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Lots of good times on my PS3 too......and online gaming was free too then.....that alone steered me away from the 360

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I find it funny that SONY comes out and says "their research" shows people arent interested in playing older games , but have no problem reselling PS1, PS2 titles to people over and over again on PS4 and even PS3 (once they removed BC) .....of course people would love to play their previous gen collections on their new system....but SONY wants you to buy their services and keep filling their coffers, theyre not making a dime if the PS4 can play your old games....

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very nice! I like this game....

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How does telling people how to access a feature to use get two down votes???? SMH.....

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I almost fell off my chair reading these comments...logic, sanity, expressed thoughts without homophobic racial slurs AND grammatically sound??? these sound like cool sane people I'd game online with.... if any of you would like to add me... send me a message, Ill give you my gamertag or ID, I play on X1X, PS4 , WiiU, no switch ...yet

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While a publisher like Activision may make a lot of money on a game like COD, they are still losing alot of potential money to used games .... using your number of 9 mil sold, if 5% of that number is lost to used game sales, they stand to lose 20+ million in revenue....according to your numbers thats almost the games development yeah give me a break its a lot of money to lose.....

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Sorry to say, and Im sure this will disagreed but its true...The Gamestops of the world and their used game market have caused all of this....publishers looked for another way to recoup money lost to the millions of copies sold and resold in the used market....people bitched and yelled about their right to buy used.....good going, you got your wish , now you are going to spend 5x that amout getting nickel and fucking dimed to play anything.....

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I dont understand why a game publisher or dev who has a game on dedicated servers , decides to shut down those servers, put out an update to make the online component P2P, that way people can still play online if need be. At least youre telling that fanbase, if you still want to play , go ahead and keep enjoying our game.

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HAHAHA....they will show you to the pit of misery..... dilly dilly

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But will call Nioh and Nier PS4 exclusives because they are on PS4..... but can be played on PC

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Yes I know that....and I wouldnt call them articles either, most are opinion pieces and blog garbage, there are very few "articles" from legitimate gaming sites....

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Its N4G.... if you dont like what the majority likes on here...youre ridiculed...... if you dont put down and stomp on what the majority puts down and stomps on N4G... then youre ridiculed for that too.....

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This is the "remaster" generation , add a few new art assets, up the frame rate...maybe....and lift the resolution, sell for full price...rinse , repeat.... creativity is dead or crushed underneath the big corporate push for higher dividends....

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The price of games has been in the 49. to 59 range for at least 20+ yrs now.... I'll pay $79 for a good AAA SP experience...dont DLC me or MT me , give me a 15-20 hr top notch game with maybe multiple endings for replayability and Ill give you 20 more dollars.....hell , people pay $100 for a 'Gold' edition thats just DLC that should be in the game anyway.....

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I totally agree, great game, the new order and the old blood were great too.... problem though.... sales dont reflect how great the game is....and THAT is sad.... deserves big numbers

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unfortunately very few shooters have compelling stories, so the single player campaigns are basic steps to the multiplayer, which to keep generating revenue are filled with DLC , DLC on the disc , loot boxes , and other cosmetic upgrades. Fighting games do this now with DLC characters, pay to dress up costumes, loot box power ups.... Its all about how much cash can you squeeze from your loyal fanbase before they abandon you, or maybe they wont.... This is why the bell has been sounding for th...

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Microsoft owns Jade Empire,

Sega does own Panzer Dragoon but had an exclusive deal with MS regarding it, MS should pay them to get it going again

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I think Jade Empire should get a remake/remaster , Mechassault, Conker, Battletoads, Panzer Dragoon, Crimson Skies, those 5-6 games combined with the ability of the X1X to have a superior 3rd party version....would bring MS to the forefront with ALOT of gamers

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I like how the PS4 Pro is "no slouch" when it comes to checkboarding a not even full 4K image , but when the regular xbox1 was only doing a 180P less image than the PS4 it was an utter joke and failure, the defense force is back....I know I know, now come back with all your exclusives, I know , I own both consoles. Just admit the 1X is more powerful and can do more than the Pro, the Pro was a thrown together afterthought by Sony to try to combat and beat the 1X to market and its...

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They want $$$ so they charge you to buy them again....

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