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I didn't like them.

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Theres nothing Metal gear in this game. I read the full article but didnt read a single thing, as a metal gear, that would make me want this cod zombies add on. So far this is exactly the f'ed up direction I expected the franchise to go post Kojima. F**k u Konami, your first MGS release after Kojima was a real oppotunity to ease, reassure and excite mgs fans, but you just spat in our faces.

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He meant exclusives purely for xbox one x, I think.

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Mercury steams 1st Castlevania game was amazing.

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You spelt "Turd" wrong.

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These 2 beauties will be my first Amibos. Cant wait get my hands on them.

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Sony: new Spiderman trailer release date march 2018.
God of war 4 on stage demo with chanting monk noises.
New driving ip announced for PlayStation VR.
New hardware announced. A dualshock type controller with built in ps4 streaming.
A new trailer for ni no kuni 2 with a 2018 release date.
A call of duty ww2 demo on ps4 pro on stage.
Teaser for Horizon zero dawn dlc content coming in october 2017.
EA access for ps4 announced.

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Lol rockstar games print money for them every day all day

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2 seconds of leaking fun.
Sounds like my sex life.

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Cool Daniel Bryan is in the game.

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Should go back into hardware.

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Red dead 2 and spidey gameplay and Im happy.

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Mine too. The venom official wired is excellent at £15 on Amazon. Really nice pad and responsive

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Still love mine. Playing Red dead and Yakuza at the moment.

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Good. She can buy us all a Dragon quest controller then.

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For what its worth I agree.

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Its probably a graphics card Dave.

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If they had taken the Scorpio budget and made a bunch of rich and diverse exclusives, theyd be on the way to competing with Playstation, but it wasnt to be. Instead they do what they always do and throw more numbers and more tech around to seduce dudebros that dont know any better.

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Scorpio is typical Microsoft. Throw tech and numbers at a problem.
Quality games sell platforms. Tech us a bonus.

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Impossible. All games released for ps4 after the pro released HAVE to be patched for pro. Its in the ps4 publishing rules. If a new release refuses to support psr pro they cant release on ps4 at all.

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