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I agree with Majin. There has been 3rd party gameplay footage for AC4, Watchdogs, and Battlefield 4 running on PS4... No such footage exist of 3rd party (non exclusive) software on the X1. Not even TitanFall... I'd bet if TitanFall was on both platforms they would probably have shown that too on the PS4 lol.

I hope if there is problems getting X1 versions of games up to speed it doesn't affect the PS4.

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I'm glad to hear that too even though I didn't have much doubt.

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Stereotype much?

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@Funantic1... I would love to meet these people with these freakishly large hands.

I'm 6'4 and been able to palm a basketball since junior high school. So my hand are not small at all... lol.

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@Bitby, We might have to see if we can get Capcom can throw in a couple of "execution" animations to spice it up a little bit. ;-)

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I guess it needs less resolution and FPS and more QTE's huh? Then it would be perfect right? lol

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Running live on PS4 hardware. This isn't even my type of game but it's got me stoked.

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I agree about the monsters AI and repetitiveness. I think I read somewhere that they were only showcasing one monster at TGS but there were going to be plenty more.

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The live gameplay stage demonstration was awesome. Fighting the dragon and freezing time (I guess that is what happened) was crazy. Now I'm officially on the hype train.

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You must love Ninja Warrior and Cops...

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Nice list.

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Nice report. Very detailed even down to the button layout and controls...

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I disagree with you but hit the agree button :-P

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I guess you prefer 900p lol

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That's what I'm screaming. Almost had me believing it...

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It's not ready yet? So the PC version is coming out before the Xbox One and 360? -_-

I'm probably wrong but the way MS and Respawn have been marketing this game you would think the Xbox One was the lead platform or something.

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Battlefield 4 has been shown on PS4 (at Gamescon). I'm thinking TitanFall is suppose to be "the" exclusive. Why hasn't MS demanded they show the definitive version of the game? (not my words but MS said Xbox One is going to have the best version of TitianFall)

Now I'm wondering if it's even going to be 1080p and 60fps...

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I was leaning toward Killzone and have it pre-ordered but I think I'm going to have to agree with you on this one. Battlefield is on another level indeed.

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I know right. I'm more of a Flounder person myself.

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This along with Killzone is going to make me a happy camper :-)

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