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I have to RESPECTFULLY disagree. i mean all of these new "next gen" engines are being made for CELL PHONES... i know without a doubt they can easily even the dice engine be ran on Wii U. It has also been said by tech experts that Wii U CPU is just different and if not using the cache properly and shared EDRAM your performance will lack behind a ps360 but dont say things like its weaker than ps360 not even a little bit just different... like comparing apple to oranges. #13
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well they could have said available NA for Wii U...but I understand its the Wii U #1.1.1
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Um also available for WiiU but I guess it wasn't worth putting that in the title #1
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Wow! They really are giving WiiU owners the middle finger. #7
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wow already huh #13
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I want this game in my veins! If it actually does come out as good as n64 titles #8
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Sorry but not helping a guy worth about 200 million if not more help pay for a 2 million tops game. #9
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Who are we kidding here even with the outrage this game will be one of the best sellers this year. Gamers talk big but will buy a broken product without thinking twice about it. #44
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you know its just a snipplet of their full interview with slightly mad right? like they are going to discuss it in full when the article goes up this Saturday. #2.2
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Exactly why EA will do it #2.3
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I agree. This was even before all the DX 11 like "features" were implimented in Wii U version. So we will see they have been pretty vocal the Wii U can gandle this game. That "HIDDEN" power! #1.2.1
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Fu&@ whoever thought of this!


Enjoying my WiiU since day 1. #21
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So it is coming to all three next gen home consoles including Wii U... Funny how that was left out of the title. #10
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Wow reaching at it best. He said right after that quote that Nintendo is Aiming it games next year at highly skilled players... MK8, X, Bayo2, Smash4... And others will be aimed at that crowd. So let's calm down with the nintendo is admitting its own defeat stuff. #6
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I tried to tell people this game is coming quarter 4 2014. Wii U's 2014 lineup is gonna be crazy and thats just the games we KNOW about... there will be surprises. X, MK8, Smas4, Bayo2, Yoshi U, Zelda U, DKTF. #3
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EAD TOKYO.... Enough said! #3
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NEVER doubt EAD Tokyo #17
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Fun is fun #31
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Amazing how humble you can be when you realize you can't shit on gamers and actually need them. This guy was hating the Wii U(without hands on experience) working for a major publisher... Now that he is indie(and realize he needs Wii U customer) he is all nice now. Don't work that way for me... Sorry! #1
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The console is validated "IMO"... If you can't find good games on Wii U... Your blind. Pikmin 3, W101, WWHD, Splintercell Blacklist(defenitive version), that's just games released in the past two months.... We won't get into the last three months of the year. Stop this Wii U doesn't hve games garbage yes it did have a drought but that ended in August... And I'm not even including the indie titles on the eshop. #4
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