Capcom on reducing development time with Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 3

Capcom explains how they have reduced development time for two of their upcoming multiplatform highly-anticipated titles, Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 3.

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sonicsidewinder2163d ago

By releasing the minimum at full price, and selling more as dlc.

No doubt.

Venox20082163d ago

I believe, that shortened development time could be making a game first and only then make a DLC, so development will be faster and they won't have to put it to DVD with a game to unlock: gamers are happy, Capcom is happy.. our wallets are...hmmmm..

badz1492163d ago

are we getting ready for annual RE now? anyone?

GraveLord2163d ago

Annual? Way more than that.
This year we already got that 3DS RE, the ORC spin-off and the upcoming RE 6.

DeadlyFire2163d ago

Short dev time leads to issues unless unlimited budgets. Always. This kinda worries me a little.

OhMyGandhi2163d ago

seems like some company was inspired by Infinity Ward/ Treyarch...

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