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I'm going to miss indie month. Hope it returns in the future. #43
Well I've certainly not played anything like that before. i'll give it a go. #9
No question games are art. The game looks awesome. Hope it finds a huge audience. #14
Great trailer. this might be worth a look. #26
Not interested in the tablet but if the controller works on pc i'm tempted to get one of those. #5
Why isn't that octodad theme tune number one in the charts? Its awesome. #32
Can't enter for the statue because I haven't played the game 😢
Game looks great though. #20
Another sure fire hit for Tim and Double fine. Can't wait to play this and the Grim fandango reboot. #7
You weren't first. Ha ha. #1.1.1
I will be gobsmacked if you don't get 60fps out of a 780ti. I'm hoping for around 30fps on the 770.

Edit: I suppose another uber sampling setting could destroy performance, like witcher 2, but I won't mind scaling back on that. #12.1.1
Well I'm blessed to have the choice. So I'm getting it on PC. Hopefully my gtx770 will cope when I crank up up 'dem graphics'. #12
I don't want. Because I already own it on ps3. I know what you mean though.Still wouldn't have killed Sony to include a hefty discount for ps3 players. #14.1.1
This game should be free for those who own the ps3 version digitally. #14
Love to see Indies braving their own engines. Game looks fabulous. #32
Got a lone survivor vibe going on and I like the damage system.
Looks very good indeed. #22
Outlast was fantastic and I even found things out about myself whilst playing it. Like how I'm a huge squealing coward excuse for a man. #14
Outlast was so terrifying. Played it on my own in the dark with headphones for a true experience.
To be honest, if I'm going to play whistleblower, I'm going to hneed a fresh batch of pants first. #15
Bubble for being a helpful chap. #9.2
Early access is OK when done right. These guys seem on the level so I'll certainly check out Lacops if they choose to go that route. #5
N4G you're really spoiling us with this indie month. I loves it I do.
LAcops looks terrific. Another win for gameplay and art direction. #9
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