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"Games are good"



It's a well-known fact that the PS4 GPU is 1.84 TFLOPS. #5.4.2
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900p = 1600x900 = 1,440,000 pixels
The Order = 1920x800 = 1,536,000 pixels

So it's definitely more than 900p.

In fact, it is a 2.40:1 aspect ratio 1080p image. The image quality of what you see between the cinematic black bars is the exact same quality as a full-screen 1080p image.

For instance, look at Wes Anderson movies on Blu-Ray. These movies are 1080p Blu-Ray movies, but the aspect ratio is 2.... #1.2.17
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@tiffac008: It's not bad, but it isn't that good either, because May's numbers could be considered to show a drop-off in sales from people who were anticipating the June SKU. So June's increase in sales + May's decrease = a two month total of ~237,00 (assuming the 160k estimate turns out to be about accurate for June).

That's just a marginally bigger number than if you didn't announce a new SKU and sold at April's numbers during the two months... #1.6.3
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@Azzanation: This is NPD, which means North American sales only counted here, and that's what we're discussing. It doesn't make any difference at all how many territories the PS4 is available in compared to the Xbox One, because we're talking about North America, where both consoles are available. #1.1.18
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Quoting scotmacb: " x1 pads are 40% less delay than any x360 and ps3 pad and their faster than ps4 pads"

Citation needed. #8.3.2
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Damn! I just bought Strider :(

That's the thing with PS+. Sometimes you buy a game, and then very shortly after you could have got it free on PS+ haha. This has surprisingly not happened very often to me, actually. Probably because I don't buy that many downloadable games. But I was bored and I tried the Strider demo and it was so awesome I had to keep playing, so I bought it. Oh well. #1.9
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They were saying the same thing about the Fuse IP before it came and went:

Talking about sequels, spin-offs, and a whole Fuse universe of stuff they are working on.

Then the game got mediocre reviews and the IP was never heard from again. #1.2
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Are those people really "gamers"? Seems a stretch. That's like calling someone a "basketball player" because he has a hoop in his driveway and plays HORSE with his kids sometimes. "Gamer" means something, and it doesn't mean "someone who plays casual games from time to time". By your definition, my mom is a gamer because she sometimes plays Just Dance on Wii. #18.1.1
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@timotim, How about you take a look at the same list for Sony? (Only counting games they put on PS4, not counting games like Gran Turismo 6 or Vita games which were not put on PS4)

Killzone: Shadow Fall
Infamous: Second Son
MLB 14: The Show
Sound Shapes
Doki-Doki Universe
Escape plan
Dead Nation: Apocalypse

Well would ya look at that, sa... #1.2.6
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I wonder if this will have lock-on like the Souls games have? I can't imagine playing it without lock-on to be honest, but who knows! I trust what they do, the game will be awesome! #1.4
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1080p is 44% more pixels than 900p. #6.1.4
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How are Katy Perry's awards OR this game's awards any more meaningless than the other? Awards mean one thing: That people like it. Creating something is typically done to achieve one goal: For people to like it! Awards are representative that you succeeded in making something people enjoy. They tend to get muddled up with the concept of quality, but in all seriousness, most creative endeavors can't be measured in terms of objective quality, and when it comes to music or games... #5.3
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Gears of War was perfectly linear as well, except for like 4 spots where you could "left or right" and you went to the side you chose while the AI guys or your co-op teammates went the other way, and then you could replay the level and choose the other path, but the paths weren't that different and made absolutely no difference to the story whatsoever, and we have absolutely no indication that choices such as that AREN'T in The Order, because they very well could be.
... #1.19
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If you said to me, "Imagine playing a Slayer album as a videogame", this is what I would imagine. Awesome! #1.3
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Or instead of posting an old tweet, you could publish an actual article with ALL of the relevant details and summarize his entire series of tweets from the evening.

This is taken way out of context and doesn't include later tweets like this one:

Which says "Sony has exclusivity on consoles." in direct response to t... #1.4
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Grand Theft Auto games are more of the same each time they come out. I got tired of that formula after San Andreas. Steal a car. Run a fetch quest. That's about the extent of the gameplay. It's not the worst thing in the world, it's actually super great, I just got bored of it because it doesn't feel new or fresh to me anymore and the little variations in city/map design and the story elements they wrap it all around don't make me feel like I'm not just doing the... #1.6
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Timed exclusive on PS4 is a technically true statement, but it's still CONSOLE exclusive on PS4 as well. They announced that they are partnered with Paradox to make console exclusive PS4 games from EACH Paradox Interactive studio. That means this game and the strategy studio's game are both coming to PC + PS4, but not to Xbox One. #1.2.2
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This is great news! Because LBP3 provides more of the same great LBP formula while being completely compatible with all published levels from the past two games, and looking great and innovative in itself with the 3 new characters that look like a lot of fun and bring a lot of diversity to the types of level design possible in the platformer.

Why is it great that it's not Media Molecule then? Because this means there is yet another Sony developer who knows how to make a... #1.5
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If you're going to name all the stuff that was included in the quick indie games reel, then we can make the Sony list look like this:

The Order 1886
Infamous First light
Far Cry 4
Dead Island 2
Diablo 3
Disney Infinity 2
Magicka 2
Grim Fandango
Let it Die
No Man's Sky
Mortal Kombat X
Battlefield Hardline... #30.1.4
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Sweet! I was hoping to see a review of this before buying it... So far the reception seems good. I must check it out... #1
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