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It's a good rental. But full retail price? No. I respect Cage, but it is not really that great a game. It's a 7.5 in my opinion. Glad I trusted my gut and only rented. #5
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So it could be banned like when Nintendo recently banned "The Binding Of Issac" game for religious offences? I don't think so. Besides, I prayed over & over that Nintendo would not buy Atlus, and my prayer was answered.

Praise the lawd!!!

Too bad it's Sega though. Kadokawa or Sony would have been a much better match. #6.2
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Developers who get good reviews don't mind it when gamers follow said good reviews. We don't hear any other developers crying about this. #1.4
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Didn't you see the Wii U tag at the top of this article? That must be why so many Nintendo fans thumbed you down. They don't like it when people act like their console of choice isn't the only one in existence :/ #1.1
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Why would anyone want this? Except maybe for their kids? #1
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Can't wait for this game! #2
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Another well said comment mate. Microsoft went overboard with their attempts to spy. I still don't trust them. PS4 and my PC Rig, is all I need brother.

Have an "Intelligent" bubble :D #1.2.1
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I want to be so happy, but I hope they put servers close to Australia. We keep getting the worst lag in games. In bf3 it was harsh for Aussies. #4.1
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Hold on a second there mate,

Have you ANY idea what the ratio of PS3-to-Wii U's sold are in the entire time that Wii U has been available? Considering that PS3 is an aging system well beyond the 5 year point, it still embarrasses the Wii U in sheer sales in the past year. You would think sales would die off, but the PS3 is stronger than ever despite the fact that anyone who would have already wanted it, probably already bought it before Wii U came... #1.1.1
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He's alright. #1.1
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Atlus said they are bringing another ps3 game later this year. If the end of this month/beginning of next month is when they announce who bought atlus, then that means Nintendo didn't get atlus. Why would atlus cut a deal to publish games on ps3 if there is even a slight chance that they would be bought by Nintendo? Makes no sense. Lol whoever it is who bought them is definitely a 3rd party. #6.3
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Have a "well said" bubble, mate.

No way i'm paying that much money, that is far more money than any other subscription based company asks for. More than Netflix at least. Bethesda isn't even offering millions of movies like Netflix is doing, and yet they want double the fee's? No. #1.1.4
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Neither of them own Smt or persona. Have you no understanding of how 3rd party relationships work? #3.1.1
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The game is coming out in about 3 months or so, and their only now leaking/showing more maps? We want to see more. #1.2
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Same could be said of the Wii U owners who are content with it's lack of 3rd party support. #2.3
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To be fair, the only Nintendo game you mentioned was Fire Emblem. And of the 3 games you mentioned, it was the only one to not get a mature rating (Fire Emblem was teen rated).

But anyway, that other guy (dark-kyon) didn't have to insult Nintendo's games like that. Besides, Dragon Crown was only a 3rd party game too. #2.4.1
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No one said you're fibbing. I was just sharing an opinion. Relax. #3.6.1
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I wonder what it's for. Possible Android integration? Maybe even a Vita phone (A phone can do 4g, WiFi, etc without needing to make two seperate models, plus it could function as a stand-alone handheld if ppl don't want it as a phone).

And a Vita phone is physically ergono... #3.1.1
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They won't increase ram, as that would alienate those who have systems with lower ram. They can increase screen size, but if they increase ram then some games will not be playable on older vita's, which would tick-off A LOT of Sony fans who already own Vita. #3
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Kids? No thanks, mate. #4.2
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