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More features. Like what exactly? Like easier ways to hack your account, or having to download software updates every other day?

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And yet they still have more money to spend than your beloved SONY. Nice try though, better luck next time bud.

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If true? Lol dude u are beyond pathetic. Guess good news are only true when it's about SONY.

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But they are doomed. Thats what everyone has being saying since 1983.

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Overpricing? haha ps3 at $599 comes to mind.

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But but but Nintendo is doomed...since 1983

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LOL gamers who feel the need to only play games with blood, gore and guns to call themselves hardcore gamers are pathetic. I'm 26 years old, and to this day I still play Nintendo games, and will probably play their games till the day I die. Nintendo games are meant for everyone, at any age, well, unless you are one of those gamers who are too desperate to look cool and mature in front of your friends so you can fit in. You are still 18, and probably has to deal with peer pressure still, b...

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One of my heroes.

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Their E3 definitely changed a lot of people's mind. Everyone I know now has a WiiU or wants one. And some of them thought the WiiU was a huge joke. That's why u should not judge it until u try it.

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And yet, they still have more money than SONY.

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Nintendo is doomed, oh wait.

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As a owner of ps2, ps3, ps4, ps vita , WiiU and 3ds I'm quite aware of what each system has to offer, thank you very much.

If you are the type of person who thinks just because u hit a certain age, Nintendo games all of the sudden are too childish for you, than I feel sorry for you and your friends.

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Translation please.

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Probably because everyone you know that are gamers feel the need to play games that involves blood and gore so they can call themselves 'hardcore gamers'. Open your mind a little bit and try to enjoy something else besides shooting each other, and yelling profanity over the mic.

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The same way people play the same Halo/Call of Duty/FIFA/Battlefield games over and over again and never get tire of it. At least you get great gameplay and tons of fun from Nintendo games.

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Aw another Nintendo hater on N4G?

Somebody had a shitty childhood.

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Nintendo makes games for all ages. People who don't feel like they have to play only shooters, or games filled with gore and blood so they can call themselves "hardcore gamers". People play Nintendo games because they're freaking fun. Seriously: Super Mario Galaxy? I just booted it up for the first time in three years to finally get the last of those 120 stars (and, I found out, so that I could restart the game as Luigi.) Nintendo's a freaking master of making simple, fu...

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Well, good thing Nintendo doesn't listen to idiotic comments like yours.

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Nintendo has always made quality games. While everyone lese is bitching and whining about who has the best graphics and the most powerful console, Nintendo is just there making quality games with great gameplay.

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The Gamepad would be perfect for Minecraft.

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