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They can feel free to milk this one as much as they like. In fact, for as long as EA want to keep churning out content for this game, I'll keep paying for it.
It's Star wars. #2.4
OH ffs. *SIGH* #2.2
I've shifted over from ps4 recently too. I only have a gtx 770 but to say it blows console graphics out of the water would be an understatement. #4.1.1
Inquision dlc was always coming for 3 reasons.

1. Microsoft's very public timed exclusivity deal on dlc.
2. Its EA
3. Its a bioware game! #1
I disagree. Ryse is far better looking and yes, I'm in the beta too.
There's a lot going on graphically but the textures are murky and the character models aren't detailed enough.
Plus the gameplay is very basic.
The game is very similar to the DA: inquisition multiplayer mode. But without the awesome single player campaign.
A good decision, by lionhead, to go free to play imo, based on what I've seen.

But it was only a beta. #1.3.2
Valve aren't ones for multi million dollar showcases like Epic and Crytek. This is probably something they had a group of interns slap together over a weekend.
Their reward was likely cheese and onion crisps and a Headcrab Steam trading card or something. #1.1.5
Got nothing against holding a game back until its ready. But ffs stop announcing them so bloody early. Nowadays - here's our game. You can buy it sometime in the next 2-3 years. Get excited.

Six months to a year between announce and release would be better I think. #16
I don't tend to worry too much about resolutions. I play my gtx 770 based PC games at 900p on my 1080p TV because, for some reason, the lighting seems better and the blacks a lot deeper. The fact that I get to push the visual options and AA up as a result is a bonus. #85
If it comes with a screen im in. If they can do remote play but with decent controls they're on to a winner. #38
Game look amazing. Please release it in europe Xseed. #7
Why does EVERYTHING have to be connected? Its a single player game people get over it. #3
Glad gamebolt keeps posting these click bait articles so I can keep voting them WTF. #13
Vita has loads of great games already but the best is still to come.
The order,project cars, witcher 3, persona 5, arkham knight, battlefield hardline, the division, uncharted 4 and the list goes on. All those games will be playable on my Vita.
My point is the Vita has support from sony in its dna with remote play. Technically it doesnt even need traditional software support.
Anything released just for Vita is a great bonus. #31
Well this is obvious since Microsoft have made it know from the very beginning that dlc for DA is first on xbox one. They must have payed for something. #14
Want it SO BAD!!! #27
So many big games coming this year its impossible to say which one I'll enjoy the most. But Im going to have a lot of of fun making my mind up because I fully intend on owning the lot. #9
62 hours in and loving it. Cant wait to see Biowares dlc plans. #2
Kojima Seriously needs to stop posting any mgsv news that doesnt contain a release date.
There's teasing and then there's torturing. #2
Well I was surprised by Randy Pitchfords surprise. #6
I'll assume from that you think I should give it a play then?
In my defence; my backlog is enough to make any gamer wince. I still haven't got around to a danganronpa game yet either. #2
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