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"Games are good"


From the article: "Bloodborne is easier than the previous games and lacks the same sense of wonder, exploration, mystery, and progression." I disagree with that completely. It's just as difficult, and it's got just as much of an awesome world to explore and be amazed by. #2.3
For me, Spotify is missing just a few things... Tool is obvious, King Crimson is missing as well, all of Porcupine Tree's early stuff (like the first 6 or 7 albums are missing), Steven Wilson's recent solo albums, the Tomahawk album "Mit Gas" (my favorite one, and for some reason the only one they don't have on there), Acid Bath's albums, Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart, Lysol by The Melvins (also my favorite album from said band and the only one they don... #1.2.6
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Only game I've been playing since the update is Bloodborne, and it's 10 seconds. I press power on my TV and on my controller at the same time, and by the time my TV is ready, the game is already fully booted up and ready to go, so my TV actually takes longer to turn on than the game haha. #1.7
Load times and his personal opinion of not liking the general style of combat in the game are valid concerns for him.

BUT then nearly everything else he said would have never been a problem if he had just found the shortcut to the dark house under the bridge leading to the boss.

It takes like 45 seconds to run back to the boss and you don't even have to fight any enemies, and when you use a lot of blood vials or quicksilver bullets, there are plenty o... #1.10
This scored higher than I thought. Demon's Souls and Dark Souls games are my favorite all-time, no exaggeration, and I am super excited for Bloodborne (my copy should be arriving today in the mail, i hope), but I didn't think it would be as well-received as Dark Souls considering the departures it makes from the formula that everyone grew to love and get accustomed to. This review is a pleasant surprise! I expected it to be in the 8's somewhere, honestly (having just played the... #1.4
I never played either one, so this is cool for me. I'd love to play them. I liked Arkham Asylum a ton, just never got around to the sequels. #1.5
Sweet! Love this feature on Xbox One, been waiting for it to come to PS4. Can't wait! #1.6
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Hmm... Interesting. As a MTG player myself, I guess the idea of a FTP version could get more people into the real game, since they might try a FTP version and get hooked, but after the microtransaction-esque situation with DotP 2015, I don't feel too good about how a FTP version will go. Oh well. #1
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Nice. #1.4
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I was thinking: Or maybe critics don't care enough about graphics to reflect the interests of their audience? People like shiny new toys, so to speak. A graphical showcase to appreciate technical wizardry is something a lot of people appreciate. If it wasn't something that interested people, we wouldn't have probably bought a PS4, because when it really comes down to it, the biggest difference between one console generation and the next is the graphical enhancements that are po... #1.15
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Comments like this one from the review really grind my gears: "we are in the business of games not “creative cinematography.”"

It's almost as if most reviewers want to restrict the entire medium of videogames to what THEY believe it should be. Do they not realize, or just not accept, or not care, that some gamers LIKE games that are cinematic presentations with some interactivity? I personally love that kind of experience. Always have.

I c... #26
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Whatever happened to people appreciating games just as a showcase of technical mastery and hardware ability? I like games like this just for the spectacle. I dunno, I like movies like Avatar for the same reason. Things don't have to be flawless, but if it's something that WOWs me from a technical or artistic perspective, I can appreciate it, even if it is short, or repetitive, or only minimally interactive... I just have an open mind for this kind of experience I guess. #1.6
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@WeirdShroom, I'm not about to claim that the reviews are right or wrong, because a review is just a person's opinion, and different gamers have different tastes, and I haven't even played this game. But to make a statement like "the haters were right" just doesn't mean anything, because the "haters" are the same people who are now reviewing the game. You expected all of the pundits who reported not liking what they saw during the previews, to then go ahe... #7.2
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This game already has more than twice as many "Positive" (Green, 75+) scores on Metacritic than Ryse got, and with only a little more than half as many total reviews. So it's a divisive game. There are a lot of people who are really liking it, and a lot of people who are really NOT liking it. This is the definition of a MIXED response. Everything I've read, it sounds like the kind of game I would personally enjoy. A lot of people will just not be into it at all. It doe... #1.4
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Sounds like my kind of game! I don't shy away from cutscene heavy games, after all Metal Gear Solid is one of my all-time favorite franchises. I also don't shy away from QTE's. I loved ShenMue, Heavy Rain, and the God of War combat sequences that culminate in QTEs. Each gamer has different taste in what's fun and immersive for them, and while I understand this game is divisive in that the style of presentation and gameplay it has will not appeal to many gamers, I personall... #1.9
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I love videogames, but I'm not a particularly skilled player. I also like to take my time with games I enjoy, and explore them. It took me over 25 hours of play-time to beat God of War 3, despite all the articles talking about how short it was and how it could be beaten in 3 hours. It usually takes me more than average to beat a game. Some games are legitimately very short, I can think of Wanted and Matt Hazard that I beat in under 5 hours each, but I doubt this game will be anywhere... #1.6
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LOVE this move!

Rather than a numerical score, I do think there is room for a system of meaningful attributes, similar to a score but more of a recommendation or categorization. I haven't thought TOO deeply on this, so I'm sure my first draft here has room for refinement and improvement, but here's what I had in mind (more or less):

For fans of the genre/franchise:
F1) Most fans will be happy to own this at full price.
F2) Most fa... #1.3
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Sony has had an indie games fund for years now. They help lots of small developers get their games funded, and for that they could be looked at as angel investors (this is a meaningful term, I'm not actually comparing them to angels, haha). Since Sony is giving money to people to make games, those people are making their games for Sony platforms. It's pretty simple, really, and there's absolutely NOTHING negative about it. #4.6
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It looks so much like a Souls game it's crazy! Except to me this game seems much more difficult. I played the Alpha and had a very rough time with it. I'm just not good at this style of character in the Souls games. I turtled my way through all 3 Souls games... Shield up with a spear, sniping with my bow, etc. Slow and defensive. In the alpha, that was impossible. There wasn't even a shield at all! If there really aren't shields in this game and your defense essentiall... #1.2
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So what happens with the games that are currently available, like DC Universe Online? Will anything be changing with how the game operates and its model? I like DC Universe Online and the Everquest games. H1Z1 didn't look like it was going to be for me. Planetside 2 looks cool, I hope it still comes out this year on PS4. #1.20
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