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"Games are good"


Definitely excited for Broken Age. Haven't played that one yet. Super Meat Boy is really awesome, too, I'll play it again. #1.3
@Neonridr: I have no side in this debate, but to play devil's advocate a little bit, to answer your question ("How can something score 50% if it is broken or unplayable?"), well, I would say in the same that was a 50% on a test or assignment in school is a failing grade. #1.2.3
Valiant Hearts is welcome for me, I wanted to play it and haven't had it yet. The rest I've already owned and played, but oh well. #1.7
Absolutely agree, to the letter, good sir! #1.1.1
I loved every Disgaea game, but never played Disgaea D2 (the one with the return of Laharl) on PS3 because I always expected it to get a Vita release like all the others got PSP or Vita releases. SHould I go ahead and buy that on PS3 and play it before I get Disgaea 5? #3
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I'm realizing one thing I really about Nintendo of America (this post only applies to US... I hear that Bayonetta 2 has had price drops in other regions, but not that I've seen in the US)... they are very stubborn with the pricing of their self-published games! This game still hasn't gone on sale anywhere that I've noticed. I've told myself once it hits 40, I'll buy it, I've never seen it under 60 brand new. Nintendo is usually like this with their game prices.... #1.5
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@Lenns: What do you mean 4 took a step back in terms of story & character? It had by far the most story & character development of the whole franchise, the thing tells hours and hours and hours worth of story. Or did you mean something else? #1.3.4
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Are ANY of them indy games? Which ones are indy and which ones aren't? Most of what I've seen announced for PS4 are from well established publishers & developers in Japan, and they're retail blu-ray disc titles. #11.4
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Personally, I'm not buying the game unless they either implement split-screen, or I otherwise hear that the campaign is so mind-blowingly good that I must play it (which probably won't be the case, the last time I truly loved a Halo campaign was the very original one... though 2 and 3 were good, they've been downhill ever since. The multiplayer has improved every time, but I just get bored with the single-player campaigns over the last couple of entries). I primarily play Halo i... #9
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Damn, looking good! Gorgeous graphics & animation, it looks like a Valkyrie Profile / Child of Light type of game (sidescrolling, pseudo Metroidvania-esque with turn-based battles that occur on a separate battlefield screen from the platforming screens). Love this kind of thing. #1.2
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Please forgive me in advance for talking about an issue I have with critics, tangentially related to this article and this game... Don't hate me for my opinion, please!

I'm sure this game is amazing if you want to play a soccer game, but I think this review brings up feelings in me that point to the hypocrisy and problem with the way professional critics review games.

A 9.5 is the score that I've been led to believe is given out to games that hav... #9
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Why didn't so many of PS4's games get listed? Until Dawn, Tearaway Unfolded, Guilty Gear Xrd, LittleBigPlanet 3, Nobunaga's Ambition, etc are "good" Metascore exclusives.

Also counted both the Halo remaster collection & Halo 5, but only listed Uncharted once for PS4's list, so why don't we make sure we have two entries for Uncharted as well, one for the Nathan Drake Collection and one for Uncharted 4.

Listed Gears Ultimate, b... #2.1.12
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Looks amazing! Can't freaking wait. It's been so long since Braid, which is one of my all-time favorite games! #1.5
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Good to know! Finally a more specific release timeframe, this is great news. #1
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Looks beautiful and the battle system looks fun, I'm *slightly* concerned about all the loading screens, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Game is looking pretty good! #1
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Damn! Looks epic as hell. I played every Tales of game released in the U.S. through Tales of Vesperia, and loved them all, but haven't played one since for some reason (not really sure why, just haven't got around to them...). Would this be a good one to jump back in on, or do I need to go back and play all the ones I missed? #1.2
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I'm loving MGS5. It's not as purely perfect of an experience for me as Bloodborne was, so it wouldn't get my GOTY, and I haven't played The Witcher 3 yet (just bought it though, so SOON!), but MGS5 is just an absolute joy to play. I just love the gameplay, couldn't have asked for better. #1.5
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Looks way cleaner and you can make out a lot more detail. Same picture, just presented much better and more accurately to the art. This is a similar comparison to, for example, the same movie on DVD vs Blu-Ray. I mean, it's the same thing, but damn does it just look a lot better and easier to make out the detail on the upgraded version! I've already played this on Vita, but when I can get it for about 20 bucks on PS4, I'll play it again in its new & improved format. #1.2
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Eh, it's not that big of a deal guys, we still hadn't seen hardly any of it, by the time September rolled around you had to assume it was AT BEST a 50/50 chance of actually making it out in 2015 (though I've personally had greater doubts than that). There are a LOT of really great Japanese games coming out the rest of this year and early 2016, you've got Disgaea 5, Dragon Quest Heroes, Tales games, etc. to tide you over. This game will be worth the wait! #1.2
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I'm not entirely surprised, but this game looks really cool! #1.1
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