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Smart move to preorder both and make a decision later if you can't get them both at the same time.

Edit. Was suppose to be a reply to DevilishSix above me... #10
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Powerful is correct indeed considering that remote play is a hardware "thing". It has never crossed my mind to get a Vita but I'm glad my son has one. Can't wait to try out remote play for myself. #1.1
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It's hard to tell if theWB27 works for Youtube or Microsoft lol.

You keep some links under your belt.

On topic, it's probably something simple. The seems to have respect for the franchise. It obviously is something though because the MS Rep said they are aware of it. I hope MS responds and say what it is/was... #2.5
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I seriously doubt that it was running on Xbox One hardware. Hell it may not have been running on PS4 hardware for all we know. If it was X1 (which I stated that I doubt) it would be the first 3rd party non exclusive software shown on the X1.

I guarantee that both version were from the same source just at two different booths. Could be wrong but I'm sticking with this until I hear otherwise from a credible source.

I think it would be hilarious if people a... #2.2.7
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I skipped out on the first one. May pick this one up down the road for PS4. #2
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@Abizzle, I agree somewhat.

This would all be irrelevant if Killzone would have just built on all it's iterations. If Killzone Shadow Fall was a combinations of all the best things from Killzone 2 & 3 I believe it would be the best shooter released for some time.

Can you imagine Killzone SF if Guerrilla would have expanded on the exosuits and jetpacks from KZ 3 with KZ2 gameplay? At 60FPS just like TitanFall, with better graphics and in my opinion gam... #1.2.6
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This is pretty cool. I'm still not getting the camera at launch (I'd rather use that money to add another game).

There still isn't that killer must have app for the camera yet in my opinion. When I do grab a camera later I'd love to try this out. #2
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@Stuntz, has Assassins Creed or any third party software for that fact even been shown on Xbox One?

Can't break in public if no one has faith in showing it lol. #7.1.3
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Could be like Drive Club where you can purchase the whole game. I was saying to myself that the game looks awesome but it's really not my type of game. Now I get to try it for free. You can't beat that. #1.2.2
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You can't see? Or is the resolution too high for you and the FPS to much? #3.3
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You got to be kidding lol. First of all Ryse can't even hit 1080p. Second Ryse can't even stay at a consistent 30fps let alone the 60 KZ has.

Ryse is the best looking X1 title just beating out Forza but it's not the best looking next gen title by a long shot.

On topic, I can't wait to get a hold of this game. The preorders are looking good and free dlc should ensure longevity... #4.2.3
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LOL. You mean VHS?

*Damn I'm old* #3.1.1
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@CasualGamer, it's exclusive for Xbox One because it started out as an Only for Kinect title for the 360.

I'm guessing that didn't pan out so this game was pushed back for the X1 release. Funny they never mention Kinect now when talking about this title when it was the main focus. #1.1.7
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Oh I agree. After going back and watching the video again you're right. The guys playing as if it's the first time he's ever played a game period. My 4 year old daughter could have very well done the same thing.

Still doesn't change the fact that the multiplayer looks lackluster to me. At least compared to the single player and other games. That's the problem with this game in my opinion. Without the QTE executions the game looks like a sword flailing head... #1.1.2
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Bubble just for mentioning Streets of Rage. :-) #4.1
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Yeah I agree the dude seems to suck at the game but to be honest, all Ryse multiplayer gameplay shown so far has been an awkward button mashing mess. The very first trailers showcasing the multiplayer included. The single player seems to be better as far as gameplay. #1.2.1
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I'm pretty sure we will be seeing more monsters, weapons, and locales the only question is when. The game looks very early and yet still appealing. It's going to be fun to keep an eye on it as it progresses. #1.1
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The guy playing actually starts looking away while playing just swinging his sword wildly at the end. He didn't even have to look at the screen just button mashing away lol. Then he starts looking at his watch as if he's being forced to play it. WTF?

Either he was getting bored or he just sucks at the game... #1.1
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Millions more people think GT is "actually" fun to play also... I remember playing the first Gran Turismo with a buddy split screen for hours and hours (yeah that was before online, showing my age)

Nissan Skyline vs Mitsubishi GTO on High Speed Ring until the sun came up. lol #2.3
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"All I'm asking is for someone to show the X1, any evidence, dragging down development. Not opinions...actual evidence."

I'd love to be able to provide that evidence but unfortunately no one will show footage of a game running on X1 for us to make a comparison. You don't think that's strange at all? Anyone can "say" both versions will look the same but proving it is another thing.

"DICE has been stating from the begi... #2.1.10
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