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As with any game system/accessory its success depends on the quality and quantity of software.....PSVR will succeed with quality gaming experiences that make you want to have one, that your friends see and try and want it. Great word of mouth is the best advertising. Tech demos, short add on bits, little bite size games are not going to cut it. Sure, X-wing VR mission was sweet, but its 20 min long. I understand it was free ( or part of a DLC ) but when that is one of the most talked about ...

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I doubt MS will ever have the amount of exclusive IP's like it released with the original Xbox, its understandable they want to recoup the investment, but sometimes a new IP takes awhile to catch on and may need a sequel to expand the IP and keep attracting new fans. I feel sometimes they dont give these type of IP's the time to take off, where as Sony and even Nintendo will stick with them a little longer to see if they will stick and grow a fan base. Look at the 1st Uncharted, it...

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Does Parappa the Rapper really need to be in 4K??? seriously???

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it has a very Windwaker look to it

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Looks cool.... Love the Warhammer 40K universe

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Dude that was funny....painted a hilarious picture. Thumbs up!

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Legacy of Kain, One, Project: Overkill, Fear Effect, Einhander, Colony Wars, and with this resurgence in fighting games I'd like to maybe see Eternal Champions, Darkstalkers, Primal Rage, Weaponlord rebooted....

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arcades..... ahhhhh the good old days..... I miss them.... fun times for sure

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I got the game for $39.99, buy Battlefield 1 at Gamestop get Titanfall for $20. off. I think it will do alright, the game has a following. all DLC will be no charge, I think EA knew it was wedged in between 2 biggies so they tried to sway you to Battlefield and get a discounted Titanfall , win win for them. My mistake was getting Star Wars BF for $20 only to find out for $20 more in 3 weeks I could get all $60 of DLC included.. GRRRRRRR.

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I get the drifting, it stutters a ton when I play Tumble too, just that game though. They need to iron this stuff out, using old camera tracking tech for VR is a bad idea I think, I know its cost effective and all but there should be something else like infrared backing up the camera to cross check positioning.

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Interesting to see the WiiU up there, games still worth playing......

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They were surprised, You could tell from watching the Sony conference , the end of the conference was supposed to show the PS4K and it was pulled at the last minute and they just threw in some filler with more footage of a mediocre zombie end on a big wow wasnt there..... we all know Sony and the 10 yr lifecycle, there was no big hardware upgrade coming, it was a smaller unit that can do 4K resolution thats it, That is a Sony console cycle....MS threw you that bone ...

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cant wait..... looking forward to more KI!!

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They did have a photo realistic build ....remember that gaming disaster known as Street Fighter The Movie????

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is it me , or does it look washed out on X1? like the brightness was turned up too much?? it doesnt have that crisp vector line pop like it does on the 360.....

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love to see these.... no particular order...

Eternal Champions
Xmen Children of the Atom
Virtual On
War Gods
Mace the dark age
Toh Shin Den
Primal Rage

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it just seems like a quick cash in.... Jabba's palace and sullust facility, we had both already, all they need to do is modify existing assets and slap a new name on it..... how about maps on different planets or moons in the universe....Coruscant, Takodana, mustaffar, Bespin, Naboo etc etc....

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Dude... settle.... it was sarcasm... a joke... I dont think an assclown like Kim Kardashian is a sign of the end days if she gets $100M from other assclowns dumb enough to give it to her for a piece of crap phone game/app

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isnt that the final sign of the apocalypse?? The whore of Babylon making $100 Mil?? Ive lost faith in humanity

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I'm looking forward to this, I didnt hate Doom 3 , it just started to slow and when it started going it was over....the trip to hell was too short. Resurrection of evil was better..... I hope they do a better job with the demons too... in Doom 3 the Imps and Barons especially looked like clay models that melted in the sun.... I want them to look inspired from the early this one it looks that way....

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