Radical should have gotten another chance, Sony should have taken the blame for Haze being average. It was rushed to finish and you could tell, it starts out fine and the story starts to unfold and then it gets rushed and it races to the end and you're kicked out the door.....Sony should have let them take their time and finish properly....put in the multiplayer like they wanted to , Sony didn't. #7.1
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yeah. It's pretty much the old Vigil games that did the Darksiders games....although the Darksiders IP was sold to 505 or Deep Silver I think.... #3.1.1
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I think this content will be very cool, to play a part in that iconic movie....awesome. Great surprise to see that coming too, and free on a preorder to boot! #1
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there is no need for them to cut to $300, people are buying at $400 no questions, they need cash in flow and get that company in the black, so why would they cut the price and not take every cent they can?? if you are selling cookies for $4 a piece and you have people lined up down the street to buy them would you lower the price of your cookie to $3 just because you've been selling them for a year? and not keep making MORE $$$ ?? #15.1
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You may be right, I know Bioware dev'd it , but I thought Microsoft was the publisher and therefore had publishing rights to the name. BioWare may own the IP , making it EA's then....still to dream #11.1.1
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Just make it....then make a new Battletoads, a new Kameo, a new Jet Force Gemini, while you're at it MS, make a new Brute Force, Mechassault, Crimson Skies, Jade Empire, etc etc...please..and Thank you #11
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I bought an SNES because of that...(sniff).... .good times.....(tears) #13.1.1
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There have been murmurings for a while about Battletoads being rebooted.....I would not be surprised to see it...I think you are going to see alot of the Rare classic stuff on X1, Microsoft has finally opened their ears and heard the fans. Killer Instinct is a step in that direction. I think its been slow to get these games going because of legal wranglings with Nintendo, publishing contracts, etc. I think there will be a Battletoads, Conker, and Jet Force Gemini on the X1 near term.... #4.2
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The hypocrisy between PS and X camps is unreal.....this is why EVERYONE should just STFU and play whatever system/games you like.....who cares whats 30fps....921P.....sub HD, 3D, 60fps, big , small, noisy , quiet, bluetooth , sharktooth, cloud based, space jacket green jacket who gives a crapper.....its a box that plays Nike says...just play. peace #15
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