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"ignored by 4."


The Max Payne movie harmed the video game Franchise. I heard a lot of people saying they didn't purchase Max Payne because of the movie.

I'm just hoping for the best and Naughty Dog is involved with the direction of the movie. #2.1.1
Golden abyss would work on the PS4. So I'm Down with that included. #3.1
Bungee and insomniac being on all consoles = Awesome. #2.1
I downloaded the PS3 demo, never bothered with the Vita' demo version. I ended up buying the Vita version of the game after they fixed the price. #4.1.1
Tarsier Studios is working on a game called Hunger (Working title) for PS4. They might be a E3 in some shape or form. #1.1.3
I'm going to double dip on Toukidon. I rather have it on my memory card then have to switch Vita cards.

Rainbow moon is on my radar as well. #4
Thanks, but it was a bit childish on my part. I could have just added a report and it would have been fixed.

You take little things like that as a learning experience for the real world.

OT: I happy for Toukidon. I bought the first one, but I'm going to hold off from playing it until I hear if the remake is coming to the west. #5.2
"Toukiden has shipped 550,000 copies worldwide as of March 31st, 2015."

2015? Now that is looking into the future. But why so long? #1
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An insider would have leaked that. #9.1
I thought watch Dogs was going to be the first on PS4?

Never mind, they never announced it or any titles as of yet. #13.1
Yes, couldn't get on the site for a couple hours.

OT: I really need to play this. Downloaded it at release, but ended up playing NFS. #1.1
Kinect will be sold for 150, to make up any loss from the console sales. I'm all in for a Xbox One now. #4
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Are they going to air this one on Spike or on stream it on the web? #29
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I think I read from the many viewers on here that they hired someone from the Fallout New Vegas game. I don't know if it was a writer or something, but I'm sure whoever that person was, they would help get an RPG running with something solid.

Edit: NewMonday knows. #1.1.2
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Once you drop 60 dollars on PS2, you will get a good share of more content then what PS2 launched with.

Edit: This was meant for bitbyDeath. #2.2
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I won't be surprised if its cheaper on the other consoles. It doesn't matter to me either; for 30 dollars, 3 copies, 10 dollars a piece. Or 15 a piece if you own 2 of the 3 Sony consoles. #2
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There are 12 new IPs coming from Sony. How many are retail and Digital is up in the air. I'm excited for E3; can't wait to see all the new games from the big 3, Ubisoft, EA and maybe Activision. #4.1
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Sad if it is a gamestop exclusive. But beggars can't be choosers. #1.1
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One of the best experiences of March. #1.1.1
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Microsoft does have more first party studios, but how many of them made games? Oppose to Sony's first party studios, where I can name 2 or more games made by them since they came about. #1.1.1
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