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For me, they are about equal. Talos Principle and The Witness are the two best games of the generation for me. I love them both. They're each completely different from each other, and yet remarkably similar in their themes and execution, but the puzzles themselves are not even remotely similar. I found both games to be mindblowing and impressive, not to mention lots of fun. I give extra credit to The Witness for having quite possibly the most impeccably designed game world in the his...

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For me, it's like this:

1) The Witness
2) Dark Souls 3
3) Uncharted 4

Love all 3 immensely!

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I agree with you complete, -Foxtrot. I have stopped by digital games on Playstation because I am pissed off at how many games I bought from the PS3 store that are now completely unplayable on PS4, when there is really no damn reason that many of them couldn't be, particularly the PSone classics.

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Quote from the article: "To highlight the dominance of Steam; 2016’s Rise of the Tomb Raider reportedly sold 98% of its PC copies through Steam compared to a miserable 2% share for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Store. That’s not a dominance, that’s a monopoly."

No, you used the correct word the first time. It's a dominance, not a monopoly. A monopoly would mean that the game is not available on any other marketplace. It IS. It's just that Steam dominates the ...

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For me it's probably something like this, though I love all 5 games:

Demon's Souls > Dark Souls = Bloodborne > Dark Souls 3 > Dark Souls 2, and the distance between 3 and 2 is not that significant, while the distance between Demon's Souls and Dark Souls / Bloodborne is massive for me. Demon's Souls is a game I imported when there was supposedly no chance it would ever come out in the West. I platinum'd the game before Atlus ever announced it w...

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Don't forget Team Fortress 3!

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Seriously? Is it really that bad? None of the other reviews are nearly that low.

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I was under the impression that Humble Bundle keys came with the caveat that they can't be resold, so if they are buying keys from Humble Bundle on the cheap and reselling them, doesn't that break the Humble Bundle terms?

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I am the kind of person that doesn't judge these sorts of things based on the name. Does it look like Resident Evil? Not really, particularly not like the RE we've seen since around Resident Evil 4 (perhaps even RE3 which was more action-oriented, though Code Veronica was released after that and went back to more survival horror roots). But I love games like Outlast and Amnesia and Soma, and this looks like it'll be a downright scary, awesome game, and that's really all tha...

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@feju: (quote) "The new XBOS sure looks eyegasmic, attractive price too." (unquote)

Attractive price? I don't recall them giving a price.

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I'm just confused about this and the Neo and what the goal really is. I mean, eventually there will have to devs who want to make a game specifically for the power of the newer console and release a dame that doesn't come out for the Xbox One / PS4, and when that happens, don't we have a "new generation"? I just don't get how this is a good thing. If you want an evolving experience with jumps every year or two, I don't understand why you wouldn't just hav...

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"Microsoft's PC game releases on the Windows Store haven't all gone too well, Spencer admitted.

"They all haven't gone swimmingly. Some of them have gone well," he explained. "Forza 6 Apex did well. Quantum Break wasn't our best PC release. Killer Instinct did well on PC. Gears of War Ultimate Edition was OK--we definitely learned there.""

So the two that you can download for free did well? That's not all...

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To be honest, the whole concept of what these companies are doing with these more powerful versions that are supposedly not next-gen, it makes no sense to me. I'm really struggling. As far as Sony goes, I'm not even sure what they're doing. What is the Neo? When is it coming?

Is the Neo more like the Scorpio or more like the Xbox One S? If it's like the Scorpio, then what that says to me is that we're getting the the 9th gen coming sooner than a c...

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I don't really get the vision for this or for the Scorpio. I'm really struggling to understand.

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Why, because Microsoft says so? They've said many things that weren't completely accurate or that didn't necessarily turn out they way they predicted or intended or implied. I'll believe it when I see it. To me, I think they're ushering in the 9th generation early, and trying to sneak it past us under the guise of it not being that, because they know damn well that we're not ready for a 9th generation yet.

But what else is it honestly going to turn o...

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Looks really nice!

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I found the information hard to follow personally, but I think the Xbox One S will only play 4k content streaming, not compatible with 4k Ultra HD Blu-Ray discs. But I'm not sure! I keep reading conflicting things.

Edit: Actually, I think we have confirmation now! The MS store page:


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@DeadManMMX Isn't that kind of the point? They announced this way too early. They have nothing to show yet.

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So is this like Hearthstone is to Warcraft?

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I don't think they were ever owned by Microsoft, but they definitely seemed to have an anti-Sony bias for a while, which is basically verified by the fact that they once published a story that Sony asked all media present at a closed-doors meeting not to share info about, which caused Sony to blacklist them (aka, not give them access to privileged information anymore, because obviously they can't be trusted with it... reasonable). Ever since that event, their editors didn't do a g...

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