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Nice to see a dev supporting cross play PC - ps4. Most don't have the balls. #5
I adore the Batmobile in Arkham knight.
This is the second article I've seen telling me how much 'Everybody' hates it. Wish these sites would stop confusing what they think with what we all think. #40
Calm down everybody.
Clearly what Reggie meant was that they find any truly awful footage of the game, in keeping with the already woeful digital event. Why show wonderful footage of Zelda and upset the entire balance of the show?

Iwata needs to go. And if Reggie going to keep spewing this type of guff then he too should go. #32
Not showing up on Amazon uk. But Shopto have them for preorder. Got mine ordered thanks for the heads up N4G. #5
I don't feel bad for you because you disagree with my opinion. I don't even have an opinion on the game yet. As you pointed out - I haven't played it.
I feel bad for you because you might not enjoy the game. That's it.

And let me assure you my Friend; I do nothing to appear 'Hip' nor am I in the slightest bit interested in following any crowd. I'm in my late thirties, am probably far too overweight and have a beard FFS. Trust me - I'm f... #3.1.3
No I hate the opinions of others. I also jump on the comments of others like a giant leaping troll. I burn books too.

In all seriousness though; you sound like you, already decided to not enjoy The phantom pain as much as other MGS games. I genuinely feel bad for you.

As far as the article goes - I stand by what I said. #3.1.1
Well shenmue 3 in partnership with Sega if you believe the internet. #3
Things he did like; The hits he got on his website. #3
I just made sure I had all three umbilical cords prior to the last boss. Then I duplicated the save onto the cloud. Beat the boss 3 times with the same original cloud save. Pretty straightforward stuff tbh.
But like I said, finding the chalice dungeons a real struggle. Think I need to grind my stats up a bit.
And pray for a capable co op partner! #4.3.1
Luckily I was able to do all 3 endings in one play through. I did miss 1 weapon for the hunters essence trophy though, so I'm hoping that shows up in the dungeons. #4.2.1
Just 2 trophies away from the platinum but those chalice dungeons are real pain in the backside. Blood starved beast has me stumped again and finding co op help is a frustrating experience. Most of my day is currently spent stood around ringing a poxy beckoning bell.

But game of the year so far. #4
CDPR said the same thing and the Witcher 3 has LONNNNNGGGG LOADING TIMES. #5
Hope they fix the long loading times. At the highest difficulty setting I swear I see the loading screen more that the actual game. #4
There weren't any spoilers. Watch the whole thing. Treat yourself. #6.2
The way things are going he'll probably wait a few weeks and buy Konami himself. #27
Faceless corporation makes stupid decision shocker. Same old. Nothing new to see here. #2
Lol #2
I applaud the way you crowbarred castlvania into it. Dracula lol
All fair points. #1.1
Ironically, pirates will get not only their game for free, they'll get all this dlc nonsense for free as well.
Only thing stopping me going that route is the fact that its just plain f'ing wrong.
Companies like Warner take the piss more and more each release though.
How long before piracy stops being a way for thieves to scalp the industry and becomes a legitimate way for ripped of customers to give these bloated fat cat companies the middle finger? #27
He's dead. In the arkham knight prequel comic, Batman just shoved his body into the oven himself and cremated him. The body was heavily booby trapped ( this is Joker we're talking about) but it was definitely good old Mr J. #6
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