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so what. don't own stock in either activision or EA
play all the fps you want
still waiting for a must have non fps to upgrade to next gen
DS2 and P5 are still my most anticipated titles this year

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Favorite series this gen.
Can't wait.

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I can only agree with that statement.
Racing has never been so much fun.

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Glad I finally get to play this game.
Reviews look promising.
This and GTA V will keep me busy till Dark Souls 2.

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The Last Guardian
Demons Souls 2
Persona 5
Dead Nation 2
A new Maximo game

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Hey, I'm just the most insane, misunderstood villain of all time.

not interested in underaged bow wielding genetically enhanced androids by the way, lol.

completely agree with the day one wii u xenosaga continuation statement.

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Titanfall? Dead Rising 3? Killer Instinct?

Really? give me a break.

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Kos-Mos, Shion, MOMO.

Where are you?

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History repeats itself....ala ps2

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Zack Fair kicks major ass.
One of the last pure heroes in the FF universe.

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It will probably release the same year as KH3.
Patience is a virtue. It's art don't rush it.

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Use a humanity to become human and take Knight Solaire to the fight with you. Separate them and kill Ornstein first.
After that Smough is a piece of cake. From there to the finish with Gwynn the game just becomes a joy.

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Too many fees connected to the ONE for the "casual" market
to buy it, and buy it, and buy it, etc, etc.

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That's all they've done to their fans for the last 7 years
is tease. Please release something noteworthy.

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Too bad it's for their hand held system.

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most def

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Show me the new,exclusive ip software (non-kinect) lol. otherwise gtfo.

everyone already has a cable box..

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It may be on the ps4, but to not sell it to the millions that own this gens consoles would be ludicrous

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SE is dead in the water. X is not quite as mediocre as XIII but it's damn close. Until these clowns get their act together, I'm not giving them a cent. Turning XIII into a trilogy is unforgivable. What a joke. DLC anyone?

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Steam box sounds great.
Valve will keep it real.
Pick one up probably a year after release.
Next xbox not so much.

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