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Well surly Bethesda should know exactly how powerful the NX is by now? The ruddy things out in MARCH.

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I think the current trade in value for ps4 at this moment will become very much lower in the next 24hrs. 😕

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Well someone's grapes are sour.

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Sega Saturn. Me and my brother pumps an obscene amount of money into the old Daytona USA cabinet. So getting a Saturn with Daytona on launch day was not just a joy, but a mercy too 😁.

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My first thought is reveal is ps4 footage and the comic con trailer is from the pc version.

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Ha ha I'm only messing. I'd probably have held my wife's hand through it. 😁

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A giant article with tons of pictures and not one of her without the pants on.
There's 2 mins of my life I'll never get back.

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Yeah, was going to say exactly the same.
REALLY want this new Spiderman game. ☺

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Some nice headsets there but I'll stick to the wireless gold ps4 ones. They're pretty great imo.

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Yeah we going to ditch consoles because they're making a more powerful gpu available .
Because that never happens with pc gaming.

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Homefront Revolution 41.99 in the sale. 😂😂😂 😂😂

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Sorry down voted by accident. Stupid sausage fingers 😠

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Give it a chance.
I'm looking forward to this. Mafia 2 was pretty decent in places.

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Yeah Ubisoft, everytime I want to hack someone's phone in the game, I want to first sit at my actual pc and spend 2 hrs hacking the real way. 😊

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I was worried at first because of the perceived graphics upgrade and the divide that would create in the community. Now I'm hearing that all these new consoles will bring with them is higher resolution. If that's the case I'm fine with them. I don't plan on going 4k anytime soon (1080p is enough for me) so I won't feel under any pressure to upgrade.

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Ha ha Reggae you clown! 😂😃😁 ☺😯😐😕
Poor Reggae. 😳

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This whole Scorpio situation reminds me so much of the xb1 announcement debacle.
Remember how, in the weeks prior to announcements, the rumours were fling round that Sony were developing a technology that stopped people buying used games? Last months Neo leaks were the same thing and Microsoft responded in exactly the same way then as they have now by going all in with a public announce the of their own take on the idea.
My point here is this; Sony backed away from the who...

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@Khaotic Wow the anger and rage.

Amd and Sony are partners. A relationship just just as important to Amd as it is to Sony. IF (big if) Sony chip orders have gone into mass production then I admit it's unlikely a situation either company would backtrack on.
If they haven't, specs can still change until Sony make them official. Personally, I think they'll stay the same. The rumoured specs boost is more than enough anyway. Neither Scorpio nor neo will wi...

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