The REAL Numbers - Xbox / Kinect $99 Bundle

Youtuber THE RED DRAGON breaks down the latest numbers regarding the Xbox/Kinect Bundle deal for $99.

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DragonKnight2144d ago

I like how this guy says "the next xbox coming out in 2013" like he knows something everyone else doesn't.

So where did MS say the nextbox is coming out in 2013? Anyone?

MariaHelFutura2144d ago

Normal console cycles have been 5 years, The 360 is going into is 8th. I don't think 2013 is unreasonable.....

DragonKnight2144d ago

So again, pure speculation with no proof in any way but to say "this console gen has gone on too long and some of us want new ones." Is that about it?

vikingland12144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

This (deal) is cheaper than a rent to own place. Most rent to own places won't get you 2 years of XBL either. So $460 v.s. $420.....I've read other comments saying this deal would work for people on a fixed or lower income. I agree for lower income families rent to own is their only option if they want some nice things.I had a freind that was raised on well fare and had a loving caring mom but was dirt poor. I guarentee if she had this option she would have done it for her kids.

bahabeast2144d ago

its a great deal no matter what no one says, you onli need to find $99 upfront and just pay $15 a month you get a console with a kinect if you dnt like kinect you can sell it to someone for $150 flat and just use your xbox with gold subscription.

TheSaint2143d ago

Completely agree, people don't seem to understand that it is a good deal if you can't afford the initial outlay.