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When they started the Slogon "For the Players" it hit home and has always been the place for gamers to join together and play games.

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I hope it's The Legend of Dragoon.

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So, what about the trophy that required the camera?

Edit: I read the description and it clearly says you don't have to worry about that trophy.

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Did you pay taxes?

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It will be DLC.

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I love sales like this. I just wish it was on Digital titles.

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Disc is 44GB. I might get the digital and save a few gigs.

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I think it depends. Is this girl wearing those same three dress everyday or just on the same specific days we go out?

One stress for New Years, the second dress for going out to dinner on Friday night and the other for when we go out for holidays with her family.

I dated a girl that wore the same dress to church every Sunday.

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You missed Gravity Rush 2, The last Guardian and Ratchet and Clank.

I do agree with Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon.

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I enjoyed black and wanted a second since they released the PS3 and 360.

Excited to see this come as a re-release. But I would love to see a remake or a part two with updated everything for PS4 and Xbox one.

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Where is the challenge or speculation in him tell us.

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IGN has given it a temporary 8.8. Final review isn't up yet.

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Here is the tweet from the dark cloud leak.

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Am I the only one that gets a Heavy Rain vibe from this?

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Its always equal or lesser value that is free.

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I bought it used a few days ago. After a few hours I returned it and purchased a new copy.

Well worth the trip for me.

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He means that even of he spends 200 dollars in the store, he would only get 15 dollars because the money given back doesn't stack.

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Both would be better for the PS4. Many will buy both and others will be one or the other.

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The Max Payne movie harmed the video game Franchise. I heard a lot of people saying they didn't purchase Max Payne because of the movie.

I'm just hoping for the best and Naughty Dog is involved with the direction of the movie.

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Golden abyss would work on the PS4. So I'm Down with that included.

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