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Cheers buddy. #2
It really is, those guys are awesome. #1.1
Good feature you're bringing to the gaming table. #1
correct mate Battlegrounds is out already in the UK. #1.1
Awesome, I'm so desperate for a new PS4 racer. #1
No platinum, a real fun and easy 100% #3.1
Just played Final Horizon on the Vita, looks absolutely stunning! #1
I know, it's nuts! Can't wait for this one! #1.1
the trailer will be up here in a bit mate #1.1.2
it is! #1.1
I had a real blast on this one, after getting the Plat it def needs DLC. #14
glad you're enjoying it too! #1.1
oh yeah! #1.1
real shame! Glad they are getting attention on this feature, nice one! #1.4
sorry to hear it, I'm not. #1
I can confirm the new update does correct error NP-32157-8 :) #20
does it fix PS4 sync error NP-32157-8? I'm screwed at the moment. #1
Remote play is looking great, Rivals is awesome on the Vira, perfect when the girlfiend wants to watch The Kardashians!! #1
Too right, next gen has now become now gen #1.1.9
It shall be coming to the Vita via remote play, perfect game for a small screen. #1.1.1
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