Five Reasons to Love The Last of Us

Looking forward to the zombie survival game The Last of Us? So is's Cassidee Moser. So much so that she lists her top five reasons for being excited. This PS3 exclusive is looking better and better with every new bit of info.

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Abash1979d ago

It's made by Naughty Dog x5

Neckbear1979d ago ShowReplies(5)
LOGICWINS1979d ago

I'll start getting excited when I see some gameplay. This may sound crazy, but when I put down money for a game, I'm hoping it plays well FIRST. The pretty cutscenes are a bonus. Don't care who the developer is, the same rule applies. I see gameplay, if it looks fun, I'll buy it..if not, then I don't buy it, simple as that.

LOGICWINS1979d ago

Larvanian, when did Neckbear say or even suggest that he had no interest in the game? Obviously he is interested since he hopes it turns out the way he wants it to turn out.

LarVanian1979d ago

Ohhh I don't know, probably the part where he said it will most likely be "tedious" and feature "stupid scripted segments". His post to me just seemed like a typical excuse to talk trash about both Uncharted and ND.

MegaSackman1979d ago

I dont understand why the is people that hate scripts, some games try to reach a cinematic level and scripts are needed to achieve that gol, when you tell a story you need to make something that doesnt break the illusion of reality, some games dont need scripts because the point is just play the game whatever way you like, but others need this to drag you in, you need something that looks real and running through an avalanche without contextual animation will ruin that illusion.
Scripts can be bad written, Resistance 2 is an example of it, but if skilled people make them, you can live epic moments like in Uncharted, Call of Duty, God of War, etc.

Tapioca Cold1979d ago

Why is everyone freaking out over this. Talk about hype train. I didn't see any gameplay. Did you?

Kinger89381979d ago

Cant wait for the game anyway! Well kept secret and looks amazing!

On a side note! How many "top 5 this" of "number of reasons that" storys do we need! Seems to be loads daily!