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Finish it, I got the platinum trophy. Fucking awesome game.

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I have a 1tb 7200rpm hdd in my ps4, my load times are very good. Definitely much better than the stock drive.

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This report is completely false. My messages are still taking 30+ seconds to send. It sits at 97% sent for a long time.

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The atmosphere alone is reason enough to grab this game, it's unmatched. I hope you have a good sound system or good head phones...

It's also a direct sequel to "Alien", which is awesome.

The game can be cheap and you will die often in certain areas, but it's worth it. Also the cut scenes have terrible performance, luckily they're not often.

I couldn't get into "The Evil Within". This game, IMO, is so...

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By far the best game I've played on the PS4. You're really doing yourself a disservice by not picking this up ASAP. Especially if you like like/love the "Alien" universe.

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Explain the irony, please.

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$60 for a multiplayer only game is unacceptable.

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So it still looks last gen?

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Lol. Yes, in March games will be 792p with 60fps, some of the time - Titanfall.

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Lol, pretty big eh? All they did was remove a filter on their scaler, something that shouldn't have been there in the first place.

The Xbone games will still be sub 1080p, just with less artifacts from the sharpening.

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Pretty sure it has to do with CDN/US dollar disparity at the moment.

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The game looks good, but the game looks so empty, big maps and no one running around in it. 6vs6 real people is such a terrible idea.

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I'm not seeing a video anywhere.

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Certainly not because it's not possible though, well 1080p 60fps at least. It's just a lazy cross gen port.

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One shot kill sniping, yes. But it should be 50% when in a fire fight.

It's really frustrating to have someone turn around and kill you all the time, one shot and thier health at 1%.

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That U.I. is atrocious. It's all clutter and gross colours.

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No. 1.5GB at the most.

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"While you’re distracted by the PS4 and Xbox One launches, Nintendo is secretly killing its self.

I fixed the title for you.

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Hahaha, hopefully they weren't invited. Two out of touch Dinosaurs of the industry.

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All I'm seeing is vegetation pop in everywhere, how the fuck is this still happening on this hardware. I'm not that impressed.

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