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Well, technically it came to market in 2006 and it will be 10 yrs next thats Sony's 10 yr life doesnt feel like it, because the PS3 didnt hit its stride until '08-'09...... #4.1.3
I like boobs #2.3.2
My Gold Scorpion worked fine, maybe an isolated issue #2
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The consumer/gamer is the cause for overpriced and undervalued DLC. Activision keeps charging $15 a pop or $50 a year because people keep paying for it.....if you make a stand with your wallet and not pay for it, either they will price it lower so you buy it or they will stop making it.....they wont stop making it because it DOES make $$$.... #1.2
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Microsoft has some really good IP's and they need to go back to the vault and get them out. Nintendo and Sony know what they have and utilize those franchises. MS needs to remember this. There is more to MS than Halo and Gears. Sad to hear Brute Force will be left behind. Hopefully franchises like Crimson Skies, Conker, Blinx, Mechassault, Armed and Dangerous, Otogi, even RARE ip's like Battletoads, Kameo will make a return. #13
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well said, these were made as fan service and all they are doing is scalper service. I know some die hard will pay $100+ on ebay, but not me. Thanks Nintendo, I would have bought them all as I am a collector of such stuff, now I'm not getting anymore. #1.1
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I loved all the games in the Motorstorm series. They all hold a special place, The 1st one really sold me on a PS3 and was a great game. The 2nd one was a huge thrill ride that expanded on the first in every way. The 3rd was a great game included 3D and had a different take on the changing route. It was overshadowed by a delay because of the terrible tsunami on Japan, so many other Sony 1st party games were released around the same time and the game was left out in the cold and forgotten. I... #1.1.3
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Just think how different the gaming landscape would be if microsoft didnt announce all those DRM policies that they had to backtrack out of, or concentrated on all games instead of making it out to be a cable box controller with skype....Don Mattrick soured alot of people early on. The PS4 may not be the runaway it is today. Phil has eaten a slice of humble pie for the company and played up to the gamers to get them back. I think he has changed its perception for the better. Got me on board,... #1.8
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great game. charming, interesting, challenging, alot of fun #1
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Unfortunately they still do have it....they paid close to a billion for it....actually I think they just renewed it a couple of years ago..... which sucks #25.1.1
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Pachter's job or a weatherman..... take your pick #1.6.1
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I think it will be more of a ghost data will can fight your friends ghost, like in Forza 5 where your cars race data is added as a driver and you "race" against yours friends laps on that specific track. After a certain amount of fights, your characters data is stored and used as an AI type fighter, you fight against a ghost character that plays as your friend would. #14
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The problem with sports games and Madden in particular, is that EA paid to have the license exclusively, meaning there can be no other NFL game. Ever. Sony has the MLB license, so there is no other Major League baseball....its to squash competition and monopolize a market. EA was threatened by the NFK 2K series, pulled support from the Dreamcast and paid the NFL a billion , yes a billion to keep NFL games exclusively with them, killing a franchise and guaranteeing they can release the same c... #5.4
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yeah....if the 'rare' ones were more readily available they would be up on that list too.... #2
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Sega has franchises and IP's they forgot how to make them great.... Panzer Dragoon, Shinobi, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Clockwork Knight, Virtua On, Skies of Arcadia, Phantasy Star, Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Eternal Champions, MadWorld.... get these in the hands of capable teams and you will sell copies..... #18
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the game is boring and repetitive and the story is not good at all, you dont care about any of it..... its just bad Sci fi #5
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are we remaking these games? or just throwing them out there....again?? because if we're throwing them out there, I dont want any because I have them all, my PS3 is backwards compatible and they are all on PS2 collections and compilations. If we are remaking them....thats a different story...give me Gun.Smoke , Rolling Thunder, Congo Bongo, Cyberball, Smash TV, Star Wars trilogy arcade, .....light gun games? sure, the move syncs to the PS4, how about Virtua cop, The Time Crisis series, Op... #109
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My biggest disappointment was the PS4, delays delays delays, Infamous was ok and Driveclub eventually got better, but 1st party stuff was lacking. Most games I bought for PS4 were multi plat...Wofenstein, Alien, Diablo....I stumbled on a huge deal for a X1 day one ed with a free yr of live and Killer Instinct game and had to grab it.....I feel it saved my 2014, Killer Instinct is a fantastic fighting game, Forza helped while Driveclub kept getting delayed, Titanfall while not the revolution i... #4
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I have the Witcher 2 on X360 and I was only able to secure the collectors edition on X1, so X1 for me...900P is not going to ruin the game experience for me..... #63
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I think remasters and these "HD" collections are nothing more than a quick cash grab...even if you dont make a new IP, how about a new chapter in the lore of the current ip story line? Even reboot the franchise, I loved what they did with MK9, a new game but retelling the story of the 1st 3 in a new way....glossing up older versions of titles is getting ridiculous, what happens when 4K TV's are commonplace? God of War 4K ???? #8
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