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I think you're getting your terminology mixed up. Team Meat is "independent" in that they're not owned by any other company and can develop whatever they want. But they're not "indie," which implies not having a major publisher for your project.

As soon as they hooked up with MS, the "indie" label had to go away because they're not publishing it themselves. #4.1.4
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Top billing in what? SMB was the top billed game in the Game Feast. Are you talking about the Spotlight tab on XBL? If so, who cares, I'll bet most people turn that off anyway.

And Costume Quest was the first downloadable game from Double Fine. If all MS did was "promise" Team Meat the top spot as opposed to including that specific wording in a contract, then they were totally in the right as a new Double Fine game is a bigger deal than the then unproven prope... #3.1
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Me too. #2
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Bubbles my friend. Bobby Kotick can kiss my ass, Web of Shadows didn't suck. #3.1
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Hard Corps: Uprising looks epic. #4
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Sony confirms Fall 2011 release for Twisted Metal #17
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I chose the Xbox 360 over the PS3 and I think I made the right choice. But damn... I will forever be jealous of the fact that I can't play any of the Killzone or Uncharted games. #10
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Rise of the Triad did "Drug Mode" better. Wasn't 3D Realms supposed to be remaking it? Or did it fall into the same hole DNF lived in all these years? #35
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More action...
So is this the Aliens to Dead Space 1's Alien? #2
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Catwoman's costume is based on Adam Hughes' design, but her facial structure is definitely meant to resemble Angelina Jolie. #1.1.1
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Honestly, who gives a shit? Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is perfectly playable as a single-player experience (and is really quite good) and local co-op works fine. #2
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What a load of crap. The original PlayStation controller was an exact recreation of the Super NES controller because the PlayStation began life as an SNES add-on. The dual sticks of the DualShock were literally bolted onto the bottom of a controller not designed for them after analog control became the standard with the N64. #11.2
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The rampaging sheep men still have me asking WTF and I watched the trailer this morning. #7
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While there was 2-player co-op in DKC on the SNES, it was "tag team" style and only one person could play at a time. In DKCR, both players can play at the same time. #1.1
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While the idea of portable 3D gaming is impressive, I'm much more excited for the Wii-level graphics the 3DS will have. Something tells me when I eventually get a 3DS, the 3D slider is going to be permanently locked in the "Off" position. #2
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RE: PS3 has BETTER exclusives as of late.
True, but the numbers don't lie. So everyone disagreeing can, in the words of everyone's favorite cartoon robot, bite my shiny metal ass. #1.1.4
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The answer is that the PS3 doesn't have more exclusives
45 multiplatform games appeared on both systems in the first half of 2010.

PS3 had 12 games that didn't appear on the 360 list:

3D Dot Game Heroes
God of War III
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City
Heavy Rain
MLB 10: The Show
ModNation Racers
Star Ocean: The Last Hope International
Super Bike World Championships SBK
Trinity Universe
White Knight Chronicles <... #1.1.1
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Lots of developers say "We listened to the fans" when developing a sequel. Its no guarantee, but developers do read blogs and websites to find out what people liked and disliked about their games. #1.1
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You said it. Temple all the way! #1.1
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But Sony hasn't confirmed any of those games for E3 yet, well Killzone 3, sure. But the rest are unconfirmed FOR E3. And Infamous 2 is unconfirmed completely, though surely in the works. #3.1
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