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"punkandlizard.com for PS4 and PS Vita news, reviews and trophy talk"


The site is fine :) #2
STEINS;GATE only releases in Europe today buddy. #2.1
looking good! #7
It's hitting the store in the EU today (Weds) on both PS4 and PS Vita buddy. Was released yesterday in NA. #2.1
Incredible game! #1
Good to see sites covering such stories. #1
Hey everyone, we used that quote as the title because we honestly wanted to draw attention to the game. We've met so many indie developers and they're dedicating their lives to making these games for us to enjoy. So many of them work so hard and don't get 1% of the coverage a game like Destiny gets (no disrespect to Destiny). The title was more to show how ambitious these people are on the budgets they are on. Anyone who knows us knows we're just gamers who do this for the lov... #9
Cheers buddy. #2
It really is, those guys are awesome. #1.1
Good feature you're bringing to the gaming table. #1
correct mate Battlegrounds is out already in the UK. #1.1
Awesome, I'm so desperate for a new PS4 racer. #1
No platinum, a real fun and easy 100% #3.1
Just played Final Horizon on the Vita, looks absolutely stunning! #1
I know, it's nuts! Can't wait for this one! #1.1
the trailer will be up here in a bit mate #1.1.2
it is! #1.1
I had a real blast on this one, after getting the Plat it def needs DLC. #14
glad you're enjoying it too! #1.1
oh yeah! #1.1
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