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So many big games coming this year its impossible to say which one I'll enjoy the most. But Im going to have a lot of of fun making my mind up because I fully intend on owning the lot. #9
62 hours in and loving it. Cant wait to see Biowares dlc plans. #2
Kojima Seriously needs to stop posting any mgsv news that doesnt contain a release date.
There's teasing and then there's torturing. #2
Well I was surprised by Randy Pitchfords surprise. #6
I'll assume from that you think I should give it a play then?
In my defence; my backlog is enough to make any gamer wince. I still haven't got around to a danganronpa game yet either. #2
Soma. #6
Nice. I'd not heard of Steins;gate so I'm gonna give that ago. #1
This is going to be a great appetizer for revelation 2 next month.
Specs are pretty much as I expected. #8
I'd recommend that. Its a really great game. #14.1
Deathnote is pure quality. Ive only just started watching it but im already surprised uncle Sam hasn't tried to make a live action series or movie out of it. Its that good.
Attack on Titan is, of course, great too. #6
Kudos to the site giving a spoilers warning. Most dont bother. #1
Me too. Really enjoying it so far. #3.1
It was a sony store. A mate of mine drove all the way there and missed out by seconds. #9.1.1
They're already gone. So many showed up they sold them tonight instead. Pretty fucked up if you ask me. I they announce a date and time they should stick to it imo. #9
Not as far fetched as the article makes out. Nintendo might simply have bought the ip and decided to partner with Bandai namco on it.
Ubisofts public falling out with Wii U just makes selling this ip off even more credible imo. #8
Sorry I agree with @deafdani . #1.1.4
I agree with you both. The game is sublime. Been playing since release day and still havent felt the need to leave the Hinterlands. Havent enjoyed a game this much since Skyrim or mass effect 3.

I hope Bioware use this game as a template for ME4. #1.2
Such a shame they're having so many problems because it really is a very very good game. #33
ADS + Halo = GOTY. #47
PS4 has exclusive content too. Friends to play it with. #28
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