Darksiders 3 Release Date, Collector's Editions Announced

THQ and Gunfire Games detail the release of their highly anticipated Darksiders threequel.

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morganfell134d ago

Anyone have a link for the Apocalypse Edition preorder page?

TheRacingX134d ago

I've havent found anything , if it comes up on a site or lists on amazon, please share

himdeel133d ago

One more game then the story is complete. I like these games although i have yet to finish the 2nd.

Majin-vegeta134d ago

$400?? I'll just look for the extras on sale afterwards

hulk_bash1987134d ago

Yup, not dropping that much money on some statues. I'll just buy the game thank you very much.

PhoenixUp134d ago

I’m so glad that this franchise that was thought to be dead when THQ went under was able to get a sequel.

UltraNova134d ago

Same here. Played DS2 thanks to Plus and absolutly loved it. Cant wait to play this one.

jerethdagryphon134d ago

Ds2 could also mean. Dark souls 2 ;) i think the abbreviation for darksiders is. DkS2

UltraNova133d ago (Edited 133d ago )



FallenAngel1984134d ago

Lmao PSN still has the game’s release date as March 31, 2019. They’ll likely update it to be accurate tomorrow

TGGJustin134d ago

Most retailers don't even have the date right yet so not sure why you call out PSN specifically. It was just announced this morning you need to give everyone time to update it.

FallenAngel1984134d ago

Cuz I went to add this on my PSN wishlist and saw the later date.PSN is usually fast updating the release date when it gets announced for a particular game

TGGJustin134d ago

Really hope this makes it out on that date. It's my second most wanted game this year just behind Spider-Man.

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The story is too old to be commented.