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Lol. That was funny and eye opening. No one really cares at this point but us. #8
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@ Logic, Agreed. (I know you're running out of bubbles, wish we can keep the discussion going.)

Let just say that MS would have not required Kinect 2.0 to be used with X1. Do you think that gamers would buy the new camera on a 1:1 basis if it was optional? Especially after the bad taste still left from the heap of shovel ware from the original Kinect? #5.1.7
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"They did it because none of the launch titles require the camera(something that will change next year starting with Media Molecule's PS4 project)."

Honestly how many of the Xbox One launch titles "require" the camera? (I honestly don't know but I"m sure not many) Sony is basically saying if you don't want a camera you don't have to get one. Your system will still work.

Most people who purchase a Xbox One really don&#... #5.1.2
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" melts into your hands like ice cream into the grooves of warm Belgian waffles."

I don't know if that made me horny or hungry... #5
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It's a shame people don't realize that KZ3 already had mech's and jetpacks (in single and multiplayer). What we have seen from E3 is a just a taste of one level from the single player campaign.

To call it just a run around and shoot game already is a little premature. I'm sure Guerrilla Games has something up their sleeves. #3.2.2
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I wish Sony would go ahead and give us a release date. That is going to determine whether I get this for PC or PS4. #2
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So what are you suppose to do besides run around and shoot people? Fly around and slap people? #3.2
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Yeah you're right. I got excited for nothing...

Still looks good though. #1.1
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Honestly remote play is not enough for most people. I'd only consider it if it came in a bundle. I'm just not in to mobile gaming and when there is time normally your cell phone will suffice. My son got a Vita last christmas and he loves it. I will definitely try it out just to see how it works. #1.3
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Wow I'm guessing nobody was feeling the other shooters lol. My reasoning I guess is different than others. I can only go on the trailers for what I saw. I wasn't at E3. I'm more of a team base shooter person so that's why I have been leaning toward the other choices.

I thought I was doing a good job of not taking anything away from Titianfall because it does look awesome. But the E3 gameplay demo really didn't have any team based elements in it at all. Esp... #4.1
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Dammit! Somebody send me a life! #1
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@Mr_Nuts I'm kinda with you on this one. I'm just saying last year they picked a good one. This year it could be the same, I don't know. Personally I'm going to give Titianfall a try a little later down the line. I'm just not biting the hype yet myself. Killzone did multiplayer mechs and jetpacks and they were also done way before that. So it's nothing new.

Seems like a great game but of course best in show is debatable unfortunately I wasn't there. #1.1.4
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Last year the Last of Us pretty much took home all the awards. Look how that turned out... #1.1.2
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I really didn't see what was so special. I personally thought Destiny looked better. Unfortunately they are both going to have to take a backseat to Killzone and Battlefield 4 initially :-(

Hopefully I will be on board with Titianfall and Destiny (really more so Destiny) in the near future though... #4
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I see what you mean but that sucks. I know if you break something it doesn't get replaced but I was wondering if it's not offered up at retail. It would be hell to break the camera and have to get a new systems. That's a little extreme. I see them selling the camera separately because something like that is bound to happen. #9.1.1
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How dare you Reggie. I'm no WiiU hater by a long shot but don't you dare compare it to the PS2... Blasphemy. #8
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My daughter knocked her brother's original Kinect in the floor but luckily it didn't break. If something similar happens with the X1 I would like to know what to do about it (beside tell my lil girl to sit the hell down somewhere). If the device is not sold separately and it's broken accidentally will they replace it?

I'm thinking they will sell them separately and charge you an arm and a leg like all their other proprietary peripherals. #9
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1. Excluding or tending to exclude: .
2. Not allowing something else; incompatible:
3. Not divided or shared with others <--------

The key is NUMBER 3. (I really don't care either way just thought I"d put the definition out there)

Off topic a little... Speaking of Titanfall, I'm kind of getting the impression that Microsoft is forcing this title on people. I mean it looks good and all but MS tends to... #1.5
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I'm interested to see/hear Microsofts response to this...

Probably would be something like "Have you seen Titianfall?" #1.3
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To me I'm thinking between the division and Infamous Second Son. I may also be partial to open world style games but I thought MGS looked better than Ryse. The gameplay and the slow motion camera killed Ryse for me. #4.1.1
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