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They were surprised, You could tell from watching the Sony conference , the end of the conference was supposed to show the PS4K and it was pulled at the last minute and they just threw in some filler with more footage of a mediocre zombie end on a big wow wasnt there..... we all know Sony and the 10 yr lifecycle, there was no big hardware upgrade coming, it was a smaller unit that can do 4K resolution thats it, That is a Sony console cycle....MS threw you that bone ...

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cant wait..... looking forward to more KI!!

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They did have a photo realistic build ....remember that gaming disaster known as Street Fighter The Movie????

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is it me , or does it look washed out on X1? like the brightness was turned up too much?? it doesnt have that crisp vector line pop like it does on the 360.....

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love to see these.... no particular order...

Eternal Champions
Xmen Children of the Atom
Virtual On
War Gods
Mace the dark age
Toh Shin Den
Primal Rage

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it just seems like a quick cash in.... Jabba's palace and sullust facility, we had both already, all they need to do is modify existing assets and slap a new name on it..... how about maps on different planets or moons in the universe....Coruscant, Takodana, mustaffar, Bespin, Naboo etc etc....

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Dude... settle.... it was sarcasm... a joke... I dont think an assclown like Kim Kardashian is a sign of the end days if she gets $100M from other assclowns dumb enough to give it to her for a piece of crap phone game/app

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isnt that the final sign of the apocalypse?? The whore of Babylon making $100 Mil?? Ive lost faith in humanity

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I'm looking forward to this, I didnt hate Doom 3 , it just started to slow and when it started going it was over....the trip to hell was too short. Resurrection of evil was better..... I hope they do a better job with the demons too... in Doom 3 the Imps and Barons especially looked like clay models that melted in the sun.... I want them to look inspired from the early this one it looks that way....

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Title is wrong.... its 40% off all SUPER BUY games....meaning $19.99 and under...

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you got me..... its a bridge... LOL

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GOt the 1st one on X1 to try something different as it was exclusive on X1 at the time.... one of the most fun games I've played in a long time, a huge surprise hit for me.... cant wait until tomorrow to try the sequel...

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The Pit

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got mine at gamestop

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FiOS Quantum..... cant live without it

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I dont care who has what , because I have all 3 , so I will get whatever I like and need to knock any system. Im a gamer not a fanboy

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I agree, my nice surprise game of last year, picked it up for my X1 , just looking for something different and at the time wasnt on any other system, so I tried it out and loved it. This looks like alot more of what made the 1st really fun....

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WOW... thanks EA, are you sure you can absorb these prices??? most of these games are 4 to 5+ yrs old....hope you dont bankrupt.

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really good game...

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I bought it, Love it, I love all the old Rare stuff....they were and still ARE great games.

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