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Super Smash Bros Brawl sold 2.7 million copies in March. No PS3 game has ever sold that many in America and only three Xbox 360 games have (Halo 3, Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War).

To say that Wii sales are "weak" after a game becomes the fourth best-selling game of this generation is moronic.

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>>>>> "As soon as the PS3 passed the X360 in sales, it will become the lead format with developers. At that moment many multi-format games coming to X360 will be dumbed down ports." <<<<<

The problem is that such a day may never come. This is not an inevitable prediction and the sales numbers make it look very likely (some would say inevitably so) that the PS3 will NEVER pass the Xbox 360.

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Tales of Vesperia has only been announced for the Xbox 360. The Interview in Play said a PS3 port was "possible... someday" not "confirmed".

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Wow, so many fanboys in this thread.

Nowhere in that interview does it say anything about a timed exclusive or a Microsoft moneyhat. It says Tales of Vesperia was developed for the 360 first because it was ready first (which is true) and that a PS3 port is a possiblility, not a certainty.

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All claims from the industry about the number of pirated games is bullshit. Always has been always will be.

There are 20 million DS sysmtems in the wild in the US. If 90% of people pirate games that means 18 million people are pirates. That is bullshit.

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How can 3.25 million be a bad number? Are you saying the NPD is just lying about how many PS3 systems have been sold in the US?

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A more accurate list of exclusives for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii was posted to N4G when it was first published in November. It can be found here:

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I'm confused by what you mean by "last year's version." Are you referring to sports games only? Because a huge number of good non-sports titles can be purchased for the Xbox 360 for under $40. And when building a collection from scratch for public use, starting with "the classics" is the best way to go.

Here, look at the Platinum Hits line for the Xbox 360. 20 games, all under $30. You could build a nice base of a collection for under $600.

Think of it this way. Say I gave you $700 and told you to buy 20 different Xbox 360 games. Could you? Of course you could.

Now say I did the same thing with PS3 games. Can you do it? Nope.

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Of coruse it does, but this article is focusing on the three next-gen systems.

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I really hate analysts.

None of them seem to understand that Nintendo is working at capacity to make Wiis. You can't just "make more" and Nintendo is not losing any money. Because as we all know, the Wii and the DS print money.

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What are you babbling about? All I said was that a Guitar Hero-based game using the themes of Nintendo franchises would be awesome.

What does any of that have to do with your "preferred platform" or whether Activision had posted this news on their PR site (which always takes a day or so anyway).

You sound like a raving loon.

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I don't know how possible this would be on the Wii (probably not possible at all), but Nintendo should so do this with the Mario theme. It would kick ass.

In fact, I would buy Guitar Hero: Favorite Nintendo Franchises Edition in a heartbeat.

Activision, make it so!

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You mean except for the press release Activision put out and the two (and counting) Alternative Sources for this story?

Wait, I've got it, it's all lies by Bill Gates himself to make the Xbox 360 look better than the PS3.

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Can you provide a link showing NBA Ballers 3 was announced? Because I can't find anything.

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Maybe I'm being whooshed, but you do realize that Microsoft owns the rights to Halo right?

I never thought blatant fanboyism would get in the way of well known facts.

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I realize they are looking for a US partner, but without more content for multiple systems, what is this partner going to publish?

Square-Enix publishes almost everything they release in America themselves (Project Silpheed being a notable exception). The only way they can raise revenue if they already publish all of their content is to increase the amount of content. That's where a partner would come in.

Something else to think about, a partner would be helpful ...

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While Square-Enix didn't comment on FFXIII specificially, there's only two ways you can interpret "diversify our content in accordance with user preferences in each area."

1. More western-themed content (i.e. The Last Remnant)

2. Currently popular S-E franchises jumping to the 360 and Wii (i.e. Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Kingdom Hearts)

From the statements the company has made it's a reasonable assumption. And if it doesn't happen with FF...

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20 day (or less than 480 hours) until the Halo 3 doubters have been silenced.

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Little Big Planet is not a PSN game. According to Sony's press site, it is currently listed as Blu-Ray disc only. Who knows what's going to happen with any PSN plans for the game.

It'll probably just be a demo or another beta.

And I can play Tekken 5 on my PS2 right now.

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