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"Games are good"


Damn! I forgot how long that Hades battle was. Haven't played this game in years... I remember that battle being very difficult on the hardest difficulty. I almost gave up at one point. I think when I play the remastered game I'll skip the highest difficulty and not try for another platinum, haha. That game was freaking hard. #1.10
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I have had no confidence in Famitsu reviews since they gave Demon's Souls 29/40 (6/7/7/9) and Quantum Theory 31/40 (8/8/8/7). What a joke. #11
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Huh. Wasn't expecting a sidescroller, but it looks really awesome. Love the art style and the graphics, the gameplay looks really visceral and the platforming looks like it could actually be pretty good. It kind of reminds me of God of War in 2 dimensional gameplay. Interesting. Is this going to be a downloadable game (meaning, not released at retail stores)? #1.9
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The other two That Game Company games (Flow and Flower) were already "remastered" on PS4 and given away for FREE to anyone who already owned the PS3 versions. Journey is supposed to be the same deal. So this release is in no way indicative of greed or trying to sell us games we already bought. #10.1
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The other two PS3 games from That Game Company were already released for PS4, and given away for free to anyone who owned the PS3 versions. I imagine this game will also be free to owners of the PS3 versions. It's *fantastic* that they've done this. Flower on PS4 is absolutely GORGEOUS. One of the prettiest games of all time. And I didn't have to pay a penny for it, because I already owned it on PS3 :) Nothing to complain about with these "remasters". #2.5
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@Jubez: He isn't blindly & fanboyishly defending BB, he was responding to someone who totally unnecessarily brought Bloodborne into the conversation, therefore his opinion on the matter is fair game.

And you talk about how "awful framerates" made you refuse to get Bloodborne? How do you know how awful the framerate is if you didn't get it?

I put 100 hours into the game and got the platinum trophy on it yesterday, and I didn't notice... #1.3.6
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Funny how you say Bloodborne "gets docked None", when it didn't receive a perfect 10. I've give Bloodborne a perfect 10, personally. The game is absolutely sublime. It is the best representation yet of the Symphony of the Night style of game in a 3D presentation (by far, I might add). They docked .9 points on Bloodborne, not "None", and it was pretty much entirely because of the framerate & long load times. #1.8
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I disagree with your first two points. It is incredibly easy to stock up on blood vials and insight (once you unlock the chalice dungeons, which you can do very early in the game, only needing to beat two bosses to get it). You can always go get a couple insight by creating a low level chalice dungeon and finding the first layer boss. Takes just a few minutes. Done it so often I have a stockpile of knowledge and wisdom consumables if ever want to gain some insight in a hurry. #8.1
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Getting a secondhand PS3 and a few games will cost about the same as a year of subscription to this service, during which you could probably play up all 100+ games, so for the same price, you'll get quite a bit more gameplay. I do understand the difference between owning and renting, of course, but for convenience you really aren't getting a bad deal. If you just wanted to play the Uncharted series, for instance, you could easily spend 20 bucks and play through all 3 games in a sing... #11.3
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Father G is a classic boss, very well designed. Great job on him.

That damn watch dog in the defiled chalice on the other hand... that thing can go to hell! I may never get that last trophy for the platinum because of this damn dog... #1.3
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For me it's pretty safe bet that it will end up being my favorite game of 2015... Because it's my favorite game since Demon's Souls! Nothing since Demon's Souls, not even either of the Dark Souls games, has been this good to me. It might even be better than Demon's Souls, but my nostalgia and the fact that it was the original wouldn't let me say that definitively.

But nothing else outside of the Souls series and this has come even close to defining... #18.5
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From the article: "Bloodborne is easier than the previous games and lacks the same sense of wonder, exploration, mystery, and progression." I disagree with that completely. It's just as difficult, and it's got just as much of an awesome world to explore and be amazed by. #2.3
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For me, Spotify is missing just a few things... Tool is obvious, King Crimson is missing as well, all of Porcupine Tree's early stuff (like the first 6 or 7 albums are missing), Steven Wilson's recent solo albums, the Tomahawk album "Mit Gas" (my favorite one, and for some reason the only one they don't have on there), Acid Bath's albums, Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart, Lysol by The Melvins (also my favorite album from said band and the only one they don... #1.2.6
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Only game I've been playing since the update is Bloodborne, and it's 10 seconds. I press power on my TV and on my controller at the same time, and by the time my TV is ready, the game is already fully booted up and ready to go, so my TV actually takes longer to turn on than the game haha. #1.7
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Load times and his personal opinion of not liking the general style of combat in the game are valid concerns for him.

BUT then nearly everything else he said would have never been a problem if he had just found the shortcut to the dark house under the bridge leading to the boss.

It takes like 45 seconds to run back to the boss and you don't even have to fight any enemies, and when you use a lot of blood vials or quicksilver bullets, there are plenty o... #1.10
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This scored higher than I thought. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls games are my favorite all-time, no exaggeration, and I am super excited for Bloodborne (my copy should be arriving today in the mail, i hope), but I didn't think it would be as well-received as Dark Souls considering the departures it makes from the formula that everyone grew to love and get accustomed to. This review is a pleasant surprise! I expected it to be in the 8's somewhere, honestly (having just played the... #1.4
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I never played either one, so this is cool for me. I'd love to play them. I liked Arkham Asylum a ton, just never got around to the sequels. #1.5
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Sweet! Love this feature on Xbox One, been waiting for it to come to PS4. Can't wait! #1.6
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Hmm... Interesting. As a MTG player myself, I guess the idea of a FTP version could get more people into the real game, since they might try a FTP version and get hooked, but after the microtransaction-esque situation with DotP 2015, I don't feel too good about how a FTP version will go. Oh well. #1
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Nice. #1.4
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