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"Games are good"


Even if that's true, who cares if one weapon is not fun or good? Every shooter I've ever played has weapons in it that I just simply don't want to use because I have better options that are either more effective or more fun. Not every weapon has to be the best weapon in the game (or could be). #5.2.1
Yeah, I really don't understand what Microsoft is going for with this purchase. No clue how they expect to make back this money. #3.1
Yes, but Nintendo has Zelda and Smash Bros, which are as big or bigger than anything included on your list (on a level with Halo in sales). Plus they've got probably an equal number of games that are coming out (Hyrule Warriors, Splatoon, Mario Maker, Captain Toad, Yoshi's Woolly World, Xenoblade, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Mario Party, Mario vs Donkey Kong, and some others). So really, the lists are similar enough in size and in terms of popular major system-seller type releases... #20.1
Quote from Anthony Burch's twitter:
An entire "movement" pretends it's interested in investigating all forms of "ethics," then pretends "oh you just weren't on our radar Ant"
12:51 AM - 4 Sep 2014

OK, so bare with me here while I bring up another sensitive subject. I'd bet money that this guy was among the many who felt the NFL didn't do enough to punish Ray Rice. Remember all of the backlash and anger that s... #1.2
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The narrative keeps coming back to the unimportant parts so we're distracted from the important parts. We keep hearing about how Nathan Grayson only wrote one article about Quinn and it was before they had slept together, and therefore there was no wrong-doing. What about Nathan Grayson's affiliation with Robin Arnott and the president of GaymerX, and then writing about them in positive ways without disclosing his personal relationships?

Why are they ignoring the mo... #1.4
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Thanks Beetey. This article is BS. Nothing like a games journalist sending out a harsh criticism of the CRITICS OF GAMES JOURNALISM. This has the journalistic integrity of a political attack ad. #1.1
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When does this come out?

Disgaea D2: March 2013 in JP, October 2013 in NA (7 months)
Disgaea 4: February 2011 in JP, September 2011 in NA (7 months)
Disgaea 3: January 2008 in JP, August 2008 in NA (7 months)

So 7 months is typical. I guess we can expect a similar timeframe for this one? #1.4
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Just 5 off the top of my head:

Samus (Metroid)
Jodie (Beyond: Two Souls)
Ellie (The Last of Us)
Elena (Uncharted)
Aurora (Child of Light)

These characters exist, and represent females positively.

There are also plenty of idiot, meathead, moron males who run around with their shirts off and their muscles bulging in videogames.

I think the honest vast majority of videogames don't even really... #1.11
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Exactly! This guy gets it... For instance, I really liked the Road Not Taken from PS+ last month, but I would have NEVER played it if not for the PS+ freebie. #18.1
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I dunno man, I've always wanted to play PS All-Stars, but never bothered. I saw it for like 10 dollars once, but wasn't sure if I would like it enough to justify paying for it. Getting it free is my perfect chance to finally try a game I've had my doubts on but always wanted to give a try! Velocity 2x looks flipping *phenomenal* as well (the original was brilliant). #1.5
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@XBLSkull, remote play doesn't suck, it depends on the game. I've been playing tons of Diablo 3 remote play. I re-arranged the buttons so my R2 is now the armor ability and the secondary attack is O (so I basically switched O and R2 from the default), because I almost never have to use the armor button and I use the secondary attack button all the time. After making that change, playing Diablo 3 on the Vita controls very smoothly. #1.1.7
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"The Xbox One and PS4 have been out on the market for around nine and ten months, respectively"

Weird thing to start an article with... They have been out for a difference of one week! The XBO was out one week later than PS4 in NA, but it was out one week before the PS4 in EU. So... They've essentially been out the same amount of times, for all intents and purposes, not sure why a writer would even bother to try and describe them as having been out for differe... #1.6
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They aren't saying it's objectively easier to develop Xbox One vs PS4. They are saying it's simpler for them, because of their experience. This is a developer that has never worked with a PlayStation console before, but they have worked on Microsoft machines for their entire existence. The APIs are familiar to them for Xbox One, while they are new and alien to them on PS4. That doesn't mean the PS4 is tougher, it means it's less familiar for them, so their is a learnin... #1.9.1
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Thanks @Dee_91. What a pathetic "article". Really, it's a blog, at best. It's just some guy spouting off as much negativity about Sony as he can in 3 paragraphs while keeping it focused on apparently the one game upcoming that he seems to think has no positive gameplay aspects. I just don't understand all the hate for the gameplay in this title. It looks really awesome, to me. I *LIKE* cinematic games. Some of my favorite parts of Uncharted 2 (and the media in gen... #1.1.11
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They just create some comic relief characters: two Robins (the birds) each named William, and they parrot each other and berate each other for comic effect while giving you useful information. William and William: the robin Williams. OK, ok, so it's super corny. But, then you remember that Nintendo put that weird Tingle guy in Zelda before and anything can happen! Also, at least it's somewhat subtle too because you have to actually notice it, it's not in your face. #1.3
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Watching this person play the game is infuriating haha. They are awful at it! I just want to rip the controller from him and show him how it's done. #1.6
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Sony didn't even announce Silent Hills. They announced a "now available" interactive teaser, which in turn announced the game, and nothing about exclusivity was ever said.

Hellblade was also not announced as exclusive. They did announce a bunch of games at the beginning of their conference, and at the end of that segment (during which they showed Hellblade) "The Tomorrow Children and Rime are full-exclusive, PlayStation Owned IPs, and all the rest of what... #6.6
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Just curious, what do you mean by "a vocal minority?" If you mean "Playstation & PC fan bases"... Wouldn't that be a majority? Those audiences are bigger than the Xbox fanbase. #6.3.1
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"Crystal has been investing in that game and Square has as well, in Tomb Raider as a franchise, and wanting to put it at the highest level, with the big triple-A franchises out there, but that's expensive."

Here's what I'm getting out of Spencer's long-winded explanation (don't take that wrong, I'm glad he gave so much about how this happened): Tomb Raider (reboot) was extremely expensive to produce to get it to "AAA caliber". The... #1.5
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Finally got around to playing some Fez this weekend, after wanting to try it for years. It's... hmm... I dunno.

First, I found Fish (in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie) to be a very sympathetic guy with some demons and a lot of pressure surrounding what he's trying to do. So I tend to give him a bit of a free pass. The public spotlight isn't always for everyone, I know that. I don't think it's for him, that's for sure.

Bu... #1.5
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