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Wow! 1 million is very impressive. I thought of this as a niche game, but it looks like a lot of the Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden crowd are joining the party, this is really cool that it's been such a success. I am *LOVING* this game. My favorite new IP since Bloodborne, and in fact I believe I'm enjoying it MORE than Bloodborne! I think this is my favorite new IP since freaking Demon's Souls (which is my all-time favorite videogame).

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Damn! PlayStation is in overdrive with the awesome games to start this year. This one was my most anticipated game of the year but I am currently so addicted to Nioh that it will probably be a month before I'm ready for something different so I'll hold off on this at least until then.

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@Shin-Zantetsuken Thanks for posting that link, because I was just about to ask @RedPill86 for a source, because I have seen nothing to indicate that the PS2 was "miles ahead" of the PS4 at this point in its life cycle in terms of software sales. Your link is a real source from a reputable publication and it says the exact opposite, that the PS4 has sold more software (higher attach rate) as well as more hardware.

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I'm actually kind of angry that my PS1 classics that I bought when I had a PS3 are not available to download/play on my PS4. It's pretty stupid, if you ask me. Major missed opportunity.

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Dayum! I gotta play this game!

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Out of curiosity, what is the current number of PS3 sales lifetime? I haven't actually looked into it in a while, but it's still in production, right? Maybe I'm wrong on that, I wasn't sure.

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Wow, looks much better! The level of detail in the models and textures is obviously relatively low since it is based on a 3DS game, but it does look super hi res and clean, so I think it looks very nice on PS4.

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In fairness to the N64's teeny tiny line-up, it *did* have Super Mario 64, which I would consider to be the greatest launch outside of Super Mario Bros. on the original NES and Super Mario World on the SNES. They had three consoles in a row that launched with absolute classic Mario games that have stood the test of time. The only other launch title I can think of that's close to those 3 is the original Halo on the original Xbox.

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Yes! It looks awesome and I love Call of Cthulhu so I'm very excited for more of this.

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Don't really care, it has an exclusive Mario game, it's a full-fledged Mario game, and it looks great. Therefore, I must have it. But yeah, there doesn't seem to be much I'll ever play on it, but I'll always get a Nintendo console just so I can play their latest Mario game. It's always been worth it for me in the past. And Zelda too, although honestly I have a Wii U and I was planning on playing Zelda on that, but I'll probably hold off and play it on Switch so...

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Daaamn. I haven't been this excited for a game's imminent release since Uncharted 4. Looks truly spectacular.

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The best thing for the industry is for both competitors to be doing very well. So this back and forth between Sony & Microsoft claiming victories this year is very good for the industry! Hopefully it translates into a lot of investment into great games to compete with each other. That's really all we can hope for as gamers :) I'm looking forward to playing The Last Guardian, which should be arriving any day now!

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@ShowanW: I just checked GameStop and Best Buy's within 250 miles of Washington, DC and no Best Buy's have it in stock, and I don't think GameStop did either (although their check in store feature on their website was confusing to me... so maybe I interpreted it wrong). But Best Buy is definitely out, so I don't think it'd be surprising if GameStop was out as well. Amazon is also out. I don't know where you think you see them "flooded" on the shelves.

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Reading between the lines:

XXO = 1920 x 1080 x 30 fps = 62 million pixels pushed per second.
PS4 = 1600 x 900 x 60 fps = 86 million pixels pushed per second.

PS4 could easily run at 1080p30 if it wanted to. But could the XBO run it at 900p60? If the developers prioritize framerate to get it at 60fps, then that's what they did. But it sounds like they'd have to go to about 765p in order to get 60fps on the XBO (765p60 being about 62 mil...

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I was worried as hell when I saw the headline, but 6 weeks or so isn't so bad. Anything they gotta do to make the best game they can make! I can wait a couple weeks. I was worried this game was going back into limbo and we'd never see it. But they gave us another actual release date. So this is similar to Naughty Dog pushing back Uncharted 4, but still giving us an exact release date while announcing the delay. That game turned out to be amazing, so here's hoping this one do...

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I mean, I agree it's weird and when Microsoft announced it I had serious reservations about it (Scorpio). Now that Sony has essentially announced the same thing, I have no fear that developers will figure out what they're doing with this concept. Both Microsoft and Sony are doing the same thing. Sony is just launching a year earlier!

And in hindsight, I've come to realize, developers have been doing this *FOREVER* with their PC games. What PC game doesn'...

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Holy freaking crap Horizon looks *good*. Really, really good. I can't freaking wait for that game!

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Ooh, cool! I would love to play some amazing PS3 games on my laptop :)

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Love this game. It's my game of the year still, although Dark Souls 3 is a close second.

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For me, they are about equal. Talos Principle and The Witness are the two best games of the generation for me. I love them both. They're each completely different from each other, and yet remarkably similar in their themes and execution, but the puzzles themselves are not even remotely similar. I found both games to be mindblowing and impressive, not to mention lots of fun. I give extra credit to The Witness for having quite possibly the most impeccably designed game world in the his...

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