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"Games are good"


@Lennox, that's BS pulled straight from you know where. I play Halo splitscreen with my wife regularly, and we're very disappointed that there is no split screen in Halo 5. #3.6
Perhaps you could try to explain what you didn't like about it? Just making a comment that you think it's horrible and a waste of money isn't exactly helpful to anyone. #1.4
From the article: "After nearly 2 years from its 'initial' release..."


The initial release was October 2014. It's been 8 months, not 2 years. #1.8
It's almost as if the writer has never seen a KS campaign before. This is how they always go. The first days are huge, then the 20 or so days in the middle are the "doldrums" and raise very little money because those who like to pledge early have already pledged and those who like to pledge late won't pledge until the end. Then the last couple of days (the very last day especially) usually do as much or more money as the first few days. Quite a few KS's I've back... #1.7
I don't understand why people care so much if a big company or a famous person goes to Kickstarter for funding. It's a great platform for funding because it generates exposure during production, which is typically a stage of the process that doesn't generate much exposure (particularly for non-gaming products... games, and to some extent movies, actually do a decent job of generating exposure during production). Also, it is a great indicator of product interest. And finally, it... #1.32
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Giving people the ability to create the kinds of animations and art seen in that trailer, just by using a DualShock 4 controller and doing it on a PS4, is something so mind-blowing to me that I almost don't believe it. But I DO believe them, because Media Molecule have proven themselves, and they are a trustworthy developer for that reason. They said that the movie we watched was made entirely in the game using a DualShock 4, and people who are skeptical of this title need to sit back f... #1.3
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It won't be Morpheus exclusive. There's no reason a game can't be Morpheus-supported while also working without it. I expect many games to go that path. #1.2.3
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In all fairness, this is the 13th main release of Call of Duty since the original in 2003. Not counting spinoffs, handhelds, etc in that number (there are plenty for Call of Duty as well as some for the titles below).

Conversely, here's where we stand on the other franchises you listed:

ShenMue: 3rd entry since 1999
FF7: Completely overhauled remake 20+ years since original
Halo: 6th entry since 2001
Tom... #1.1.14
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Really? Disappointed? The multiplatform games alone, like MGSV, Fallout 4, Batman, Battlefront, etc will more than make up for whatever gaps you perceive to exist in the exclusive lineup. There's PLENTY for a PS4-only owner to play this year. #12.1
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I kept saying that the demo was all smoke & mirrors, and it turns out, it's a pretty big downgrade in reality from what their presentation led us to believe. I for one am not at all surprised. Maybe Oculus Rift and Morpheus will still be cool though. I've never seen either one in person before, but they look interesting. Hopefully they aren't too expensive (though they probably are). #1.2
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Well, this is an article comparing Xbox One and PS4. PC is a different beast, and frankly it isn't really in competition with the others. But you're right, the PC does have the most games. I love PC gaming myself, but it just isn't really the focus of this conversation. #1.13.2
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I don't mean to insult anyone with this statement, but to me backwards compatibility right now is showing the absurdity of the gaming community. Our priorities are all out of whack if we're celebrating this as some kind of important bombshell. Look, I've got a shelf full of PS1 and PS2 games, and I've got a fully backwards compatible original model PS3 hooked up, and I haven't played a single PS1 or PS2 game since 2008. That's SEVEN YEARS since the last time I playe... #1.16
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Killzone Shadow Fall was not great, the graphics were amazing, and the first couple of missions were really phenomenal, but eventually it did start to feel like a chore. Around that one mission with the train cars that you had to hop through was where it started to feel like the game was losing its way. I too had a hard time trudging all the way through the game. The multiplayer was pretty great though! Killzone 3, though, had an amazing campaign to me. I'll never understand why that... #7.3
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It's all about personal taste and opinion which system has the better experiences lined up for the rest of THIS YEAR. It is not accurate to say that the PS4 has a weak lineup this year compare to Xbox One, considering that it has FAR MORE games actually coming out. Whether the games on PS4 are for you or the Xbox One games are, or both, is up to each individual's opinion. That's the truth.

I'll be enjoying a lot of games on PS4 this fall/holiday, including... #1.13
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I'm definitely excited for this game. #1.2
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Just curious Septic, but if it's as easy as just saying "OK, you can enable it for this game", then why aren't all of Microsoft's own games enabled for the preview period? I don't really understand that. Couldn't they just greenlight all of their own games right away, and if so, why wouldn't they? #1.2.7
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Using the "that are IPs that they own" argument? That makes no sense. None of the 4 games you mentioned at the top of your post are Sony IPs anyway. I can make a list like yours that are PS4 exclusives:

The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Until Dawn
Ratchet & Clank

There ya go. #1.3.4
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He mentioned only like 4 games that will be available on Xbox One, and he only mentioned them because of the exclusive content PS4 gets for those games, so the "multiplatform" argument is terrible. He also only named a couple remasters. You just sound salty. #14.3.2
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The PS4 will have 50 games in 2015 that won't be on Xbox One. More than half of them are coming out in the 2nd half of the year, and just under half are already out. Almost half of them are retail games, as well, so they're not all indies/downloadable games, and none are timed exclusive. Xbox One has half as many games this year that won't be on PS4, 4 of them are timed exclusives, and only 7 are retail games. Less than half of those 25 games are still to come, the majority a... #1.10.3
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More like, you pre-ordered the game. That's basically what your Kickstarter contribution is in this case. It's not a big deal. You pay your $29, and you get the game when it comes out. Added bonus, your contribution also lets you vote and get your voice heard in game design decision polls. #10.7
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