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"Games are good"


After 52 hours, I finally unlocked the last achievement on Steam. Whew! This game was breathtaking, amazing, addictive, insanely difficult, and EXTREMELY satisfying! Beating some of those harder puzzles just makes you feel GOOD! It's a very different kind of game, but it's brilliant how it builds concept on top of concept, from basest foundations to extremely complex levels. And it does it all without one single word of instruction or exposition. That's what strikes me the m... #5
Oh yes, I see it now haha. Well in that case, I'm glad you bought the game for PS4, but hey, like my comment says, if you weren't sure, you coulda just pirated it on PC and then made a commitment to buy it if you appreciated it. I was such a big fan of Braid and the early reviews were good enough that I just ponied up the $40 on Steam immediately upon release, because I believed it would be worth it, and in hindsight, I was right. I've been burned before, but in this case, I fe... #1.5.2
@Neonridr: I'm confused, why wouldn't he be rewarded for his efforts if you bought it for your PC? A purchase is a purchase, and in fact, I suspect buying for PC gives him more money than buying on PS4 because of fees he has to pay to Sony to distribute over PSN. I paid full price for the game on Steam, and glad I did, the game is awesome! Whether you buy on PS4 or PC, you're giving great support to the dev if you actually pay and don't pirate, so good for all those who do... #1.5
For me:

1) 2
2) 1
3) Code Veronica
4) 4
5) 3
6) 0
7) 5
8) 6

A lot of it is admittedly nostalgia. Played every single one at the time of their original release. Will never forget the experience of the first one, the 2nd was more of what was great about the first but better, the 3rd had my favorite plot and characters and was another nostalgia masterpiece for me. 3 and 4 are actually very close in my mi... #1.9
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Was the original release a single disc with both games on 1 disc, or 2 discs (1 for each game), or was the first game included as a digital copy with a code in the box??? (Trying to decide if I want to buy the new release next month or seek out the original release) #1.3
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I'm already a Prime member, as well as a Gamers Club Unlocked member. Gamer's Club is the better deal if you're not already a Prime member, because you get the discount on more things, and you also get $10 back in certificates for pre-ordering certain games throughout the year. But if you have Prime already for other things, this might make some question whether Gamers Club is worth it in addition. For me, it'll make me consider pre-ordering some things from Amazon (or gett... #7
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Of all the GOTY contenders, the Witcher 3 plays vary similarly to previous in the series, while Bloodborne is probably the most different. Bloodborne is pretty severely different from the Souls games, actually. It's almost closer to Devil May Cry than it is to a Souls game, but it isn't quite like that either. Honestly, I think Bloodborne's closest analog is probably that it's very similar to what a 3D Castlevania SOTN would be like. MGS5 is decently different from what pr... #4.2.4
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I really don't like when sites publish a video and don't put an article summing up the points made in the video. The video should accompany an article, not BE the article. That's just my opinion of course. But half the time I'm reading the "news", it's terribly inconvenient for me to watch a video, so it'd be nice to have the option. Anyway, my most anticipated game next year is probably Dark Souls 3 :) My favorite franchise ever! #9
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So far I've bought 2 games: Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, and Valkyria Chronicles. Very happy! I may pick up some more games as well. DmC: Devil May Cry is calling my name right now for I think 9 bucks... I may go ahead and pick that up as well. I want to own GTA 5 as well, but I feel like I can hold off until next year and get it for under 20 bucks, I have a backlog really long right now and that game is not at the top of my list (played it on PS3 a while ago, but I'd... #2
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Wild Arms games are awesome! Although the first 2 on PSone are the best.

I never got to play Primal all the way through (I rented it once, it was cool), so I think I'll finally play that! #1.1
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Wow, this is HUGE news. Never prior to this year would I have thought that by the end of it Kojima would be leaving Konami and starting a new studio to create exclusive content for PlayStation including a new IP. This is weird, wild stuff. When is the last time Kojima created a new IP? Did he create Zone of the Enders? I know he was the producer of the series, but not the director, so I wasn't sure if he was really the originator of the franchise or just worked on it. He has really... #1.24
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This game looks cool. #1
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This game looks awesome! #1.6
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Why do they only mention 2 games? I mean, why frame it as which of these two is the game of the year, when really they're asking "Which open world fantasy RPG from 2015 is better?" Metal Gear Solid 5 and Bloodborne are my top 2 games of the year. Not sure which one, or either, is *THE BEST* game of the year, because it's so damn subjective. I just know which games I had the most fun with and for me it is those 2, for others it probably is The Witcher 3 or Fallout 4 (whic... #1.7
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I don't mind what they do, but I have a couple of games I have been wanting lately and will buy if they go on sale for a good price. Roughly in order from least to most wanted, if the following go on sale for like 50% or more off, then I'll probably buy them:

Mad Max, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments, Xcom Enemy Unknown, Skyrim DLC, Dark Souls 1 & 2, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, and Grand Theft Auto 5. #1.4
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Wait, whaaat? Whoa. I didn't hear about this. LOVE Valkyria Chronicles. This is freaking AWESOME! Just as a side question, but what does Winter 2016 in Japan mean? Does that mean January-March 2016, or November-December 2016? #1.3
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I'll probably buy it considering it is one of my all-time favorite games and being able to play it where I take my laptop with me is pretty cool (I played it on PSP years ago as well, but I don't bring my PSP with me anywhere anymore haha).

I wouldn't call this "major" though... it is after all a 12 year old game. It's not like they announced Disgaea 5 for PC. #1.4
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Still shows Red Alert 2 as the on the house game for me right now. #4
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The PS4 price drop had no impact on Halo's sales, in my estimation. The Halo release probably even had only a minimal effect on PS4 sales. The real problem with October was that both companies had already announced and started taking pre-orders on amazing November bundles and they'd already started revealing the Black Friday prices and bundles, which are a SIGNIFICANTLY better deal than what you could get in October. November will be a skyrocket in sales over the October numbers. #1.2
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From the link, the only ones I've played are Sunset Overdrive (#3 on their list) and Bloodborne (#1 on their list). I loved both. Those two are up there with MGS 5 for my top 3 games of the generation, actually (so far!). #1.4
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