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Good. She can buy us all a Dragon quest controller then.

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For what its worth I agree.

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Its probably a graphics card Dave.

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If they had taken the Scorpio budget and made a bunch of rich and diverse exclusives, theyd be on the way to competing with Playstation, but it wasnt to be. Instead they do what they always do and throw more numbers and more tech around to seduce dudebros that dont know any better.

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Scorpio is typical Microsoft. Throw tech and numbers at a problem.
Quality games sell platforms. Tech us a bonus.

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Impossible. All games released for ps4 after the pro released HAVE to be patched for pro. Its in the ps4 publishing rules. If a new release refuses to support psr pro they cant release on ps4 at all.

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But what does he think of persona 5?

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Looks as near to real life as Ive ever seen in a game but the trees are looks weird because theyre so static. The branches dont move at all.

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When youve finished P5, do yourself a favour and play some of the previous games. You wont regret it. P3 and P4 are especially brilliant.

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Im loving zelda and Horizon at the moment, but I too shall drop them like a stone when Andromeda hits.

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Fair point. Im further in to the game now, and Zelda too does indeed ape the usual ubisoft map tower thing a bit too much. In fact I find myself actually missing all the collectibles found in a ubi game.
Having said that Im still really enjoying the game. Its stuffed with nintendos charm and great ideas. Horizon just hasnt really grabbed me yet.

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Playing both. I prefer Zelda. Horizon is good but still feels a little too ubisoft for me.

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@Rachel_Alucard But you get a toy as well. People love em. Personally, I dont own any but each to their own I guess?

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Breaking news. You and your sister are reported for spam.

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Only about 8-10 hrs in, but it lives up to the hype for me, its an extraordinary game.

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Im getting a semi, open world feeling about this game.

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2020 Id say. Going by how long last gen carried on.

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Better off picking up a wii u on the cheap. If its just for one game.

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Very little difference between the two imo. Hardly surprising though as wii u was the lead system in much of the games development.

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