THQ dropping Devil's Third

The long anticipated Devil's Third is going to have a tough time getting off the ground, with THQ confirming on its earnings call that the game will not be published. THQ CEO Brian Farrell announced the news, saying that the "profitability profile of Devil's Third no longer meets our internal threshold."

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donniebaseball2201d ago

Hopefully someone else will publish it. I'm going to guess EA.

Abash2200d ago

Wow, THQ is really struggling to stay afloat isnt it? Hopefully a publisher that can support and advertise it properly picks it up

morganfell2200d ago

I called this weeks ago, almost two months ago and I was continually slammed for my remarks. Several times.

Word took longer than a week because right after I was told, THQ started trying to shop the game to other publishers. They spent over a month trying to sell the project. First they showed it to Square Enix who passed and then they tried to unload it to Ubisoft who also turned it down.

Itagaki was burning through production money partying. Now he has a German Investor he is trying to get on board.

Grap2200d ago

yah like WWE13 is any good for them.. THQ you are dead to me anyway..

cogniveritas2200d ago

The WWE license is probably one of the most prized portfolio holdings they have right now. Yearly release schedule with a known established brand that brings millions of "potential" customers with tons of advertising during WWE programming.

MidnytRain2200d ago

I can't wait for Metro: Last Light.

Cajun Chicken2201d ago

S**t. Devil's Third looked awesome. Really hope someone picks this up.

NYC_Gamer2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

This breaks my heart :( i'm getting worried about Metro-Last Light.....THQ is just full of failure in my opinion....Devil's Third was gonna be one of the few titles i supported published by THQ besides Metro...

Godmars2902200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

PS3-only owner, but my money's on MS. If only because Itagaki likely still has issues with Sony.

Not certain why, just know that at some point he was making active preferences towards MS. To the point his leaving Tecmo had something to do with NGS2.

ShaunCameron2200d ago

I didn't know that. I know Mistwalker does.

j-blaze2200d ago

hell yes! Itagaki likes MS, i would love to see this game "exclusively" on Xbox360!

Regent_of_the_Mask2200d ago

They dropped it cause it's a 30fps Devil's Turd.

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The story is too old to be commented.