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"Games are good"


Yeah, that's a PC with a controller-friendly user interface, that's meant to look good under your television. Other than that, it isn't a console. It's not a closed environment, it doesn't have optimized software being developed for it, and it isn't even a uniform hardware platform, it comes in different variations of power with different components under the hood, exactly like a PC. It's a PC, just one that's meant to act a little bit more like a console, b... #1.1.11
Anything that tries to use Metacritic user scores to make an argument should just be discounted outright. The user scores are beyond useless.

As of right now (things have apparently changed slightly since the December 19th reference date in Nintendo's ad) there is only 1 game combined between PS4 & Xbox One that has both an 85 Metascore and an 8.5 user score: The Last of Us Remastered. That's out of 36 games that have an 85 Metascore. Or just 2.8% of the games... #1.5
Metacritic scores for the games on this list:

72 The Last Tinker: City of Colors
71 Driveclub
69 Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
59 NBA Live 15
54 Escape Dead Island
49 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
37 Fluster Cluck
34 Rambo: The Video Game
32 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyrics
27 Basement Crawl

Here is just a small sampling of other games reviewed this year that have lower Metacriti... #1.3
@Ps4andxb1: Actually, proven true by the greater number of games currently out and coming out for the PS4. #27.1.3
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Anybody can write a list. Here's one for PS4: Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, Disgaea 5, Street Fighter V, Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, Persona 5, MLB 15: The Show... See, now what did that prove, you got an Xbox list, I got a PlayStation list. And nothing was lost or gained. #1.5
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Is Crackdown 3 really a possibility to be coming in 2015? Pretty cool if it is. I hope it is more like the first, I liked that game a lot. #1.2.6
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YESSS! Definite buy for me too! I've loved every Disgaea game. Except I haven't yet played Disgaea D2, because all the others came out on PSP or Vita and I was waiting for the Vita release on that one... but I might just have to get it on PS3 soon if they don't announce it by spring! Disgaea 5, whether it comes to Vita eventually or not, I'll be getting it on PS4 on day 1! #1.1
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I loved the original on Dreamcast. Wow, that was a while ago! Haven't played any of them since that one. #6
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Not much coming until E3 then, if they aren't planning to have an announcements event between now and then. The upcoming slate is pretty light until after E3. Looks like my Xbox One is going to be playing Halo and nothing else until E3, but I'm confident it will have another killer lineup for the fall just like it did this year. Pretty much the mirror image of the first year then? Not much for 8 or 9 months, then lots of goodness at the end... Looks like PS4 is getting a large nu... #1.10
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What is this downgrade everyone is complaining about? The game looked just as good as the teaser to me. The gameplay doesn't look quite as good as the cutscenes, but that's to be expected and has been the case in every Uncharted game, and indeed in EVERY game with real-time cutscenes. Without having to process input, AI, or anything else but a predetermined scenario, real-time cutscenes are easily capable of looking better than gameplay even though they're both real time and us... #1.8
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Hot DAMN this game looks incredible! #1.12
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DougLord, there is a variable you're forgetting... the smaller the library, the higher the percentage of overall game sales will be for any particular game.

Infamous 2, for instance, sold 1.73 million copies on PS3 - out of 861.5 million total game sales = 0.20%

Infamous Second Son, however, did not sell 0.20% of PS4's 57 million total game sales, which would be about 115,000 copies.

It actually sold MORE copies than Infamous 2, at 1.... #14.2
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I went to 2 stores on Black Friday (both Target stores, about 10 miles from one another) at about 3pm and 4pm. Between the two of them, they had no PS4s in stock, and only 1 Xbox One in stock (it was the bundle that included Kinect, they had none of the 329 version in stock). Based on that anecdotal evidence, both seem to have been selling pretty good. #1.8
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Well I personally love the game and it was the first best reason I bought my X1 and the game didn't disappoint at all. If PS4 got a version with higher LOD on the distances/horizon it would be a beauty to behold, buy as it is it is a great reason to have an X1, because it runs solid and is very fun to play. Looks great in terms of items close to your character, while unfortunately the draw distance goes on forever but in rendering very low level of detail so it can keep pumping out mayh... #1.12
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@Volkama, that might matter if the GPUs in the X1 and PS4 weren't based on the exact same architecture, so the number of compute units actually matters significantly. They're from the same family of chipset, it isn't i7 vs AMD that we're talking about here. #3.3.3
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@tinynuggins, as far as we know, all of the games he mentioned are supposed to be early 2015, for both consoles. Not sure where you're getting that he posted titles for "throughout the entire year" for PS4. He didn't mention Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, Wild, Let it Die, and who knows how many other games, because we don't know have word that they're coming by Spring of 2015. All of the other games he mentioned are supposed to be out by early Spring 2015. The only on... #1.11.3
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Got any examples & proof to back up your claims that they've lied in the past? #2.2.1
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I recommend you watch some Live From Playstation broadcasts of the game. That's what I've been doing lately, because I just don't trust reviews anymore, and watching the game gives me a better idea of whether or not it's for me. Sometimes the reviews for a game are great, and justifiably so because it's made with quality and care and for the audience it does everything (or a lot anyway) correctly and in a fun way. But a lot of the time, the genre or style of the game ju... #1.5
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Oh cool. So far I've just played each track in the DLC one time each. I'l have to add this one to my rotation and play it more often and see some of the variations. #4
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I agree completely. I am enjoying Sunset Overdrive right now, and if you had asked me what framerate the game runs in I would have said "How the hell should I know?" All I know is it feels smooth, fast, and fun to play. Traversing the terrain in that game is one of the smoothest and most fun experiences I've had in this sort of game. I Google'd it, incidentally, and the game runs at 30fps. Truly makes no difference to me, because I couldn't tell that it wasn't 6... #4.3
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