GameZone: Ubersoldier II Review

GameZone writes:

"You know, most fantasy, no matter how crazy, probably originated from something obscure that was indeed fact. Case in point, it has been well documented that Adolf Hitler was interested in the occult. Just based off this simple fact, we have had countless movies, books and even games that take this idea and go hog wild. Heck, the first Indiana Jones movie talks about Hitler's obsession with religious artifacts and the beginning of Hellboy talks about some of the sinister things Hitler was trying to do in order to gain power. And who could forget all that fun blowing away mutated Nazi's in the Wolfenstein games? And since I really like the idea of taking real historical events and then wrapping it in a shroud of fantasy, well, lets just say I wanted to review this game pretty badly."

Gameplay 6.2
Graphics 6.5
Sound 6.5
Difficulty Medium
Concept 6.9
Multiplayer 6
Overall 6.4

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