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Great... now they're on ebay for $400....and most fans couldnt get one.... #1
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Ori and the Blind Forest... I'm COMING!!!!! #15
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A game shouldnt be announced until you have ACTUAL gameplay to show, rendered scences of "this is our target" and other crap is ridiculous, its the publishers fault, because they want to start the hype train, and get preorders etc etc, ....the Killzone debacle, watch dogs, stupid, publishers should let devs work on actual gameplay instead of wasting their time with CGI crap that 90% of the time never lives up to expectation, I think that hurts these games more than the graphical &... #9
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The only thing holding back your favorite game is the publisher saying 'no' to allow it to be BC, the list is really only showing the microsoft published stuff.... #1.3.3
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I thought the levels looked pretty good, a step up from the DOOM 3 stuff, but I think the monster design was pretty generic and boring, aside from the Revenant and the Cyber Demon, The Imp, Pinkies, Mancubis all look the same, during the demo I couldnt tell them apart, In the old games the characters were so diverse and you could spot them a mile away, the Baron of Hell, Hell Knight, Arachnotron, Cacodemon, and they all had different sound, you could hear Barons howling down halls....they all... #9.1.2
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Convincing the everyday mom and dad to drop another $250-$300+ for a gaming ACCESSORY for little Johnny is going to be a tough sell...especially after they just dropped $400 on a new console. Sure you'll get the day 1 adopters, but that is not enough to sustain the product, and they have turned some of them off as well, move support drying up, the Vita left for dead.....I have both, and a 3D TV which I love for gaming, and wish more games supported it. I feel the move and Vita could have... #51
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Unfortunately it IS a trend, when E3 began it was all about showing what was coming for that fall and MAYBE the spring....but what was shown would be released BEFORE the next its just a CGI showcase for stuff 2 and 3 years out.....promises promises promises, and many get broken, SONY is notorious for this.... Last Guardian anyone?? Why show anything that is just a concept ??? Pre orders, buy the console, etc..... Gaming has become a Hollywood whore just pandering for cash....Overpri... #1.2.2
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A new Ready to Rumble would be cool....I liked that series. Probably not what you're looking for, but a boxing game none the less #17.1
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I'd like to see MS bring some noise...Battletoads, Conker, Blinx, Mechassault...anything.... they really need to break the Halo, Gears, Forza cycle.....I know those are their cash cows.....but you need more on the farm.... I'd like to see Scalebound gameplay too #18
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...or could READ what the requirements are, or needed to run the game.... nice cop out ..... #1.2.4
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Microsoft really needs to get the "gamer" back.... show new stuff, give the gamer more than Halo 5 and Forza 6 this year....Battletoads, Conker, Kameo, Crimson Skies, Mechassault, anything....but show the gamer there is more to you than Halo, Gears and Forza, with 3rd party Call of Duty and Madden..... Announce some mind blowers for next spring and fall.....thats it
..... Sony...dont get cocky..... the fall from grace is faster than the rise to glory......
... Nin... #25
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Shadow of Rome, Dino Crisis 1/2 (not 3), Maximo, Onimusha, Power Stone, get the idea.... #14.3
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Burnout needs to come back, how about Crash Bandicoot, Mechassault, Black, Otogi, Crimson Skies, Folklore, Kameo, Manhunt, Zone of the Enders..... etc etc #24
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you got it Rat breath.... #18.1
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I played it for 40 minutes today, there were 2 maps and only the turf war mode..... it was OK, needs a little more variety and options #1
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Same.. Bubs up #4.1.2
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Well, technically it came to market in 2006 and it will be 10 yrs next thats Sony's 10 yr life doesnt feel like it, because the PS3 didnt hit its stride until '08-'09...... #4.1.3
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I like boobs #2.3.2
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My Gold Scorpion worked fine, maybe an isolated issue #2
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The consumer/gamer is the cause for overpriced and undervalued DLC. Activision keeps charging $15 a pop or $50 a year because people keep paying for it.....if you make a stand with your wallet and not pay for it, either they will price it lower so you buy it or they will stop making it.....they wont stop making it because it DOES make $$$.... #1.2
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