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What are you talking about? Theirs only one KH series and one FF series! The new FF looks awesome, stop whining.

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I thing you mean "The 80s were so good."

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This is a stupid article, from the get-go they said Verses/XV would be an Action-RPG like Kingdom Hearts. I you were following Verses/XV you should know this.
The gameplay looks awesome and the story seem to be interesting.

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Project x Zone is awesome and I'm looking forward to
Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem!!!

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And the good thing is 343i learned from their mistakes with Halo 4!

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What about Max Payne?

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Netflix to the Max!!!

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That's up to Take-Two, not him!

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Technically you can play it, you start up the app!!!

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This is good news, but ppl are still going to hate MS!!!

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I've also found it weird that Heros kill the most people!!!

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Not to mention this year alone Atlus made over 3 3DS exclusives; I can see them doing great stuff with Nintendo, maybe even with Namco-Bandai!!!

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MS has no interest in them, how did they even come to your mind? You should be thinking of Capcom or SE not buying Atlus!!!

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And the world's actually fulled stuff to do!!!

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Sony patented TLOU 2 and 3 already, and Naughty Dog loves making trilogies, so I can see sequels being made.

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I found Lords of Shadow boring!

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WTF... That's a deal breaker!!!

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Resistance: Fall of Man was a great PS3 launch title.

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FC3 and ACIII got boring after awhile, I returned them!

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I feel like all of Ubis games share the same art-style, Hub, interface and gameplay somewhat. If watchDogs is the Modern Assassin's Creed, does that make The Division?

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