Thestar: UberSoldier II review

Thestar Writes:

"Not without its flaws -- wounded bad guys get a little too wrapped up in their pre-scripted death-thro routines to actually bother with the dying bit, plus they can fire from behind crates and hop over them at will, but you can't... and oh yes, there are crates, many many crates, more crates than you can shake a hatchet at -- UberSoldier II manages enough compelling action that it's worth playing right though.

It's online multi-player component, meanwhile, certainly looks like it could offer some excellent generic shooter mayhem, but there is absolutely nobody playing it online, and that's probably because it's a rather obscure little budget title that not enough online multi-player types have discovered.

Still, at just 20 bucks, UberSoldier II is worth checking out despite its flaws, obscurity and flat-out derivativeness. "

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