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Yeah, was going to say exactly the same.
REALLY want this new Spiderman game. ☺

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Some nice headsets there but I'll stick to the wireless gold ps4 ones. They're pretty great imo.

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Yeah we going to ditch consoles because they're making a more powerful gpu available .
Because that never happens with pc gaming.

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Homefront Revolution 41.99 in the sale. 😂😂😂 😂😂

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Sorry down voted by accident. Stupid sausage fingers 😠

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Give it a chance.
I'm looking forward to this. Mafia 2 was pretty decent in places.

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Yeah Ubisoft, everytime I want to hack someone's phone in the game, I want to first sit at my actual pc and spend 2 hrs hacking the real way. 😊

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I was worried at first because of the perceived graphics upgrade and the divide that would create in the community. Now I'm hearing that all these new consoles will bring with them is higher resolution. If that's the case I'm fine with them. I don't plan on going 4k anytime soon (1080p is enough for me) so I won't feel under any pressure to upgrade.

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Ha ha Reggae you clown! 😂😃😁 ☺😯😐😕
Poor Reggae. 😳

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This whole Scorpio situation reminds me so much of the xb1 announcement debacle.
Remember how, in the weeks prior to announcements, the rumours were fling round that Sony were developing a technology that stopped people buying used games? Last months Neo leaks were the same thing and Microsoft responded in exactly the same way then as they have now by going all in with a public announce the of their own take on the idea.
My point here is this; Sony backed away from the who...

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@Khaotic Wow the anger and rage.

Amd and Sony are partners. A relationship just just as important to Amd as it is to Sony. IF (big if) Sony chip orders have gone into mass production then I admit it's unlikely a situation either company would backtrack on.
If they haven't, specs can still change until Sony make them official. Personally, I think they'll stay the same. The rumoured specs boost is more than enough anyway. Neither Scorpio nor neo will wi...

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Admitting that Scorpio exists this early was fine. But announcing the spec now is beyond stupid. Sony CAN up the specs of neo now. IF they choose to.

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The sort of gamer who would abandon PS for a PC because of graphics power is exactly the same type of gamer who'd say the Neo's spec's are still too weak.

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It never stopped being available for preparing order at Amazon UK. But the page still says may not receive on launch day. Tesco direct and shopto however are offering launch day delivery still.

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They'd find it harder to sell and market a son of batman game. Joe public won't even be aware Bruce had a son. If they absolutely have to make another game of this sort, Justice league would make more sense.

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You can use ANY set of wired headphones (gold headset too with a wire) with a standard jack connection and still have the full 3d sound. It's 3d audio is all done by the little black box.

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Well I finished all 3 endings of Bloodborne, thoroughly enjoyed but still I wish it had been a tad easier.

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Quick Microsoft, get down to Runcorn and hold a recruitment day. 😉

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No like em then no buy em. Vote with your wallets.
Personally I'm in for a gold edition.

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Not really. I was expecting a Destiny rip off with a major downgrade, a la watch dogs, but found a Destiny beater with just a slight downgrade. 😁

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