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What song is that in the trailer? I feel like I recognize it but I can't put my finger on it.

EDIT: I figured it out, it's "Party til You Puke" by Andrew W.K.

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Wow. This is huge, the last officially released number was about 70 million just after Thanksgiving, and 6 months later they're at 79 million.

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"If I can grab a log and swing it in a story scene, why can't I do it in-game? It's one of those stupid things in video games, that's why."

Ridiculous. No, you can't grab a log and swing it in-game because the complexity of developing a world where everything is grabbable/useable/destructible would be insane, and infeasible. They could put context-sensitive situations in the game where you can do that in a specific part of the game, and things li...

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On the optimistic side, if Sony hears enough complaints about the text size, they should easily be able to put out an update to allow for the adjustment of the text size.

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Wow, only a matter of time before the PS4 surpasses the PS3 at this point. Not that the numbers are really all that accurate, but I think it might illustrate at least a close approximation of what the sales really are, but VGChartz has it 9 million short of PS3 (and 8 million short of 360) at the moment. The last officially released numbers that I can find from Sony were right after Thanksgiving 2017 when they announced that PS4 had surpassed 70 million units. And official numbers for PS3 ...

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@fenome: This game is fantastic! I totally hear you about FFXIII, but this game is one of the best Final Fantasies ever in my opinion. I honestly don't know if I'm a minority opinion on that or not, but I started the game when it just came out on Windows recently and I'm still playing it, many hours into it, and I'm loving it. It has a lot of cool nostalgia touches for fans of the series, mostly things like comments characters make, little art design decisions here and ther...

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I've already bought it on PS4 and Switch. I may have to get it for PC as well. But I'll wait for a big sale this time, since I'm still playing it on Switch (it's my go-to handheld game at the moment).

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Still my favorite game of all time. I'm sad to see the servers go down.

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Please no.

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Hell yeah, I'll be buying Dark Souls Remastered for Switch (because I would LOVE to be able to take this game on the go with me, portable!) AND for either PS4 or PC (because I want the Dark Souls 3 engine version of the game... not sure if it's coming to PC, so if it doesn't, then PS4 is fine by me).

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I agree. It's my personal favorite game of the year.

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I buy way too many games, and therefore I usually already have the higher profile games that they give away for PS+. But this time, I had procrastinated on buying both of these and therefore I'm super excited to get the PS+ games this month! Awesome!

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Damn, this is gonna be awesome! Now I'm glad I didn't buy Street Fighter II for the Switch, but I'll definitely be buying this one!

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@Sm00thNinja I'd give my playstation game of the year to Nioh, personally :) I put like 600 hours into that damn game haha.

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Cool. I got the platinum on PS4, it was pretty tough, but loads of fun. I will someday buy this again on PC probably, just a good excuse to start it from the beginning. I hope it'll run on my laptop, which runs a GTX 970m, which is... similar to the minimum required GTX 780, but I think it's considered *slightly* weaker, so I hope it runs!

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Wow, this looks gorgeous on PS4, I will have to play that version the next time I decide to play through this game (it'll be like the 4th time I've played through it whenever that happens!) Brilliant game, and making it look gorgeous and in HD for modern machines is freaking awesome.

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Do I need to play the original or the other one to get the most out of this? I assume so, since it's a sequel, but I just wanted to be sure.

I've actually got both games, the original Wii game and the Wii U "sequel" / "spiritual successor" whatever it is, but I haven't even gotten around to either one yet! But I like to play my Switch on the go a lot, so I'm always looking for new Switch games, therefore I'm going to want to play thi...

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Looks really great!

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The title says 60% have beaten it, then the description for the article says 30% finished? That doesn't seem to make sense.

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