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Announcing: N4G Indie Month Coming This July

Cat | 132d ago
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After months of planning in my über secret lair, I'm more than a little excited to share that this July we will host our first ever Indie Games Month at N4G! A month-long celebration of indie developers and games, we’re giving indies main page N4G time with demos, trailers, previews, interviews, guest blogs and giveaways.

Among those indies? To name a few:

Robin Arnott
Daniel Benmergui
Bifrost Games
Chris Chung
Cowardly Creations
Dejobaan Games
Double Fine
Fire Hose Games
Tom Francis
Galactic Cafe
Gone North Games
Chris Hecker
Harebrained Schemes
Image & Form
Klei Entertainment
Magical Time Bean/DF
Modern Dream
New World Interactive
Borut Pfeifer
Red Barrels
Jason Rohrer
Runic Games
Size 5 Games
Marc ten Bosch
Vagabond Dog
Young Horses, Inc.

I hope you're as excited as we are to be featuring so many great developers, studios and titles! We'll see you through E3 and then have this sweet July treat in store.

To give you a taste, today we're doing a mini-feature on one of the most recently formed indies on our list: Shadowforge and their open-world fantasy RPG, Blood and Snow. Check it out here:

Nineball2112  +   132d ago
It's going to be a great month for indie gaming this July. Looking forward to seeing all the cool stuff!
FogLight  +   132d ago

I ran out of pants... Now what should I do during E3?
pixelsword  +   130d ago
Wear a kilt?

Just kidding; I can't wait myself. :)
FogLight  +   129d ago
Too late, Cat's reply to my comment about Red Barrels ruined the kilt :/
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AceBlazer13  +   132d ago
Spread the indie love man. Those who hate them can stay salty.
HammadTheBeast  +   132d ago
Sounds good.
Ilovetheps4  +   132d ago
I really wish you could have gotten something out of thatgamecompany. They are one of my favorite devs. But that roster seems really cool anyways.
Cat  +   132d ago
You're right, thatgamecompany hasn't confirmed involvement yet, but Funomena has - and that team includes former thatgamecompany folks Robin Hunicke and Martin Middleton.
shadowforge  +   132d ago
Wow. Humbling to be a part of such a great roster!
WildArmed  +   131d ago
Am excited! A lot of my favs up there
MightyNoX  +   131d ago
Does this uber secret lair come with a dungeon, I wonder?

Also, Housemarque ~~<3
coolbeans  +   130d ago
Nah, she just pretending her outhouse counts as a secret lair.
Trunkz Jr  +   131d ago
Entrada Interactive deserves to be in that List for Miscreated!

72 hours and they already are in the Top 10 for Greenlight on Steam.
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Cat  +   131d ago
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll pursue it, if it doesn't work out for this year there's always next. :)

As some noted, this is not the final list, just a few of the confirmed developers for July. :) Some - like Hello Games - wanted to participate but decided to opt for another time as they focus on the development of their game!
sanosukegtr123  +   131d ago
Awesome can't wait
FogLight  +   131d ago
Oh by the way, Red Barrels aren't participating? I would've loved to hear more from them ever since Whistleblower.
Cat  +   130d ago
Have I got good news for you...
FogLight  +   129d ago
Damn it, I followed pixelsword's suggestion and wore a kilt... Guess what has been ruined along with the pants?

Now I have officially no pants for E3! Yaaay....
herobyclicking  +   130d ago
Yowza, great line up. Looking forward to this. Thanks Cat, as always.

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