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The cartridge is beautiful. More games ought to get these custom cartridges! I was at a store with a lot of nostalgic games over the weekend and saw they had a bunch of custom SNES carts for modified versions of games, unique games, etc. They were gorgeous, but expensive. I think most of them were like $70-$100.

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Logically, I would assume that the bigger the anticipation for a game (so this is likely to affect sequels to popular franchises than anything else), the bigger the week 1 sales will be from pre-orders and folks who want the game immediately, which of course means a larger portion of the audience for the game is buying it in week 1, leading to a huge decrease in week 2 sales. Videogames aren't nearly as susceptible to word of mouth in the short-term as movies are, for instance. Word of...

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@hulk_bash1987: That's BS. The Washington Post published a real review in their technology section, which reviews videogames from a legitimate perspective all the time, and THAT reviewer gave the game a *GLOWING* review. Yet THAT review is not counted on Metacritic, and the one that was posted in the comedy section is the one that Metacritic posts as the Washington Post review? That's ridiculous. Come on!

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The sad thing about the link you posted, @Imalwaysright, is that New Vegas is by far the best of the new Fallout games. Yet it's by far the lowest rated. I loved that game! It was the closest to the original Interplay games out of all the new 3D ones.

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I love the show. It's hilarious and has a compelling plot and fantastic characters to go with the comedy. It isn't a comedy show, actually, but nevertheless I consider it one of the funniest shows on TV (and it is intentionally funny). It's kind of light hearted, but also it gets really dark and heavy sometimes, it's an odd balance that I'm not sure I can name anything else that pulls it off quite like it does. Season 1 definitely wasn't as compelling at Season 2 o...

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With Dark Souls 3 unlocking on Steam in a few hours, I was going to wait on this game. But with 20% off at Best Buy from the Gamer's Club, and all the great reviews, and I'm such a huge fan of the franchise, I just had to bite the bullet and I just pre-ordered the game right now. 30 bucks for this game is a heck of a deal! Why are they selling it for $40 MSRP anyway? That's awesoem! I'm not complaining at all haha.

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I'm glad they're revisiting the series. One of their all-time best in my opinion. I don't understand the logic in announcing a game and not mentioning a single platform it's coming to. Weird.

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To be honest, I didn't read Abash's comment (or anyone else's besides the top comment in this thread). I had a thought, so I posted a comment. That's how I thought this was supposed to work. I notice I have a majority of disagrees, can anyone actually explain to me what's not true about what I said? If you believe I'm wrong, I'm open to hearing why, maybe I am wrong, but I personally see it how I said it.

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Halo 5 wasn't even the "huge system seller that the Xbox One needed", so how is Gears of War going to be? The Xbox One is a fine console selling fine, it's just not going to be as popular as the PS4, it isn't going to change, and this exclusive isn't going to blaze any new trail for the Xbox One, it'll just keep chugging along as it has been.

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Can't wait to play this! The reviews started coming in earlier than I expected.

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I played both of the first & second DS games on my PC and loved every moment of them, so I'm definitely in for this one o
n PC as well, although with my best buy membership I can get it cheaper on PS4 than on Steam, so I'm considering getting it for PS4 first and then getting it on Steam someday when it's on a Steam sale (this is exactly how I did it with the first two in fact, I have PS3 Platinum trophies and Steam 100%'s on both games).

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I own 4 move controllers and the original PS3 eye camera. I guess I just need to buy the PS4 camera to use the PSVR (I have a PS4, also, didn't really mention that though it is also a prerequisite). I don't think you can use the PS3 eye camera, right? But I do have plenty of Move controllers!

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I've got a $1200 gaming laptop with a GTX 970m and I run most games in 1080p @ 60fps, most recently Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5 as far as more graphically intensive games go. And yet Steam's VR benchmark utility tells me that my computer isn't really up to snuff for VR. So it looks like I have to go with the PlayStation 4 version if I want it, but I'm not really sold on it yet anyway, I need to try a demo somewhere first, as it is right now I actually don't know wha...

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Oh man, so cool! This game was the first PlayStation Move game I played and remains probably the best. It was a top-notch, truly superb puzzle game.

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Looks really nice actually.

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Cool! Looks good. Love Paper Mario!

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As a PC gamer with an Xbox One, this pretty much totally invalidates any need I ever had for my Xbox One and I'll be discontinuing Xbox Live as well since I don't need it for PC Games. But I guess it could be good news for gamers who have an Xbox One and not a gaming PC, as this probably means more games coming to Xbox One overall, even if there are no true exclusives for the Xbox One anymore.

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OOooh! Yes, great news indeed! I'll have to check out some bundles in the future.

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The title says "for Sega Genesis", but if Wikipedia is to be belived, the Genesis game and the SNES game were two completely different games by two completely different developers, and the Capcom/Mikami one is actually the SNES version. Virgin games made the Genesis version. I have no idea if Wikipedia is correct or not, but I thought I'd mention it.

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This is already coming out in Japan in May? Wow, that was fast since the last one came out. Only a little over a year since the first one in Japan (and a few months since the first one hit the US).

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