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My biggest disappointment was the PS4, delays delays delays, Infamous was ok and Driveclub eventually got better, but 1st party stuff was lacking. Most games I bought for PS4 were multi plat...Wofenstein, Alien, Diablo....I stumbled on a huge deal for a X1 day one ed with a free yr of live and Killer Instinct game and had to grab it.....I feel it saved my 2014, Killer Instinct is a fantastic fighting game, Forza helped while Driveclub kept getting delayed, Titanfall while not the revolution i... #4
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I have the Witcher 2 on X360 and I was only able to secure the collectors edition on X1, so X1 for me...900P is not going to ruin the game experience for me..... #63
I think remasters and these "HD" collections are nothing more than a quick cash grab...even if you dont make a new IP, how about a new chapter in the lore of the current ip story line? Even reboot the franchise, I loved what they did with MK9, a new game but retelling the story of the 1st 3 in a new way....glossing up older versions of titles is getting ridiculous, what happens when 4K TV's are commonplace? God of War 4K ???? #8
It doesnt say they were discontinued, it says they may not get new stock once they sell out. It just means Nintendo cant keep up with the demand. #1
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I remember pre ordering something at Gamestop and the kid gave me a demo disc of Black for the PS2, I remember thinking " great....another shooter..." I couldnt stop playing it..... I must have played that demo a hundred times.... couldnt wait for it to come out....crank the 5.1 and blow $hit up!.... I hope they still make a real sequel or reboot it, as corny as the cut scenes were, the story had some premise, a small covert team doing wet work and black ops, disavowed by the gov&#... #20
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Rare owns the IP's , and Microsoft owns Rare , so Nintendo is out of luck there.... #7.1
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...or a N64 so he can hit Jet Force Gemini AND Conker.... #3.3.2
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no one cares about your fanboy PS4 comment in a Nintendo article..... I care about games for my WiiU......and my PS4 AND my Xbox1..... #2.2
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I dont think Nintendo expected this to take off like it did, I'm sure they produced the rarer characters in small quantities because of popularity, which then turned into a collecting craze, now even the popular characters are running out in retail. Hopefully these will be produced in bigger quantities and the next wave will be fully supplied so the ebay scalpers dont create a shortage panic. #1
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What Nintendo needs to do is find the 3rd party games that are big and port and publish themselves so they get the 3rd party games, If activision does not want to publish CoD AW or Take 2 doesnt want to do GTA5, go to them and get the publishing right and port it over. minimal cost for a team to port, Even if you sell 100K copies, at $60 a pop thats $6M, Nintendo is publishing so they dont have to pay a 3rd party royalty to themselves, so they have to pay for a port team, the publishing deal... #17
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Its a great game, with at least 2 play throughs waiting #11.2
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I have it on X1 and there are always full games going, its a great game , very underrated, the dev's always put up fun objectives for the community, right now its collect 1M orbs by the 31st and the dev's will give the community rare character diversion game #9.2
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Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was a great game, gameplay, graphics, fun factor were all there....totally underrated game in 2014, I thought DKCTF, MK8, SSB were Nintendos trifecta, Hyrule Warriors was good, but aside from the Zelda mythos added, the game was rather meh and repetitive..... #2
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My Firefox is giving me a warning on everything form N4g #1.1
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This guy doesnt know his ass from a hole in the ground.....the PS3 had 8 SPU's or cores that handled tasks for the CPU. It also had 512MB of RAM, not 256, it was split into 2 blocks of 256 one for video one for CPU/SPU. The biggest thing that held back the PS3/cell architecture ( actually the X360 as well ) was RAM. had both of these had more RAM, the new systems would not look so impressive #1.2.1
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....and thats exactly why publishers push for digital distribution, because you cant trade it in, trade it with your friends...if you dont like it ...... delete it, we got your $$$$ #6.1
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Good memories right there... #3.2
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( getting acoutic gutar and building campfire) Kum ba ya Doug lord ....kum ba ya..... #9.3.3
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Can we put aside which game did or didnt suck or which character we did or didnt like for a second and look at the real issue of being force fed more "remasters" "definitive editions" my god this is ridiculous, didnt crapcom release an "HD remaster" of the 1st 3 games last gen? so lets do it again? as a gamer and consumer this is insulting, I want NEW games NEW experiences not rehashes with a few more polys and a few more frames p/sec. This is becoming the new DL... #60
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As far as next gen, this is not that impressive,yet. I know this is dev footage, but Killer instinct looks far better more going on onscreen, particles , etc... I have not played SSB yet, getting that on the 25th...but from what I've seen of that one too, its pretty impressive as well. SFV has to up the ante especially with MKX coming and looking pretty impressive...Capcom doesnt give me a lot of confidence..... #36
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