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Ubersoldier 2: The End of Hitler (Game)

World 1-1: Ubersoldier II Review

2493 days 12 hours ago - World 1-1 writes: "Trolling around for another WW2 shooter, I discovered that Burut had created a sequel to Ubersoldier, the FPS that followed... | Review | 12


Thestar: UberSoldier II review

2605 days 12 hours ago - Thestar Writes: "Not without its flaws -- wounded bad guys get a little too wrapped up in their pre-scripted death-thro routines to actua... | Review | 12


GamesRadar: Ubersoldier II Review

2616 days 14 hours ago - GamesRadar writes: "The Nazi/occult setting has been a mainstay of computer gaming since Blake Stone ate his first bowl of dog food, but UberS... | Review | 12


GameShark: Ubersoldier II Review

2617 days 10 hours ago - GameShark: Ubersoldier II definitely isn't a 'bad' game, and it would be a real mistake to just roll your eyes at the mention of "another Worl... | Review | 12


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GameSpot: UberSoldier 2: The End of Hitler Review

2618 days 1 hour ago - The RPG upgrades and shield abilities help separate UberSoldier II from the wealth of other WWII shooters on the market, but even at a budget price... | Review | 12


Hardcore Gamer: UberSoldier 2 Review

2626 days 23 hours ago - It doesn't redefine what it means to be a quality budget title, but UberSoldier 2 makes good use of its premise. It's a shooter that throws realism... | Review | 12


GameZone: Ubersoldier II Review

2637 days 7 hours ago - GameZone writes: "You know, most fantasy, no matter how crazy, probably originated from something obscure that was indeed fact. Case in p... | Review | 12


IGN: UberSoldier II Review

2656 days 4 hours ago - Measured against the current generation of top tier shooters, UberSoldier II feels a bit thin and predictable, but when you consider the twenty-dol... | Review | 12

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