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But don't the people (i.e. the reviewers) create the score, which then creates the AAA status?

If the reviews don't matter, then what makes a AAA game?

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Yes, dear god, yes. They all sucked... and sucked hard.

Although Chef's Luv Shack was fun for about five minutes. Then in the sixth minute you wanted to chuck the controller across the room.

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I don't know about Mario, but when Batman was in this position he managed to save them both.

Because he's both Bruce Wayne and Batman and he was PREPARED.

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I've never played a Midnight Club game before, but I gotta say, that looks pretty sweet.

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It might be hard to be the game of the year considering the game came out two years ago and can be purchased as a direct download from the developer's website.

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The News Bot approved this story. So I guess the site admins saw something useful and/or interesting in it.

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Jeez, are the commenters on this site that psyched up over "the war" that any little thing that could be considered biased is something to get pissy about?

The ONLY newsworthy piece of information to come out of this announcement is that the game is coming to the PS3.

It was already known to be in development.
It was already known Raven was the team who would be developing it.
It was already known it was coming to the PC and Xbox 360.

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LucasArts first announced it as "Indiana Jones 2007" and continued to use that codename until a few months ago, when they stopped talking about the game completely.

Today was the first time they've mentioned it in a while and it was referred to as "the next Indiana Jones game."

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GameSpot gave it a glowing review in their E3 coverage.

A good game based on a "kids" license, I know, I'm shocked too.

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Considering all of the support Sega threw behind the original Xbox and all of the support they continue to give the 360 (Condemned, VF5 with online play, Chromehounds) I'd say you might to reconsider that.

Old Pete definitely called in a few favors with his old friends at Sega.

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But this is the announcement of the American/European release.

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I know lists like these are designed to incite discussions and arguments but, to paraphrase one of the great philosophers of our time, that was the suckiest list of suck that ever sucked.

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It amazes me that people care this much about an included movie when the *games* will be identical.

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What about #5? "Dead Rising 2 will be announced."

That sounds pretty positive for the 360 to me.

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While you're right, that is what the article is saying, I think people are reading the "PS3 will sell more than Xbox 360" prediction and getting confused.

With a $600 price tag (and no Halo 3-sized game on the horizon for 2007) I can't imagine why analysts think the PS3 is ready for that kind of sales in one year.

Now in 2008 when the PS3 (should) have FF13 and MGS4, then we can talk.

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Every Wii owner I know is an adult as well (myself included).

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You can file this under "Duh."

Of course the Wii will fly into first place very soon. Between the lower price point and the funky controls it will definitely be the choice for 2007.

And then when Smash Bros and Mario Galaxy come out, oh boy.

Until then, I'm loving Excite Truck.

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