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A great series, i hope Halo:Reach can live up to the hype its going to creat next year, new engine, more devs, upping the multiplayer.

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Win7 is awesome, and it comes with DirectX 11, its good for gamimg

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Ratchet and Clank is Sony's best series, i love R$C

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The only thing i find overpriced is the HDD, and there a software company first, hardware second. MS is trying to rebuild its brandname

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I second that

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MGS4 is a great game, whats wrong with it.

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That's true, and FF13 runs on the Crystal Tools engine,someth for both consoles and pc

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Day one purchase

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All of the 360 games next year look awesome

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I like L4D series,Blue Dragon,Lost Odyssey, Halo series, Gear of War series, Demon's Souls, Fallout3, Mass effect series,LBP,Crackdown series, All RPGS, Assassins Creed series, All of the Kingdom Hearts series,the Forza and GT series,the 360 naruto games,Ratchet and Clank series, and the Fable series.

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Yes FM3 is awesome, but GT5 is being to be better in every way.
Good thing i can buy both.

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Waiting for AciT, GT5, WKC, FF13,Modnation,The Last Guardian, and Heavy Rain. i played my 360 all this year, till i got DS played it two weeks straight fun as hell. KZ2 was good for a few months, then started playing Halo again, Infamous was the same way, you were doing the same thing over and over is i quit. Yes i know, i have a funny taste for games.

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Its good to be me, i own all the console, and yes some of the list is good 3 or 4 of the games

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for some reason, Ubi always stands behind the MS brand.

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Damn you guys are lucky to have both Demon's souls and Borderlands.
I'll buy Borderland for my 360 when i have the money. Played DS 2 weeks straight.

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Buying me a new 360 next year, along with this

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Half of Ps3 exclusive are just boring Infamous,KZ2,R1,and R2. Not buying GoW3 till its $30 or less, best game for Ps3 next year is GT5 and that's a first day purchase.

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If GT5 doesn't, i went one of those three or FF13 to win

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I hope GT5 wins, i hate GoW

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i love .Hack games

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