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Some indie developers do, in fact, still release games on retro consoles, albeit sparingly and with tiny production runs. Check out Nightmare Busters!

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Same! I'd be worried that Atlus is still a little too niche to get an announcement on stage at a press conference, but it'd be a nice to see an unveiling. Especially since I'll be going this year.

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That being said, various questions remain unanswered. Console availability? Same character engine as Catherine? Thematic changes? Only time will tell, and it's looking like the wait's gonna be a bit longer, unless we get an out of the blue announcement this year, which could happen.

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While I don't want to deny that many people get innate joy from competitive gaming, I agree that for me at least competition ruins a good time. It's like the saying "golf ruins a good walk." By only playing super smash bros on final destination with no items, for example, you lose a lot of the fun that comes from random, interesting matches. Similarly, competitive pokemon takes a lot of fun out of the series for me. Ultimately it all comes down to a set of numbers and values...

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It's like Sony just wants to say "FPS's on Vita? We got that." without actually trying to promote quality from 3rd parties. Really a shame considering how cool some of these "console quality" offerings could have been. I'm sure with time developers will find more fitting games to make for the system. Oh well, back to P4 Golden I go... (god, it is so good...)

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Man, if that's the UK box art we american's got the short stick, it's really quite cool.

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I think the hate is often misunderstood disappointment. The Vita is wonderful, and I continue to recommend it to everyone I know. Most people with Vita's like their Vitas (myself 100% included). But it's not yet what it can be, and there's little sign right now that things are changing for the better.

Considering how much it costs and how little third party support it's proving to receive, I think every Vita owner has a right to hope for conditions to get bett...

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And interestingly, the same happened to the PS3 (launched at too high a price with no definitive games). Sony is not beyond triumphant turn-arounds and I don't think they're just going to let the Vita sink in the long run. Time will tell, I suppose.

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Writer here. I appreciate the feedback, I'm fairly new to the writing world and I can tell that it may be in my best interest to find if the topics I choose are already being widely discussed before I go ahead and write them myself. Especially if it causes this much ire.

Truthfully, I love the Vita. It's a system I play almost daily at this point and I only wish to see it successful. That is why I wrote this post. As I neither run the site its written on nor do I get ...

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Sad to not see Valkyria Chronicles here :(

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