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It's not Monster Hunter that's why!!!

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Soul Sacrifice
Disgaea Series
Monter Hunter Series
Assassin's Creed series
BlazBlue Series
All Atlus games
Lost Odyssey
etc, etc, etc, etc...

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Playground Games has a large number of Bizarre Creations developers.
Lucid Games is almost like a BC spiritual successor Studio.

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So is Etrian Odyssey IV and Soul Hackers!!!
I also can't wait to get my Project x Zone and SMT IV LEs

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"I couldn't get used to the stick layout after years on PS."
I own both systems and the main thing the PS3 controller has over the 360s is that it's AWESOME for fighting games. And for FPS's that control layout is universal(commands/input) almost FPS's follow it, All thanks to Bungie. The controls are almost the same, but with the Xbox just switched the left D-pad and Analog.

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MS was suppose to buy Sega, but B.Gates thought in the end it wasn't going to be profitable. Also MS helped with the Dreamcast's OS. MS and Sega was buddy buddy for awhile, that's why Xbox had alot of Sega ports/games.

A.D.H.D, I'm so off-topic.

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That'll only happen in a Fable.

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WTF... I didn't know she was a hermaphrodite!!!

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I you like Monster Hunter, you'll love Soul Sacrifice.

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May 3rd EU, April 30 US

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CD Projekt RED...I love you!!!

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Same here, It's great to be a patient gamer.

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I already per-ordered my copy from gamestop, going to finish paying it off today. I can't wait to pick this game up on Tuesday.

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Good, why shouldn't they have shipped it?

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I think Book of Memories is an awesome Vita game, but I also understand why SH fans won't like it. I've been on forums reading up on Downpour, from the opinions I gathered, It's not the best or the worst it's in the middle. SH fans say it had potential, but failed to meet expectations. If they made a sequel some of the problems would be fixed.

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Make it fell durable like the original 3DS; the XL looks and feels cheap!

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Flying Lotus is awesome, try Listen to Cosmogramma and Until the Quiet Comes. Afterwards, if you end up liking FL, give Gaslamp Killer a listening too also.

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"but in Infamous and GTA i really dont care that much about the story." ???
Why is that... both of those games are very story-driven.

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BB has the best story mode!!!

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I think everybody is forgetting that.

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