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"Games are good"


@tinynuggins, as far as we know, all of the games he mentioned are supposed to be early 2015, for both consoles. Not sure where you're getting that he posted titles for "throughout the entire year" for PS4. He didn't mention Until Dawn, Uncharted 4, Wild, Let it Die, and who knows how many other games, because we don't know have word that they're coming by Spring of 2015. All of the other games he mentioned are supposed to be out by early Spring 2015. The only on... #1.11.3
Got any examples & proof to back up your claims that they've lied in the past? #2.2.1
I recommend you watch some Live From Playstation broadcasts of the game. That's what I've been doing lately, because I just don't trust reviews anymore, and watching the game gives me a better idea of whether or not it's for me. Sometimes the reviews for a game are great, and justifiably so because it's made with quality and care and for the audience it does everything (or a lot anyway) correctly and in a fun way. But a lot of the time, the genre or style of the game ju... #1.5
Oh cool. So far I've just played each track in the DLC one time each. I'l have to add this one to my rotation and play it more often and see some of the variations. #4
I agree completely. I am enjoying Sunset Overdrive right now, and if you had asked me what framerate the game runs in I would have said "How the hell should I know?" All I know is it feels smooth, fast, and fun to play. Traversing the terrain in that game is one of the smoothest and most fun experiences I've had in this sort of game. I Google'd it, incidentally, and the game runs at 30fps. Truly makes no difference to me, because I couldn't tell that it wasn't 6... #4.3
Would EA really know, though? Other than maybe from their own software movement, which might be skewed towards X1 right now because of their partnerships with Microsoft. I'm just going to point out that it's a little self-serving to try to talk up the Xbox One for EA, who have a vested interested in the Xbox One doing better than the PS4 right now, due to their licensing agreements and the EA Access deal which Sony rejected. Speaking of which, I need to sign up for that, I keep for... #1.6
It's funny, because Sony has released more games this year than Microsoft.


Kinect Sports Rivals
Forza Horizon 2
Sunset Overdrive
Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Super Time Force
Project Spark
Killer Instinct Season 2
Dance Central Spotlight
Voice Commander

Project Spark is already out, not sure why you're counting that towards Xbox's 2015 list.

I would be surprised if *ALL* of Quantum Break, Halo 5, Fable Legends, Crackdown, and Scalebound come out in 2015. Seems unlikely. None of those are rumored to be dropping any sooner than probably around September of 2015, the chances of all 5 coming out in one holiday period is pretty slim. Even this year, they had Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, and Halo Master Chief Coll... #1.2.27
Saw this comment on the IGN comments and it's spot-effing-on:

Bobbythebb • 31 minutes ago

IGN's Watchdogs Cons:
–Weak car chases
–Auto-fail stealth missions

IGN's Battlefield 4 Cons:
–Mode/map mismatches
–Mediocre single-player


IGN's Assassin's Creed Unity Cons:
–Weak story
–Unrefined stealth

This is monumentally stupid. The game crashed a couple of times during Adventure mode, and as a result they reduce the score of a game that she even admits is otherwise brilliant, charming, and loaded with content, down to a 6.8?

Meanwhile the Master Chief Collection was and still is broken for the multiplayer portion (what everyone wants to play!) and they give that a 9.0 and don't look back?

Assassin's Creed Unity is broken and glitchy and buggy an... #1.6
I will not (for the foreseeable future) even consider going all-digital with my console games purchases. I only buy digital games if it's one I really, really want to play and it isn't available on disc. If it's available on disc, I will absolutely not buy it digitally.

OK, Steam is one thing,, that's one thing... but on PSN and Xbox Live, until they prove to me that they will commit to backwards compatibility on digital software, I refuse to do it... #4.1.3
It's surprising to me because I don't understand how the same studio can be credited as the head studio with two major AAA releases within about a week. Montreal must be an enormous studio that within itself has to half multiple teams. Why not give each team its own name, since it can't be the same people making both games at the same time, can it? I guess because they all work in the same building/office, so they just give them all one name? It has to be, in reality, though,... #3.3
Is the PS Experience event live streamed somewhere, video presentation? #1.15
Microsoft is doing a great job at making the Xbox One an enticing purchase right now. Nice discounts (as low as $330 come Black Friday), free games included, and they've released a lot of quality games in the past 2 months. It damn well better sell close to or better than the PS4 given that it's now cheaper and they're pushing hard with all their exclusives since the Spring and until who knows when shoved into this holiday window, and I suspect it will pay off. Sony did a good... #17.1
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I've learned not to buy games for online multiplayer on day 1. Been burned WAY too many times. I just got Sunset Overdrive and it's a blast. So much fun, it's tiding me over well until I eventually buy Halo, and by that time hopefully the problems are resolved! #1.2.4
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I see this as a good thing. The man knows how to craft a good dramatic story. It's probably a little devoid of humor and perhaps more intense than an Uncharted theme should feel, but he's a talented writer and can bring a plot to this movie that will make it exciting and interesting to a wide audience. The thing that's important to keep in mind is that this kind of scriptwriting in Hollywood often isn't a singular process. They don't just have one guy write a screenpla... #2.1
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@Maxor: Really? PS Plus *SUCKS* in your words, because of this? Question (I don't know the answer because I just signed up for Xbox Live yesterday after buying my Xbox One over the weekend), but isn't it the same on Xbox One?

After I signed up for Xbox Live I had to go to the store area and download the games, obviously, but if I hadn't done that, would I have still been able to download them for free next month after they rotate out? Would they have been adde... #6.1.6
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Totally disagree, twdll. First of all, your "They may not have done what the title of this article states, but..." comment makes me think you didn't read the article. Because it sounds like you're thinking this article is conjecturing about (quote unquote) *yet another bad thing Sony did (in addition to the stuff I'm about to mention*, when in fact the article speculates about something very GOOD that Sony might have done (give more access to more PS+ games).
... #5.5
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Haha, I decided to crack mine open and play it. Not worth the hassle of trying to get a good deal on black friday! #5.2.4
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Crap, I just bought the Xbox One yesterday. This is a WAY better deal (20 dollars cheaper, a month of Xbox Live, and you get a 50 dollar gift card!?). If I return my Xbox One (I still haven't opened it because I had to wake up early today, so when I got home, I just left it in its bag and went to sleep!), what do you all think are the chances of me being able to get this deal at Target? I'd be worried it would sell out... Hmm... It's such a good price, though! It's essenti... #5.2
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