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My only real issue with Sessler is that if you're not doing something new he penalizes for you for it. It's an Infamous game which means it's probably very similar to other Infamous games, that should necessarily be a bad thing.

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Nobody knows how to read. He said the main story, he didn't say to 100% the game. Infamous 1 and 2 were both around the same length if you didn't do any of the extra stuff (blast shards, dead drops, etc.). If you tried to do everything in those games you were looking more in the neighborhood of 15 to 20.

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Go to amazon sign into your account and search for the ps4. When you get to the ps4 product page you will see a box for standard and launch. Click on the launch box, if you see a yellow bar at the top saying you have that version your good. Or you could contact support. I did both, haha.

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I never buy online passes because I'm never sure how long I'm going to play a game for. Maybe I get bored with the MP after 2 months and then all that money goes to waste.

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Yeah I for the most part like the update. The guns feel more like they did in BC2 meaning more skilled players triumph in mid range shoot outs and that's fine with me.

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I'll still get the 360 version. I just prefer playing games on Live so I'll just live with Disc swapping.

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They have combined a lot servers (presumably because of lack of activity in certain game modes). You can still find Rush only servers you just have to click on the server and actually look at what game modes are on that server.

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It doesn't actually say the release date is this week. It says that we will know when the release date is later this week.

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That makes no sense.

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I might care if I didn't have to have cable and already subscribe to HBO.

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It's not about timing it's about having to spend $10 extra to get all of the game content day 1. This isn't an extra gun or character skin, this is actual mission based content that we are having to pay for. When it was made is irrelevant.

And you are right, the game was "finished" and then this was made afterward. However they could have just as easily added it in to the main game. My point is that if I want the full ME3 experience on the day it rel...

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I'm paying $70 for the standard edition of ME3, case and point.

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I would agree with 7.5 based on my experience so far. The story is boring and the gameplay gets repetitive. Solid first effort but I'm having to force myself to finish it.

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Is that supposed to make me feel better about paying $70 for this game?

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Garbage players will always find a way to be cheap.

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Even more pathetic is that they make the same damn game every year and each one still requires 10+ patches.

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The USAS needs a smaller clip, that's the real issue. I think it's like 8 without the extended mags. The gun takes zero skill.

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If you got it for free for buying the game new I wouldn't have an issue but this is like buying a cup of coffee and then being charged to add cream and sugar. This is just exploitation; EA knows how much the fans love this franchise and so they know that even though we will bitch and moan we will still buy it (at least I know I will even though it's totally tasteless).

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Not finished but I'm honestly bored with it. The story is uninteresting and the gameplay feels repetitive.

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Hahaha, I had the same thought when I saw that.

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