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"Games are good"


I am flabbergasted at the disagrees. What are you people trying to say? I don't get it. I'm pointing out that week-over-week, the PS4 didn't drop as much as most of the other devices, which is a fact. What's there to disagree with? #1.6.3
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Based on the numbers DanielgearSolid posted, the PS4 actually did quite well. Here is the percentage drop in sales from last week's numbers for each of those:

Vita: -43.9%
3DS: -43.9%
WiiU: -38.5%
PS4: -37.5%
PS3: -29.4%

So the PS4 and PS3 had the smallest drops. #1.6
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It says a lot that even the sales spike from the Xbox One's biggest system seller yet (and quite possibly the biggest individual system seller it's likely ever to have outside of Halo), which more than doubled the console's sales, it still only sold about the same amount as the PS4. #1.10
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I am getting so effing sick of critics calling PS exclusives "generic". It's like the catch-all, go-to word they the industry has agreed on so that they can have an excuse to not give Sony games great scores.

I don't get it, and it's all BS.

Generic my ass. #1.3
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What is wrong with everybody here? This website has literally *nothing to do* with the InFamous game series.

Did you guys even peruse the site at all before debasing it based on the name alone? It's a coincidence. The website has been around since August when they were formed after a successful indiegogo funding campaign.

There is a comprehensive "Who We Are" link on the site that tells you about each member. They have names & faces. The... #1.6
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Patiently waiting for the PS4 release. I heard great things about the PS3/360 version, but since I knew it was eventually coming to PS4, I've held off. Hopefully it comes relatively soon... maybe this summer/fall. I want to play it! #1.8
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OK, @Illusive_Man, so which games (exactly) this generation have raised the bar on gameplay to a "next gen" level not possible or seen previously?

Admit it, there ain't a single one. The criticisms that some games are getting for not advancing gameplay beyond some arbitrary, imaginary (frankly bull s***) "last gen/next gen" barrier ... it's pathetic and it's hypocritical and it's not founded in logic or reality. Some games are being criti... #8.3.11
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Trying to reduce soul farming is stupid, though. Let players farm to their heart's content! The purpose I believe wasn't to reduce soul farming, but to make areas a little bit easier. Conceptually, their thinking is that if you're going through an area a bunch of times, it's because you're having trouble getting *all the way through the area*, so by making enemies stop spawning after a certain number of kills, you should be able to get farther through the area and event... #4.2
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You're just arguing semantics. Designer, use the term, don't, whatever, the FACT is that she was the creative director/game director in charge of development teams on all 3 Uncharted games, and on Soul Reaver, and other games dating back in her career. You don't want to call that a game designer, fine, but the fact is that she was never just some employee... She was the creative director for the entire company at one point! She was the leader of the entire 150+ person developme... #2.4.2
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No, the reason the the world is trying to make a deal out of Amy leaving is because Amy is a famous name that people were aware of. She is an established and popular designer. She's one of those Sid Meier, Will Wright, Hideo Kojima, Shinji Mikami, etc. type of people in this industry, so when there is news regarding her and she leaves her company, it becomes a media sensation. This guy, nobody has ever heard of him, he isn't a high-level guy, he isn't a project lead or a famous... #2.4
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I agree. Don Mattrick was slowly killing Xbox for me. The Xbox had tons of great exclusives every year before he took over, and then they just fell of a cliff around 2010. The number of non-Kinect, non-Arcade exclusives on Xbox dropped massively after Mattrick took over. His whole vision for the brand was based around casuals. Now that he is gone, the brand is resurging. It will be difficult to overcome the obviously weaker hardware coupled with the more expensive price tag in compariso... #5.3.2
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Are you certain she worked on Gabriel Knight? It was designed by Jane Jensen, but it's possible Amy Hennig was part of the team, but I've never heard that before. #1.1.9
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@from the beach: That's true, N64 did drop by £100 in May 1997, and it was released in March 1997 in the UK.

However, Nintendo was crazy to release the N64 at £249 in March 1997. It was a $149 console in the U.S. at that time. In March 1997 the exchange rate was 1 USD = 1.6096 GBP. Meaning that in the UK, they launched it at effectively $400! Even after they dropped the price to £149, it was still effectively a $240 console compared to $149 in the US.... #1.1.4
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It's true that the Xbox had a faster CPU and more RAM than the PS2... but the PS2's GPU was about twice as powerful as the Xbox GPU. I would agree that the Xbox seemed to be capable of better graphics than the PS2, but it wasn't a clear-cut straight forward example due to the GPU differences between the two.

The PS3 and 360 didn't offer a clear-cut, obvious winner in terms of power either (from an on-paper point of view). The 36... #1.3.11
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With the PS3 / 360 debate, the big games I remember being used to make the "multiplats are better on 360" argument were GTA4, Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock, Call of Duty, Fallout 3, Orange Box, Bayonetta, and Resident Evil 5.

All of the COD games ran at the same resolution on both consoles except for Black Ops, which was 1040x608 (360) vs 960x544 (PS3): 21% higher resolution on 360.

The Orange Box, Fallout 3, RE5, Bayonetta, (and most other games us... #1.12
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I have a problem with them proclaiming this as a "low-end" card. It's a 150 dollar card on the low end of the price spectrum for this model. That means that when you build the cheapest possible comparable machine to a PS4, you have to spend about $420 dollars. Here's the cheapest acceptable parts I could find on NewEgg for this build:

CASE & PSU: $34.99
TOPOWER TP-1687BB-300 Black SECC 0.8mm MicroATX Desktop Computer Case 300W SFX Power Supply... #1.9
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Wow, didn't even realize it was coming to consoles. Cool. #12
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Looks pretty great, actually. I hope this is finally a well-received Sonic game. It kind of looks more like a Ratchet & Clank mixed with Crash Bandicoot type game this time. I hope it lives up to the amount of fun the trailer made it look like. #1.2
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Presupposes? I do not think that word means what you think it means. #1.2.8
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Nice try... But that's not a $500 PS4 SKU. It is a $400 PS4 SKU that someone is trying to tell for $500 because of the very reason that demand is greater than supply, opening up the market to second-hand sales being priced higher than MSRP.

You can't just say that these extortionately priced second-hand available consoles not selling means people wouldn't think the PS4 is worth $500. The fact is that the PS4 isn't *supposed*... #1.1.26
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