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I guess next up is Avengers by Crystal Dynamics. Exciting times.

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When you give talented devs 8+ years to make something instead of 2-4.

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Is that you Jameson?

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Get a massive loan from Russian and Saudi investors. Buy the licence from Sony. Lease an office building. Lease tons of graphic workstations. Employ an army of mixed experienced devs from 'a diverse range of faiths and beliefs. Employ some slave driving 'goal incentive' paid supervisors. Find the original writer and directors and hope the have some new ideas for a follow up. Spend 5 yrs making it. Go with Sony exclusive. Promote the thing to death. Sell a bucket load. Retire to t...

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Great news. Loved the first one.

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No difficulty trophies. BLISS.

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Witcher 3 had lots of Easter eggs so don't see why not.

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No player hub at launch. Bloody amateurs.

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Or he's lying 😏

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Traditionally, consoles always launch late. Generations always last, longer than most people think or predict.

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I've the Spidey limited edition pro coming. SO excited. Can't wait to go web slinging.

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I see why they didn't show the general public now. There's no way even the xb1x version looks anywhere near that good and that smooth.

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And it's started.
Heads down people the spoilers start here.

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I won't be stopping until the Platinum trophy pops. So I think I'll be swinging over New York a lot longer than 20 hrs.

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Didn't know about photo mode. Nice.

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Holy shhhiiii..... what?

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Why does CDPR want people's first impression of their game to be a text description?
Why do journos get to see it before their fans?
At least tell us why we can't see it.
Is it because it's running on a next gen dev kit? Or maybe there's something wrong with it that don't think will pass public scrutiny?
These guys are normally so good in their practices and the way they treat the fans but this demo is starting to annoy me?

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Everything they're doing is for next gen now.

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Slam dunk if true.

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