The Next Step: Towns is Everything Minecraft Isn’t

" Describing it as an isometric Dwarf Fortress would be along the right track as well, but still, no dice. In fact, any genre designation you try to give it — from city builders to dungeon crawler to god sim — helps describe the game, yet fails to completely capture the essence of it. In many ways, the genius of Towns is that it pulls from these genres without ever becoming one of them — paying reverence without pledging fealty.

In Towns, you are the omniscent mayor of your hamlet, providing build orders and work details without ever actually getting your own hands dirty. You are the blue-collar foreman, ordering a forest to be felled, a quarry mined, and land tilled. You are the white collar bureaucrat, managing the books, tracking the larders and stockpiles, and keeping your eye on the big picture. You are the fastidious arbiter, the bumbling demigod, and the all-seeing slave, besot by the whims of your populus."

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