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"Alan Wake" Sold over 3 million copies and Heavy Rain probably sold over 4 million at this point!!! Both games are awesome, so are the developers.

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It's pretty sad that I own must of them games! lol

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In Elder Scrolls you spend alot of time doing nothing.

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Time for MS it offer them jobs!

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You have to somewhat admire MS for continuously trying!

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LO2 and the revival of Cry On for X1, plz!!!

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Ubi did make some new IPs.

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The fact you can't fail QTE is the biggest problem to me. I like the graphics and gameplay, but hate the fact it's holding your hand to much.
Till the game goes gold, Crytek can still fix/ fine tune the QTEs.

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More like CoD: All Dogs go to Heaven!

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Just because it's going to outsell Battlefield doesn't make Fish(CoD)the better game. And the comments are making fun of the feature because it's suppose to be "new"... New to Fish yes, but new to the FPS genre no.

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I don't find Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and FFX/X-2 not being released on 360 weird. Both were coded for the PS2.
Some ppl will say like at the Silent Hill and ZoE HD collections, they were able to make 360 ports, true; But you can't say those Collections were really good(The SH collection problems weren't even patched on the 360 also).

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I F'ing love my Dreamcast!

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WTF... That's a deal breaker, I was really hyped for this game :(

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I'm getting both because I'm a gamer/collector.
Both systems also have game I want, plus the DRM really doesn't affect me at all.

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"He should seriously consider moving on to bigger and better things."
Ted Price is president and CEO of IG, he makes alot of the major decisions, nobody is making him do anything.

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Dude that sounds so F'ing AWESOME!!!

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Must of them are timed exclusives!!!

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Even with the DRM in place, developers don't have to use it. MS profits mostly from the DRM if it's a first-party game.

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It need more blood and a darker tone/atmosphere, other than that it looks great.

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LMFAO... Now they're singing a different tone!
Weren't Publishers talking about used games being bad before?

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