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Outlast was fantastic and I even found things out about myself whilst playing it. Like how I'm a huge squealing coward excuse for a man. #14
Outlast was so terrifying. Played it on my own in the dark with headphones for a true experience.
To be honest, if I'm going to play whistleblower, I'm going to hneed a fresh batch of pants first. #15
Bubble for being a helpful chap. #9.2
Early access is OK when done right. These guys seem on the level so I'll certainly check out Lacops if they choose to go that route. #5
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N4G you're really spoiling us with this indie month. I loves it I do.
LAcops looks terrific. Another win for gameplay and art direction. #9
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Bullshit. Nowhere in that article is there any proof Ubisoft are going digital only for unity. All conjecture. #1
I see a difference. Just not a £50 difference. I'll stick to the ps3 version. #18
Added the game to my steam wish list this morning. Looks great. #24
That trailer had me running straight off to steam.
Loving this indie month thing on N4G - pretty much confirms my feelings that there needs to be a separate Indies section on the site. Great stuff. More please.

Edit: added to my steam wish list. #14
Good old usa. Land of the free and the home of the troll. #6.4
Just a suggestion: Drunken robot pornogrophy 2 - can you see my nuts (& bolts) #11
BBQ defence sims are so underated these days. #32
I'm currently planning to jump back into PC gaming but I really don't know whether to go nvidia or amd.on one hand there's Amd who I really like as a company. They make good fast cards and give us things like Mantle and make available to everyone. Nvidia on the other hand squeeze devs to make exclusive effects for nvidia cards in their games and make sure some games don't run smoothly on Amd.

So the question is; do I go with a card I like by a company I respec... #9
Wow first I've seen of th8s game. Looks good and definitely worth backing on Kickstarter. #1
Cat parkour FTW #17
Yoshida said Morpheus games would be ps3 quality to aid performance. #1.5.2
I want to see a thousand goats on screen at once. It THE sole reason for next gen consoles. #6
I'm not usually an angry person but this interview really got my goat. #8
Zzzzzzzz #9
I had 4 RROD's.
My share button works when I double press it but my issue is that the console should record past 15mins perpetually but it doesn't.
Oh well, I guess they are struggling to come up with a fix but they will get there eventually.

IMO Sony by far produce the best hardware but they are a long way of Microsoft when it comes to OS updating. #3.2.4
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